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VX 2 Title

© Taylor Vassell 2010

Author: Taylor Vassell

Story Edit

Chapter 1: Omion Edit

In a big military-like facility in another world, a dark experiment was about to begin. In the holding chamber, a small group of highly skilled mystics with blue skin awoke a young man who had blue skin too. The young man didn’t want to be part of the mystics’ experiment because he was afraid of it. The mystics forced the young man to come with them after canceling his magic powers with metallic power-decreasing cuffs. The man is taken to a big lab, where the sorcerers will turn him into a new cybernetic fused magician with immense powers for war. The young man struggles and tries to get back to his holding cell, but he gets paralyzed by one of the mystics. Then, the blue skinned sorcerers put the young man on a big metal table before strapping him and cuffing him. The sorcerers put him to sleep with a special sleeping powder which will cause him to not feel pain while being brutally experimented.

Soon, the mystics began their experimentation by using the cybernetic implants for the young man’s body. The sorcerers put the chest plate in first by fusing the plate to the man’s body with a magic spell. The other sorcerers used the same spell to fuse other cybernetic implants to the man before using their sharp tools and other spells. While the experiment was in progress, a big audience outside the lab watches the people through special window glasses. The audience watches how the sorcerers perform on the young man while he is asleep. Then, after carving scars on the man’s body and head with special blades, the mystics replaced his ears with radar sensors, and put metallic knee and elbow parts on his elbows and knees. Soon, the operation was complete and the young man was escorted from the lab.

Many hours later, in a special room, the young man woke up and saw his new image while the mystics where with him. The man looked into a mirror and was frightened of how he appeared. The man throws the mirror away and became very upset. The mystics tried to calm him down, but the man knocked them aside and became full of rage.

Many days later, revenge was his. The young man became a deadly evil destroyer known as Omion, who completely wiped out life in his world with the help of a gigantic monstrous worm-like beast of fire. He killed all of the world’s soldiers, women, men, animals, and children. He also killed the same mystics for turning him into a monstrous new version of himself. Omion commanded the monster to come back into his dark book so that he may leave his world and go to a new one and possibly take it down.

Many years later, Omion rested on Earth. He created a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with his magic abilities during a dark, rainy night. Within his island volcano, Omion plans to take down Earth and rule it, such as he did to the other planets. As Omion begins to meditate after his long journey, his book, the Book of Dark Summoning, creates monstrous noises.

Chapter 2: Capt. VX's Dream Edit

In late June of 2038, in the VX Base, Danny Vant is dreaming of be

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