VX Super Force

© Taylor Vassell 2012

Author: Taylor Vassell

Chapter 1: Legendary Evil Edit

Long time ago, in the 6th century, a great battle began between a righteous band of heroes known as the Rulers of Justice, and the dreaded Kazamardrans, from another world called Kazamardra. After struggling to thwart their plan to dominate Earth, the Rulers of Justice had no choice, but to make a final stand against the enemy to save this world and all worlds. The Rulers of Justice included sorcerers, knights, warriors, and beings from different realms. Their enemies are lead by their most powerful leaders, Velenor and Zalthor, two ruthless friends who rule Kazamardra for their race’s own peace and glory. They were very strong and nothing could stand in their way.

The two armies marched into a deserted wasteland and began their final fight. The army of the Rulers of Justice were nearly victorious, but were interfered by Zalthor’s five powerful dragons, that destroyed half of their forces. Soon, Zalthor and his friend Velenor came into the battle field and attacked the stronger members of the Rulers of Justice. The leader of the army fought Zalthor and was killed by being plunged by Zalthor’s fearsome lightning bolt blast. Suddenly, the war ended when a small group of sorcerers from the Rulers of Justice summoned an infinite, shining trap portal that sucked Velenor, Zalthor, and their minions back to Kazamardra while receiving great damage from the portal’s power.

Five days later, the Kazamardrans were back on their home world after the war. The Kazamardrans lost the battle, but they will return once more. Deep inside a gigantic, dark castle dwells Zalthor, who is looking into the future in his universal time mirror. While looking at the future events, Velenor came in Zalthor’s hall and wondered what he was doing. Zalthor then tells Velenor he has a plan to get revenge on the human race, and he suggests Velenor will be the one to help his plot succeed. He informs him that he should gather two evil forces known as the Beatdown Gang and the Blue Cyber Tech Force, in order to make them part of the Kazamardran alliance in the year 2038. Thanks to their age changing powers, they can wait until the time has come. Zalthor will plan to send some spies to discover more about Earth before sending Velenor on his mission.

Suddenly, Zalthor sensed a powerful disturbance in his mirror. He saw a big group of Earth’s future protectors in the magic mirror. He informs Velenor not to let this team called the Virtual Extreme (VX) Super Force to fulfill their destiny to save the Earth and destroy their alliance of evil. If this happens, Zalthor will fall. Zalthor finally tells Velenor to warn the two villainous forces about this team, including finding a man named Danny Vant, who will one day lead these heroes and become Captain Virtual Extreme (Captain VX).

Chapter 2: Kento City Edit

In the futuristic city of Kento, during spring of 2038, many people were living peacefully before a lot of crimes were caused by many criminals, including two evil forces. Deep in Downtown Kento, a SWAT team and police force were stopping lots of criminals from taking over the city, and spreading mass chaos. Many police and SWAT troopers battled the criminals before they ran into the Beatdown Gang, a gigantic group of global super powered gangsters, thugs, and villains. They are being lead by the Beatdown Leader, a vicious one-eyed man with great leadership and deadly fighting mastery. He suddenly blows a red whistle and calls upon a big pack of large mutated, intelligent wolves called the Beatdown Wolves, the gang’s strongest assault force that is lead by a blind, super smelling villain named Sniff. The gang struck down many SWAT team troopers and cops with full fury. The leader also uses his “mind damage” ability on most of the troops, a telepathic ability that damages anyone’s brain in contact. Many troopers were intensely attacked by the Beatdown Gang and their wolves before the rest of them retreated to safety.

In a small area of Kento City, the Blue Cyber Tech Force was stealing advanced weaponry, machines, and devices from a machine making facility. The team includes the Blue Cyber Armor Brothers, triplets who are supremely intelligent inventors and scientists, with cybernetic powered armors, a monstrous beast-like being called Groggarth, another inventor known as Brazod, a powerful female fighter named Calira, and a super powerful flyer known as Sophithara. The leaders are the brothers themselves and they are helping their friends create new machines, robots, and cyborgs in order to destroy their foes. After stealing the stuff they need, Brazod used his laser vision to blow up the facility. They soon encountered dozens of cops outside the facility and teamed up to “break” them. The brothers used their powered armors to defeat some of the police. Calira used her martial arts skills while Sophithara used aerial attacks in order to bruise the police. Brazod flew and blasts most of the officers while Groggarth rips and crushes the others. The villainous force then escaped, leaving the police to suffer defeat.

After the Blue Cyber Tech Force succeeded their mission, they ran into the Beatdown Gang in the streets. Both teams were aware that they are trying to take over Kento City. The Blue Cyber Armor Brothers told their leader to not get in their way. The Beatdown Leader then furiously told to the other team that they are better than them and they will do anything to get what they wanted. The two teams continue to argue and were about to fight each other. But, the Kento City police and SWAT troopers were on their tracks. The villains went their separate ways and retreated to their own bases. One of the Blue Cyber Tech Force members, Calira, told the three leaders they should team up with the gang to take control of the city instead of fighting over it later on.

In a huge police station, Commissioner Hanes ordered his troops to find the two evil teams and anyone they know and stop them, dead or alive. He was very frustrated about losing some of his best officers in this city. The commissioner then calls Mayor Ken Raymore, mayor of Kento City, about these evil enemies and what they might be up against. The mayor tells him that Mr. and Mrs. Vant, who are law enforcers, politics, and peace bringers, will discuss what to do about the villains in order to save millions of lives in Kento City.

Chapter 3: The Vants Edit

During the next morning in a small neighborhood, two teenagers were out of bed, ready for school. There names were Danny and Amila Vant, two loving and confident siblings. Their parents, Amelia and Vincent Vant, were making waffles and eggs for their children before they dropped them off to school. Danny and his younger sister wanted their parents to know that they are the best parents ever and that they do spectacular at their presentation in the city hall. The father, Vincent, tells Danny and Amila that when the time comes, they too will discover a great destiny, and do great things for people like he did.

During the afternoon at school, Danny and his sister met Christy Caidara, a wonderful and beautiful red-headed girl, who has been friends of the Vants ever since. Christy and the Vant siblings hung out at the gym during P.E. class and were exercising. They were playing basketball together too. Danny and Amila were glad of being good friends to Christy and they wanted to know if she wanted to come to their house after school to see their parents on TV at home. She accepted and told them to meet her near the Vant’s house.

Soon, the teenage friends went to the living room of the Vant’s home to turn on the TV. They saw Danny and Amila’s parents speaking in the city hall while in the media. The parents told the viewers and the people of Kento that if everyone works together, they can fix these conflicts and start fresh with no more destruction in one of Earth’s greatest cities. The Vants also say that they must pursue these enemies and stop their actions once and for all, so that every person of Kento can live freely. After that, the crowd in the media was impressed as they clapped and cheered, as well as many people around the city.

Chapter 4: Death in the Family Edit

While the Vants drive back home from the city hall, ten shadowed figures were lurking through the alleys and streets of Kento. These figures spotted the Vants and went after them. One of them jumped on top of their car and used a sword to bash through the roof. The Vants were frightened and they were trying to get the person off the car roof by driving too fast, horizontal, and diagonal. This made this unknown person fall off and hit the ground. Vincent soon stopped driving before he and his wife got out of their car to see the person. Shocked, Vincent and Amelia soon realized that this person is the Beatdown Gang leader. They suddenly found out his crew was near and that they have to escape before the Beatdown Leader gets up.

While driving away through quick shortcuts, they were assaulted by a man with gigantic hands that punched their car into the air, along with them inside. The Vants survived the crash landing and were injured in the process. Then the Vants encountered nine members of the Beatdown Gang. Vincent grabbed a metal pole and told his wife to stay behind him, so he can prepare himself to attack the gang. But, one of the members known as Bronk attacked him without feeling a lot of pain from the pole’s swinging damage. He then grabbed Amelia Vant and was squeezing her neck before Vincent got up. Vincent pleaded to the villains to let them go, but they refused. Suddenly, their leader showed up and he told the Vants that they were going to stop them from taking over the city with an iron fist. He also informs them that the Beatdown Gang is a global force that will do anything to take over many cities. Finally, the leader grabbed his own sword, and killed the father, and then the mother.

A couple hours later, a friend of the Vants, Douglass Donor, found their bodies on a street where the Beatdown Leader left them. Douglass was scared about the deaths of his two best friends. He then told his two partners to come to where he is and gather the Vants’ corpses. At 8:30 pm, the Vants’ doorbell rang and it was Douglass himself. Danny answered the door and asked him what happened to his parents. Douglass sadly tells him that he and his sister’s parents have been killed by someone. After hearing the news, he was all sad, nervous and upset about what happened to his parents. Danny didn’t want to believe this, but this felt to painful for him to bear. While Amila was hearing what happened behind the stairs, she also cries and feels pain about their parents’ tragedy.

Chapter 5: Sad Moments Edit

On Friday, in a very sad morning, lots of people gathered in the cemetery for Vincent and Amelia Vant’s funeral. Many friends and helpers of the Vants were crying and disappointed about their deaths. Their two children, Danny and Amila, walked close to their coffins and put roses on top of them. Christy did the same thing too before going to her friends for comfort. She told her friends she liked their parents and they been great friends to her parents. Danny, Amila, and Christy soon hugged each other before looking at the Vants’ tomb stones later on. Danny wanted his father to know that he will take care of his sister while he and his mother were gone.

Later in the afternoon, Danny and Amila were at their house, in their rooms. Danny came into Amila’s room and began talking to her about what to do with their parents gone. Amila suggested they should be like their parents, who were helpers of the law and enforcement for peace. Danny suddenly told her that they should one day save Kento City from the two enemy forces and avenge their parent’s death by becoming heroes like Veronica Venus from New York City. Amila thought it would be great, but she then says it might be impossible to defeat those villains who are trying to take over Kento City. The two siblings were nervous about that before ending their conversation and eating fruit.

Chapter 6: Secret Bases Edit

In a darker part of Kento City, the Blue Cyber Tech Force was at their mechanical tower-like base, making machines and robots in a machine factory underground. The Blue Cyber Armor Brothers were helping their allies create many robots such as brute, speed, attack, and defense robots. They used factory like technology they stole in order to work on their mechanical creations faster. The brothers later told their friends to stop and take a break. The villainous team was happy that the Vants are gone and they can finally end Kento’s freedom soon. The team predicted that they will one day smite their enemies and become victorious.

In the same dark area in Kento, a small group of mutated thugs went through a sewer entrance and ran to restricted places in the sewers. Through these restricted parts of the sewers, the thugs found their lair, the Beatdown Lair, which is in a gigantic underground cavern with big and small tents, sewer entrances and exits, a small pond, small buildings, operative places and it had so many enemies. The thugs went to the leader’s tent and gave him meat, vegetables, and sweat foods for the gang. They also informed him that the police are on to this gang, and won’t stop until they find them. The leader tells them this gang will soon destroy the police in order to rule Kento City for good.

Later on, a speech was given by the leader of the gang. The Beatdown Leader told his people the Vants may be dead, but they will be victorious when they slew the people of Kento and rule supreme. The leader also mentions if any “hero” gets in their way, they will be crushed to oblivion. The entire gang then cheered for the speech and later began a huge party in their lair.

Chapter 7: Blue Flaming Meteor Edit

At night time, in the Vant’s backyard, Danny and Amila were eating chocolate bread while looking at the black sky. They both saw stars, billions of them. They were sitting on the porch and were amazed about the sky’s great appearance. The siblings talked about missing their parents more than anything and keeping them close in their minds. They also stated that they loved them very much and talked to each other about how great they were to them, as well as to Kento City. After the siblings finished their conversation and eating their snack, they saw a great blue burning star in the sky, falling from space. The Vant siblings thought of it as a wishing star before they decided to wish on it. Danny and Amila wished,” We wish we have the power to help many lives from suffering and make this world a better place. Grant us a special gift that will make us unique and supportive to others. Make us… extremely worthy.”

Little did the teenagers know, is that the wishing star from the sky is actually a blue fiery meteor from another galaxy. Its origin was unknown to the siblings and it was heading to a small part of a forest, which is close to Kento City’s Grand Park. Being curious, the siblings suddenly plan to chase after that star by riding their bikes. Danny and Amila drove as fast as they could before reaching to the park itself. They entered the park and saw the meteor crash into a small part of the forest. Then, there was a giant explosive boom. The brother and sister went into the small, deep part of the forest after feeling the might of the meteor’s crash.

Danny and Amila saw a big crater with the same meteor inside it. The siblings were a little afraid of it, but they wanted to see it closely. When they got near it, the burning blue rock began to increase its temperature. It was beginning to burn off and blow up. The Vants suddenly went out of the crater before the meteor began to blow up. The siblings made it out, but the meteor shot an exploding fiery beam into the air and its gigantic heat energy rays were unleashed. The Vants ran for their lives, holding each others’ hands, but the rays from the massive explosive beam caught them. The two teenagers were then mutated by the blue fiery rays, causing them to become all powerful and knocking them out in the process. The siblings didn’t die from the explosion, but they are now affected by its cosmic fiery force.

The explosion soon vanished into thin air, causing it to turn to nothingness. The meteor’s energy soon turned into bluish smoke and it was breaking apart. The giant rock crumbled in the crater while the bluish smoke was covering it and fading away. After that, the siblings were still knocked out inside the forest until morning.

In New York City, still at night time, a teenage scientist with blonde hair and glasses had a huge tracking device that detected the falling meteor and its explosive rays from Kento City’s area minutes ago. The machine calculated the massive force, and it was 100% powerful. This explosion came from the same meteor that crashed from space. The young scientist was amazed and saw blue fiery signals from the space rock within the machine’s database computer. She was also curious about the blue fiery signals and where did a meteor like that come from.

Chapter 8: Powers from the Meteor Edit

In the Vants’ neighborhood, Christy Caidara got out of bed and had breakfast with her parents, Betty and Christopher. They wanted to know if Christy and her friends were fine. She answered them before telling her parents that Danny and Amila are not attending school anymore because they are depressed about their famous parents’ death. Suddenly, the parents were nervous about the situation while eating. The mother, Betty, wanted Christy to help the siblings find a better life in the city and support their friendship, including letting the two live with them for a while. Christy soon accepted, and went off to see her friends after eating her breakfast.

Back at the park, the siblings woke up and felt strange after the explosion from the meteor. They thought the meteor’s heat rays would kill them, but they luckily survived. Danny and his sister rode their bikes back home before getting ready to change into their new clothes, and eat pop tarts. The Vants still felt strange from last night while eating breakfast. Danny suddenly sneezed and burning blue snot came out and hit the table. Both siblings where scared before Amila (after being surprised) accidentally burned her own paper plate, along with her pop tart with blue flaming touch. The Vants used water to stop the fire and the fire was fading. After using a tissue to wipe his nose, Danny stated that the same meteor was responsible for their “mutation”. They both were nervous, but excited when they discover that they have super powers.

While in their backyard, the siblings were trying to harness and control this bluish fire from their bodies. Danny and Amila shot fire blasts into the air, created fiery images with their imagination and jumping very high into the air and landing on the ground. The siblings suggested practicing somewhere that is safe for them to use their powers. Before attempting this task, Christy came by to see if she wants to help take care of the Vants and support them more. They accepted her offer to join her family before telling Christy they saw a blue fiery meteor from the sky last night. Christy was surprised and she wanted to know if it was true. The siblings said yes, and stated they were near it when it crashed into the forest. They also told her they almost died when the saw the meteor’s mysterious, automatic explosion and ran for their lives.

Christy was shocked and she would be scared too if she was near an explosive blue space rock. Christy soon left their house, saying good-bye to her friends. After their friendly conversation, the Vants decided to head off to their dad’s old friend’s junkyard. They plan to tell the junkyard owner about what happened to them and keeping their “mutation thing" a secret.

Part 2

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