Chapter 27: Into the Beatdown Lair Edit

Minutes later, the VX Super Force traveled into a sewer path under Kento City’s Dark Heart. Thanks to Dino Boy and Syler’s tracking, the heroes will find the Beatdown Gang’s hideout and save their two other teammates. The heroes found a forbidden path in the sewers before Dino Boy smelled a couple of enemies who are guarding the entrance to the Beatdown Lair. After finding the place, Capt. VX and his five friends prepared themselves for battle.

Syler throws two small smoke balls at the guards before Capt. VX threw blue fire at them. After that, the heroes charged into the underground hideout and fight. 200 members of the Beatdown Gang and 30 Beatdown Wolves came out of their tents and locations before facing the VX Super Force. Capt. VX tells Strongholder to fight in the east, Veronica Venus and Dino Boy to fight in the west, and Syler to come with him. The heroes fought separately and attacked many enemies and mutant wolves.

While fighting the villains, the VX Super Force where trying to find Oranga and Capt. VX Girl. Dino Boy tells Capt. VX that he and Veronica will find them. As the heroes fought the gangsters and mutant wolves, a superior member of the Beatdown Gang comes out of a nearby hut. The man is called Bombflesh, who has the power to take off any part from his body, shape it, and use it as a bomb. He regenerates each time he uses this ability. Bombflesh came to Capt. VX and Syler and tried to smash them with brute force. The two heroes soon attacked the gang member, but were not able to damage him a lot. Then, Bombflesh continued to attack the two heroes before using his true powers. After throwing his ball of explosive skin at the heroes, they were hit by the explosive force and fell to the ground.

After defeating 4 Beatdown Wolves, Strongholder came to help Syler and Capt. VX fight Bombflesh. Strongholder turned his hands into rocky shields and smashed Bombflesh. But, the villain got up and attacked Strongholder. Then he threw 2 small explosive balls of skin at Strongholder. Strongholder quickly dodged before the explosive skins killed some members of the Beatdown Gang. Capt. VX, Syler, and Strongholder still fought Bombflesh while he uses his explosive powers against the heroes.

Dino Boy helped Veronica Venus track down Oranga and Capt. VX Girl before facing 7 Slash Fighters. The 7 robots were guarding the area where the two girls are trapped. 6 of the robots have four energy sword arms while the other one is regular. Veronica uses her super strength and energy powers to attack the robots. All seven quickly dodged Veronica’s attacks before coming at the two heroes. Dino Boy transforms into a 10 ft. velociraptor and attacks two of the four-armed Slash Fighters. While Dino Boy fights the two robots, Veronica Venus battles the others. The regular robot still guarded the place where Oranga and Capt. VX Girl are. Veronica and Dino Boy tried fighting the 6 four-armed robots, but they proven to be too tough. The 6 four-armed robots also fired energy from their body before Veronica and Dino Boy were able to dodge them. Both of them combined their attacks and defeated two of the robots. Dino Boy turns back to his regular state and grows his nails up to 3 ft. Then he slashed one of the Slash Fighter’s heads with his sharp nails after dodging its attacks. The two heroes continued to fight the last 3 four-armed Slash Fighters throughout the Beatdown Lair.

Bombflesh throws more shaped skin bombs at Strongholder, Capt. VX, and Syler while they try fighting the rest of the Beatdown Gang and the Beatdown Wolves. Capt. VX insults Bombflesh and tricks him into throwing another skin bomb at him. Then Capt. VX jumps into the air and grabs it before throwing it at several gang members and a Beatdown Wolf. The explosive blast injured the enemies badly. Syler uses teleportation, his electric kunai, and katana to try and defeat Bombflesh quickly. Most of Syler’s attacks didn’t work and Bombflesh was recovering from his wounds. Strongholder tackles Bombflesh and uses his boxing moves to try and knock him out. After trying to beat him, Bombflesh bashes Strongholder and throws his hand at him. Strongholder turns his right hand into a rock shield and defended himself from the massive explosion. The explosive force caused him to fly into the air and land near Veronica Venus, and Dino Boy.

Soon, all five heroes band together and took on some their enemies at once. Suddenly, Syler helped the team by using one of his smoke balls. After the battlefield was mostly covered in smoke, Capt. VX and his friends used their powers and skills to attack most their foes from behind, and defeat them. The remaining foes that the team have to face are Bombflesh, one four-armed Slash Fighter, one regular Slash Fighter, ten Beatdown Gang members and five Beatdown Wolves. Capt. VX told Veronica Venus and Strongholder to go on and save Oranga, and Capt. VX Girl. After the two heroes listened, they headed to the area in the Beatdown Lair where it is guarded by the regular Slash Fighter. Strongholder and Veronica Venus dodged the robot’s energy blasts and killed it. Then the two heroes saw Oranga and Capt. VX Girl and destroyed the blue mechanical platform creating the force bubble. After saving the two girls, Strongholder and Veronica Venus led them to the rest of the VX Super Force in battle.

Both Capt. VX and Syler defeated four of the Beatdown Gang members and all of the wolves before defeating the rest of the enemies. Bombflesh once again throws more parts of his explosive skin at the heroes. The heroes dodged the explosive skin parts before Capt. VX used his fiery super speed to defeat the last Slash Fighter. Syler kills two weaker members of the Beatdown Gang and ends up facing a stronger one. The stronger member had two big hammers and he was invincible. Syler dodges the strong villain’s attacks before he used his speed to trick him. Then, Oranga helped Syler defeat the hammer wielding villain by burning his head with a plasma fire ring.

Finally, all seven heroes of the VX Super Force teamed up and defeated the rest of their enemies. Bombflesh wouldn’t give up and he tried killing the heroes and preventing them from escaping. First, Captains VX and VX Girl used their blue fire powers to burn the villain’s path and strike him with super fast blows. Second, Syler leaps over the blue fire on the ground and kicks Bombflesh’s face. Third, Syler slices the villain with his burning sword’s blade after using Capt. VX’s blue fire to fuse with his sword. Fourth, Oranga and Strongholder combined their attacks and knocked Bombflesh to the ground. Fifth, Veronica Venus grabs the villain’s foot and throws him into the air before electrocuting him. Sixth, Dino Boy turns into a big pteranodon and quickly grabs Bombflesh by the arm and tears it off with his feet. Finally, Dino Boy, while in the air, turns back to his regular form and throws Bombflesh’s own explosive arm right at him. The arm’s explosion defeated the villain and knocked him down.

After winning so far, the heroes calmed themselves. Capt. VX told his friends they must battle the rest of the Beatdown Gang and the Blue Cyber Tech Force in the other side of the city. After regaining their strength, the heroes bonded and were ready to go save Kento City from Velenor and his friends.

Back at the city hall, during the VX Super Force’s battle in the Beatdown Lair, Mayor Ken Reymord, Larry Rune, and the rest of the mayor’s friends were being guarded by three members of the Beatdown Gang. However, Commissioner Hanes and Douglas Donor were playing dead and were wearing their invulnerable chest pads the whole time. The energy bolts Velenor fired only hit the two men on the chest. Then, the two men killed 2 of the 3 members of the Beatdown Gang with their energy guns. The last member fired deadly needles from his arms at the two men, but they dodged his attacks. Suddenly, Commissioner Hanes beats up the Beatdown Gang member and throws him out of the mayor’s window. After that short fight, Commissioner Hanes and Douglas Donor helped the mayor’s allies escape while the mayor calls the U.S. military. After asking the military to help battle Velenor and his alliance, the mayor leaves his office and is aided by Hanes. Some of the surviving officers within the city hall helped the mayor and his friends get into a secret room, where it will be safe from the villains. After reaching to the area where the room is, the mayor used his ID card to open the doors to the room. Then he and his friends entered and stayed there. Douglas told Hanes he will stay behind guarding the mayor and his friends in the secret room with some officers. After that, Commissioner Hanes and some of his officers headed out of the city hall and fought more enemies.

Chapter 28: The Ultimate Battle Edit

Later, at 4:15 PM, the U.S. military sent their tanks, armored vehicles, aircrafts, and many soldiers with energy and regular guns to Kento City from the other side. Once the military arrived near the city hall, Velenor grew mad and used the red sky to shoot powerful lightning at his foes. The jets and choppers were unable to get to the city due to Velenor’s manipulated sky. The lightning from the red sky destroyed all of the aircrafts and killed many soldiers in them. The Blue Cyber Armor Brothers used their rocket launchers to hit the military and some of their vehicles after they entered the city. Brazod also helped the brothers by blasting their enemies with his laser vision from his eyes. The Beatdown Gang and the rest of the Blue Cyber Tech Force help defeat many soldiers while facing Hanes, and his troops.

After leaving Dark Heart, the heroes raced across the city and battled many members of the Beatdown Gang who were attacking the innocent and causing destruction. Capt. VX and his team helped the officers battle the Beatdown Gang and their wolves in the city. Before the VX Super Force reached the city hall, two Beatdown Gang members, known as Ciun and Laddoku, faced the hero team and tried to kill them. The VX Super Force used their powers and skills to fight them. Ciun used his energy powers, teleportation, and plasma energy form to fight the team with Laddoku’s help. Laddoku attacked Capt. Girl, Dino Boy, and Strongholder while Ciun fought the rest. The heroes used their combined strengths against the two enemies, but they were very tough to strike. Ciun used his plasma energy form to separate his molecular structure and fire energy at his foes. The heroes quickly dodged the attacks and fought back. Soon, Veronica Venus helped defeat Ciun by absorbing some of his energy and rendering him weak. Ciun turned back to his regular human form and was knocked out by Capt. VX. Laddoku was finally knocked down and defeated by Dino Boy, Capt. VX Girl, and Strongholder. After battling the two tough villains, the heroes fight the 3 Blue Cyber Tech Force robots.

After the robots came at the VX Super Force, the heroes started fighting them. The 8 ft. Slash Fighter fought Veronica Venus and Dino Boy until it was quickly destroyed by their combined might. The two Assault Bots were left to fight the VX Super Force. Before they were about to blast energy from their chests, Veronica Venus rapidly fires two energy beams at the robots, destroying them in the process. After that, the VX Super Force moved on to the streets where the Beatdown Gang, the Blue Cyber Tech Force, and Velenor are.

The U.S. military soldiers and Kento’s officers tried fighting off the villains, but they were too strong. Velenor soon commanded all his allies to come to him and continue fighting their enemies near the city hall. Many citizens hid inside buildings and tried to get away from the battle. Commissioner Hanes immediately told his troops to fight back and not give up. While the officers and military soldiers stood their grounds, Velenor, the Beatdown Gang, and the Blue Cyber Tech Force teamed up. The Beatdown Gang members with rocket launchers fired rockets at their foes. But before the rockets could hit their targets, an energy barrier stopped the attack.

The VX Super Force arrived after Veronica Venus created the energy barrier and shot lightning at the rocket launcher owners. Capt. VX tells the villains to stop this madness and destruction in their city. But Velenor, who was in the air, tells Capt. VX and his friends to give up and not fight his army. The VX Super Force refused and was ready to fight the Blue Cyber Tech Force, Velenor, and the Beatdown Gang. The Beatdown Leader and the Blue Cyber Armor Brothers told their allies to take down the VX Super Force. Then, both heroes and villains charged at each other and began their ultimate battle.

The VX Super Force and their enemies fought against each other, and they used their strengths and skills. Veronica Venus protected the VX Super Force with her electric barriers when Surgeant and his team powered up and shot powerful electricity. Then, Veronica blasted the electric barrier at her foes. The barrier defeated most of the electric members of the Beatdown Gang except Surgeant, who later jumped in and absorbed the whole electric barrier. Surgeant quickly became stronger and he rapidly shoots lightning at the officers, military soldiers, and the VX Super Force. The heroes and some of their allies dodged the lightning assaults from Surgeant. While the rest of the villains fight the VX Super Force, Velenor, the Beatdown Leader and the Blue Cyber Armor Brothers waited for their time to fight.

The VX Super Force separated and continued fighting their foes. Strongholder grabs Dino Boy’s tail and swings him around three times. Then he throws Dino Boy right at the some of the Beatdown Gang members and Groggarth. After being thrown, Dino Boy turned into a T-Rex and smashed his enemies with his head. After that, Dino Boy attacks more villains in his T-Rex form and allowed Strongholder to ride him.

Veronica Venus and Oranga teamed up and fired fire rings, and lightning at their foes to create more damage. While the girls are flying and firing at their foes, many Beatdown Gang members tried firing their guns at them. Suddenly, Oranga flies down, creates a huge fiery vortex around her and defeats some of her enemies with it. But, Velenor canceled Oranga’s attack and allowed Calira to assault her. Calira and orange fought each other while Veronica Venus ends up facing Sophithara in the sky.

Captains VX and VX Girl fought separately and defeated many foes. Capt. VX Girl soon fought Crazy and was getting beaten up. Crazy was able to use his enhanced agility and speed to easily outmatch her. Before Crazy was about to strike Capt. VX Girl more, Syler came and bashed Crazy’s face with the broad part of his sword and kicks him to a light pole. After that, Capt. VX Girl and Syler separated in the fight once more and battled more enemies.

Oranga tried to defend herself, but Calira was too tough. Calira used her abilities and martial arts to attack her enemy easily. Before attacking Oranga again, Oranga shoots two small fire rings at her chest and finally beats her up. Then Oranga grabs Calira and flies into the air. While flying and grabbing the villainess, Oranga swings Calira and tosses her into a window from the city hall. Calira took a lot of damage after crashing through the window and crashing onto office furnisher.

Veronica Venus was fighting Sophithara in the air, and was using her energy and electric powers to fight her. Sophithara dodged Veronica’s attacks before smashing her onto a building. Veronica pushed Sophithara off of her and punches her many times in the face while using electricity. While the two girls fight, one of the Blue Cyber Armor Brothers grabbed his pistol and was about to shoot Veronica Venus on the head. Before he could do so, a female police officer, the same officer who met the VX Super Force at their base, fired at the brother with an energy gun and injured the back of his blue armor. After the brother failed to attack, other brothers and their two friends saw the officer who attacked him. The Beatdown Leader helps kill the officer by damaging her defenseless mind with his telepathic power.

Veronica Venus and Sophithara clashed fists and created a big boom throughout the battlefield. While flying and beating each other, the girls reached to the red sky and fought there. Velenor soon uses the red sky’s lightning to attack Veronica, but Veronica was able to absorb the lightning into her. Then she releases a powerful bolt of lightning at Sophithara from her arm. Sophithara was heavily electrocuted and defeated by Veronica Venus and she fell to the top of a big building.

Dino Boy, in his T-Rex form, and Strongholder continued taking down Surgeant’s squad and some members of the Beatdown Gang. Many members were able to climb on walls and jump to where Strongholder was at. Strongholder fought the villains on top of Dino Boy before they could damage his friend more. Then, Dino Boy turns back to his regular self after Strongholder gets off of him. Both heroes used their metamorphic abilities to defeat more villains until facing Groggarth and Surgeant. Groggarth runs up to Strongholder and clashes with him. Dino Boy battles Surgeant and creates six stretched, long-neck dinosaur like heads from his body. Dino Boy uses the six dinosaur creature heads from his body to strike Surgeant at short and long distances. But, Surgeant was able to avoid being attacked before striking Dino Boy down with lighting. Surgeant goes to Dino Boy and battles him more.

Syler faces off a green-skinned samurai villain known as Katanan, Ridgar, and his pet mutant wolf Spiky-Hair, and Crail. The villains were trying to overpower Syler in battle, but Syler used his teleportation and speed to trick them and attack them quickly. After defeating Ridgar, Syler fought Spiky-Hair and stunned him with three stun darts. Then Crail summons his demon monster tattoo and turns it into a spiky demon with sword-like fingers. The tattoo fought Syler until Capt. VX came and threw blue fire at it. The tattoo escapes back onto Crail’s arm before Capt. VX fights Crail. Syler ends up fighting Katanan again with more allies. Suddenly, Syler finally defeats the strong samurai villain by stunning him with his darts along with his allies. After that, Syler helps Capt. VX fight the deadly Crail, Big Fists and other villains.

Later, the military soldiers, police officers, and SWAT troops were commanded by Hanes and a U.S. commander to help the VX Super Force fight the rest of the Beatdown Gang and Blue Cyber Tech Force. The officers and soldiers charged into battle and fight the enemies with their weapons. Commissioner Hanes takes a metal staff and another gun before going out to help the VX Super Force.

Dino Boy tried fighting back, but Surgeant was too strong. Surgeant immediately powers up and shoots lightning at Dino Boy once more. After doing that, Dino Boy recovered and strikes Surgeant on the chest. Surgeant received a lot of pain from Dino Boy’s attack.

Strongholder continued fighting Groggarth, who was trying to crush him. After Strongholder insults Groggarth, the villain charged at him, but misses. Then, Strongholder used his boxing techniques and rock-sphere hands to knock out the villain for good.

Out of nowhere, Brazod attacks his enemies with his laser vision and energy powers. Many officers and soldiers were damaged by his powers. The villain suddenly flies into the air and attacks Capt. VX Girl, Oranga, Veronica Venus, and Dino Boy. Veronica flew into the air and blasted electricity at Brazod. Brazod dodges the attack and fires at Veronica. Veronica is injured from the attack before being blasted again by Brazod’s feet. Then, Veronica falls before getting caught by Dino Boy. Dino Boy helped Veronica get back up before they continued their battle. Capt. VX Girl tried to blast Brazod with blue fire, but he was too quick on air. Then Capt. VX Girl jumps high into the air and fired three blue fire balls at Brazod. The villain was hit hard and he fell to the ground.

After Capt. VX and Syler defeated Crail, Bronk, Big Fists, and Strakker, they split up and helped the officers and soldiers fight the rest of the Beatdown Gang and their wolves. Many Beatdown Wolves charged at the heroes and officers before attacking. Capt. VX fights 2 wolves and blasted blue fire inside one wolf’s mouth and throws the other wolf away. Syler used his smoke balls to leave his enemies blind until they are defeated and killed by the soldiers and officers.

Velenor told the Blue Cyber Armor Brothers and the Beatdown Leader to go and kill their enemies. The brothers went into battle and killed several soldiers before reaching the VX Super Force. The Beatdown Leader finds Sniff, the Red Armored Man, and 20 other Beatdown Gang members and takes them with him to face Capt. VX. Velenor stayed behind and waited until it was his time to end his enemies’ threat against him.

Soon, Capt. VX and Syler told their friends to come back to them and stay together. The seven heroes defeated nearly the entire army with Commissioner Hanes, the police force and the military’s help. Suddenly, the Beatdown Leader attacked from behind and fought Capt. VX with the help from his men. While Capt. VX fights the Beatdown Leader and his men, the rest of the heroes fight the Blue Cyber Armor Brothers, Brazod, and the rest of the Beatdown Gang and Wolves.

While Capt. VX fought the Beatdown Leader and his men, the villain attacked some of Capt. VX’s allies’ minds with his telepathic power. The Beatdown Leader used all of his might and focused on both fighting Capt. VX and hurting the mind of his friends. Dino Boy, Syler, Veronica Venus, Oranga, Commissioner Hanes, and the others try shaking the Beatdown Leader’s mental attacks while fighting their enemies. Then, Capt. VX used his super speed and knocked the Beatdown Leader to the ground and freed his friends from his power.

Oranga and Capt. VX Girl fought the Blue Cyber Armor Brothers and were dodging their beam sword and pistol attacks. Oranga burned the triplets’ weapons before beating one of the brothers. Capt. VX Girl used her super speed and grabbed the other two brothers and tossed them to the ground. After that, the three brothers strike back with the help of their armor and tried killing the two girls. After defeating a dozen foes, Veronica helps her two friends defeat the Blue Cyber Armors by electrocuting them with powerful electricity. Brazod and the Beatdown Gang and Wolves fought Commissioner Hanes, Strongholder, and Syler. Brazod blasted Strongholder with a powerful beam from his eyes before Syler threw an explosive kunai at his helmet. After the kunai got stuck on Brazod’s helmet, the kunai blows up and damages it and knocks down Brazod. Commissioner Hanes and Strongholder teamed up and defeated the rest of the Beatdown Gang.

While the Beatdown Gang and Blue Cyber Tech Force lose, the Beatdown Leader told his men to attack and distract Capt. VX. Capt. VX defeated some of the villain’s men, but the rest were tough to fight. Soon, the Beatdown Leader attacked again from behind, but Capt. VX dodges his attack. Then, Capt. VX uses his blue fire powers and skills to strike down more of the Beatdown Leader’s men before facing the Beatdown Leader again. After that, the two fought each other again. Suddenly, the Beatdown Leader gets out a taser from his pocket and attacks Capt. VX with it. After striking Capt. VX on the arm, the Beatdown Leader was ready to kill him with his taser for good. Then, Capt. VX Girl came and burned the villain’s hand and allowed Commissioner Hanes to defeat him with a great fighting technique.

After defeating the two villain teams, Velenor grew angry and walked near his opponents. Suddenly, Velenor heals Surgeant, Shock-Whip, Calira, and Pyre Myers and brings them back to the battlefield. Velenor left the rest of his allies defeated for now. The evil Kazamardran king told his four friends to finish their foes with his help. Velenor started blowing away his foes with explosive blasts from his eyes. Then, Surgeant and Shock-Whip powered up and blast powerful lightning attacks at their enemies. While the two villains do that, Calira fights Capt. VX Girl and Dino Boy, and Pyre Myers battles Veronica Venus, Syler, and Oranga with his fire powers.

The VX Super Force, Commissioner Hanes, the remaining officers and soldiers take care of Calira, Surgeant, Shock-Whip, and Pyre Myers as Capt. VX faces Velenor. Capt. VX walks up to Velenor and stops him from killing people by blasting blue fire at him. After blasting him, Velenor was able to overcome the attack. Then, both, Capt. VX and Velenor prepare themselves to fight to the death. Before their fight, Velenor tells Capt. VX that if he wins, he can have Kento City back; but, if he loses, he will die and lose the city.

Chapter 29: Capt. VX vs. Velenor Edit

Capt. VX and Velenor began their big fight in the destroyed streets of Kento. Both powered opponents used their own fiery powers against each other, burning many things in their path. Capt. VX turned blue and Velenor turned bright orange during the fight. Both used great speed and agility while blasting each other with incredible fiery force.

Velenor soon uses his telekinesis to knock down Capt. VX and defeat him. After bringing Capt. VX to him with his psychic ability, Capt. VX spits fire on his outfit and regains his control. Captain VX used super speed and his fighting spirit to bash Velenor many times. Then Velenor recovered his suit and his strength before rapidly knocking the hero in the face and smashing him to the left side of the battlefield. Then Velenor used his speed and teleportation to hit Capt. VX more before smashing him to the ground with a mighty kick.

After Capt. VX got up from the ground, he continued battling his nemesis in the streets. Velenor and Capt. VX moved around and blasted each other with a lot of their fire. Capt. VX’s fire was unable to take control of Velenor’s fire. The evil wizard told Capt. VX that his blue fire cannot take over his because his fire is generated by magic and is immune to the blue fire’s properties.

While Capt. VX battles Velenor, the VX Super Force and friends battle Calira, Shock-Whip, Surgeant, and Pyre Myers. Calira tried defeating the heroines with all her might, but was taken down by Capt. VX Girl. After she was defeated, Pyre Myers came and blasts the heroes with his fire. Oranga used her fire rings to fight him, but Pyre Myers suddenly takes control of them and used them against the VX Super Force and friends. The heroes, officers, and soldiers dodged the fire rings a couple of times before Shock-Whip and Surgeant help attack their foes once again. Then, Capt. VX Girl charged at Pyre Myers and beat him with a blue, burning high jump kick.

After the defeat of Calira and Pyre Myers, Surgeant and Shock –Whip attacked their foes with more electricity. While doing this, the two villains are endangering innocent lives near them and causing more destruction. Veronica came up to Shock-Whip and Surgeant before battling them in a dangerous electric powered showdown. Both villains and Veronica Venus fired highly powered electric beams at each other and made a big connection. While fighting, Veronica tried holding on to the electric connection and not get anyone killed. Surgeant and his partner were moving up and trying to win the fight. Then, Strongholder and Syler interrupted the fight by breaking Surgeant and Shock-Whip’s concentration, and attacking them. Syler uses his sword handle to break Shock-Whip’s arm joints before knocking him out with a strong kick. Finally, Strongholder crushes Surgeant’s electric hands and instantly kills him by smashing his head with a big clap.

Capt. VX and Velenor’s fight continues when Velenor uses his telekinesis to lift four vehicles and throw them at his foe. Capt. VX used his speed to dodge the four vehicles before Velenor rapidly came right in front of him and blast energy bolts at him. The hero took great damage before Velenor struck him again with his energy bolts. Then, Capt. VX rolls to the right in order to avoid more energy bolts. After doing that, Velenor somehow followed Capt. VX and stood close to him. Velenor used his telekinesis once again and throws Capt. VX into the air. Then, Velenor fights Capt. VX in the sky and both used their fire powers against each other.

After fighting on air and damaging each other, Velenor grew tired of playing around and prepared to transform into his fire form, making him invincible. As Velenor turns into his most destructive state, Capt. VX fires at him with blue fire blasts. The attacks didn’t work and Velenor soon became unstoppable. After the transformation, Velenor fused his fiery form with most of the fire and heat from the buildings, destroyed vehicles, and ground to become a gigantic serpentine fire beast. Everyone, including Capt. VX and the VX Super Force, were surprised and shocked by Velenor’s fiery wrath.

Velenor tells Capt. VX to taste his fiery fury before using his gigantic fire monster to kill Capt. VX. Then, Capt. VX ran for his life and avoided the serpentine inferno monster’s attacks. While Capt. VX runs away from the battlefield and into another part of the city, Velenor and his fiery creation follow him. Capt. VX was trying to lure Velenor away from his friends and the people of Kento City. The fiery monster attacked where Capt. VX was going, on ground and in the air. Capt. VX suddenly runs on several buildings while using his super speed before avoiding the fire monster once again.

Then, Capt. VX was caught by the fire monster while trying to escape from it again. Velenor uses his red sky’s lightning to distract him before Capt. VX jumps into the air and creates a blue heat aura around him. After doing that, the fiery serpentine monster swoops in and eats Capt. VX. But, Capt. VX uses the blue heat aura to blast through the fiery monster’s body and hit Velenor very hard. That offense help stop Velenor’s fire form. Velenor soon fell on a sidewalk and was about to be stomped on by Capt. VX. The villain suddenly phases through the sidewalk and creates a big explosion where Capt. VX was about to stomp him. The explosion sent Capt. VX high into the air. While Capt. VX flew into the air, Velenor teleported and used fiery attacks to beat him up. Capt. VX avoided some of the inferno blasts before he was finally knocked hard by Velenor’s telekinetic blast.

Capt. VX fell on the street before trying to fight back. But, Velenor kept on beating him with powerful fighting techniques and energy bolts. Before striking Capt. VX again, Capt. VX Girl came and tried punching Velenor with blue fiery punches. Velenor dodges the attacks before Capt. VX Girl threw a blue fire ball at him. Velenor cancels the attack and hits Capt. VX Girl’s stomach with a powerful psychic punch. Then, Syler came and stabs the evil wizard through the back. Velenor laughs and gets off of the blade before blasting Syler away with an inferno attack. Syler quickly avoids the attack before he was about to be burned alive. After that, Dino Boy came and attacks Velenor with his Triceratops form. Before Dino Boy was about to crush him, Velenor blasts him away with telekinetic force.

The rest of the VX Super Force came after Syler, Dino Boy, and Capt. VX Girl were unable to defeat Velenor. Oranga, Veronica Venus, and Strongholder used all of their might on Velenor before Velenor beaten them and almost injured them with his inferno powers. The whole team still fought Velenor and gave Capt. VX time to heal. Soon, Velenor blasted his enemies with a strange magic force blast and stops them with telekinesis. Then, Velenor uses his fire form again and summons three flaming serpentine monsters from his body and mouth.

Before Velenor used his flame monsters to end his enemies’ lives, Capt. VX swoops in and breaks his concentration. Capt. VX then fought Velenor once more. Velenor used his three fire monsters to strike Capt. VX where he stands. Capt. VX avoids the monsters’ attacks before firing blue fire at Velenor. Then, Velenor phases through the fire blast before using the monsters altogether to fuse with him and attack Capt. VX with a powerful force. Capt. VX powers up his fists and boosts his super strength and speed with his blue fire powers before clashing with Velenor. After clashing, both powered opponents created a big explosive force, which smashed through many things and broke a lot of windows. After the explosion, both Capt. VX and Velenor used their fire powers at each other again, creating a huge flaming connection.

While using their fire powers altogether, Capt. VX and Velenor came up close and were overpowering each other. Velenor was nearly successful and he was making Capt. VX lose his strength. Then, Velenor tells Capt. VX that he is no match for him and he will kill him now. Capt. VX’s fire became weak and he was surrounded by Velenor’s inferno. Velenor said, “This is over! The Earth is mine.”

Suddenly, Capt. VX turned blue and powered up to maximum before penetrating Velenor’s fire with his blue fire. After breaking through Velenor’s attack, Capt. VX ran up to him and started using his super speed, super strength, and blue fire powers to defeat him. While beating up Velenor, Capt. VX said, “NO!!! This is not your world. This is my world. This is OUR world. And you can never have it.” After Velenor was beaten up badly, he recovers and fires many huge flame beams from his mouth and hands at Capt. VX. Capt. VX avoids the attacks before surrounding Velenor with blue flames around him. Then Capt. VX used his flaming super speed and increased it with his blue fire to spin the fire around and confuse Velenor by creating blue fiery figures that look like Capt. VX. Velenor tried using his powers against the fiery figures and Capt. VX around him, but he was unable to keep up and he was getting tired, and dizzy. After that, Capt. VX and his blue fiery counterparts finally defeated Velenor with a powerful blue flaming uppercut and a big blue fire blast. Velenor was blasted into a building by Capt. VX.

Chapter 30: Victorious Edit

Capt. VX won the battle for Kento City. Many civilians cheered for the VX Super Force and Capt. VX, who have saved the city and many with it. But, Velenor slowly gets back up while injured from the fight. The people and the VX Super Force were shocked about Velenor getting back up. Before teleporting away, Velenor magically transports the Blue Cyber Tech Force, most of the Beatdown Gang, and the Beatdown Leader to another location. The VX Super Force now know that the fight for Kento City and Earth is not truly over.

Days later, after the VX Super Force help clean the city, they were awarded Medals of Honor by Mayor Ken Reymord. The superhero team was at a big ceremony in front of the city hall. Millions of people were at the ceremony and they celebrated the VX Super Force’s victory and heroism. After the VX Super Force obtained their medals, they thanked the mayor, Larry Rune, Douglas Donor, and Commissioner Hanes for their support. Oranga’s parents, the Caidaras, were at the ceremony and they were proud of her.

After the ceremony, Mat Harson presented his metallic art to the people of Kento City and his friends. It was a metal sculpture of Capt. VX, Oranga, Dino Boy, Capt. VX Girl, Syler, Strongholder, and Veronica Venus standing together. The people were amazed by Mat’s art and the VX Super Force liked it. The VX Super Force thanked Mat Harson for the metallic sculpture of them.

Chapter 31: The Adventure Continues Edit

Later, in the evening, the VX Super Force relaxed and wore their regular clothes in the VX Base. One of the teammates, Syler, came to his friends and told them that his siblings will lead his clan and he will stay in America for as long as possible. Syler already sent a message to his people about staying in America and help the VX Super Force battle corruption and domination in Kento City, and throughout. The superhero team was glad to here this before giving high fives to Syler.

The VX Super Force went outside of their base and sat near a cliff where they can see the sunset. While watching the sunset, Capt. VX asked his friends and sister about new ideas for the team. Strongholder suggested that the team should gain new members if they are able to save the city from Velenor and his friends again. Veronica Venus told her friends that she can help with the technology and invent new things. After having this discussion, Capt. VX told his friends that all the things they need will come later on. Capt. VX also tells his friends if Velenor, the Beatdown Gang, and the Blue Cyber Tech Force ever come back, they will be ready for them. As the sun goes down, Capt. VX and Oranga kissed while Dino Boy and Veronica Venus do the same.

Deep within the Blue Cyber Tech Force’s tower, Velenor regains his strength and tells the members of the Blue Cyber Tech Force that he is now the fourth leader of this organization. The Blue Cyber Armor Brothers didn’t want to approve of this, but Velenor’s word was final. Then Velenor commanded his friends to go somewhere else so he can do something in the room he is in. After the Blue Cyber Tech Force left him, Velenor channeled his thoughts through his magic crown.

Velenor contacts Zalthor, the other king of Kazamardra. He told his friend he lost the battle for Kento City against the VX Super Force and friends, but he and his alliance will return. Velenor also tells Zalthor that the Beatdown Gang have moved northeast while the Blue Cyber Tech Force remain in Kento City’s dark area. Zalthor tells Velenor he must not let Capt. VX and his team thwart him and his friends once more. Then he tells Velenor to gather more powerful allies for him to use against the Earth and its people before his coming. Velenor agreed and promised Zalthor to gain more allies, and destroy their enemies. After their conversation, Zalthor and Velenor laugh about their evil schemes and the future destruction of the VX Super Force and their loved ones.

The End

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