Imangine if the world was perfect.....

  • No one would be killed.
  • We'd all be friends and there would be no hate or jealousy.
  • Everyone would be equal.
  • People would all look similiar so no need for predjudice.
  • No countries.
  • We'd all live long, happy lives.
  • No wars.
  • No need for fear.
  • Everyone would be equally smart and know how to do the same things
  • Dreams would always come true.
  • Money would be unheard of because everyone owned the same things.

Now if you took all these eleven points I've listed and imagine if life was like that. I've really thought about them. It all sounds good and happy right. right? But if you actually thought about it for a while you would see that there is no, diversity, and no fun and excitement in a Utopian Society.

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