Hi, everyone! How's everyone doing? Okay, well, let me get to the point. As everyone knows I have written alot of stories on here, and there are alot of couples in each. I want everyone to tell me their favorite couples from each (some couples have not yet been mentioned but I will still display them). Leave your opinions in the comment area, I want to know! BUR (Before You Read) I only decided on do the couples from three stories, sorry if you like the other ones just tell me in the comments.


  1. ToxDem (Toya and Demi)
  2. RoyxDem (Roya and Demi)
  3. AdxDem (Adam and Demi)
  4. DrewxRox (Drew and Roxxane)
  5. MichxRox (Michael and Roxxane)
  6. ToxRav (Toya and Raven)
  7. ToxLuca (Toya and Luca)
  8. RoxLuca (Roya and Luca)
  9. IkuxRik (Ikuto and Riko)

Sapphire's EdenEdit

  1. UrielxSapphie (Uriel and Sapphire)
  2. MicxSapphie (Michael and Sapphire)
  3. MicxEllie (Michael and Elizabeth)
  4. RaphxSapphie (Raphael and Sapphire)
  5. RaphxArie (Raphael and Ariel)
  6. AbxSapphie (Abaddon and Sapphire)
  7. AbxAk (Abaddon and Akachi)
  8. UrielxAk (Uriel and Akachi)
  9. GabexSapphie (Gabriel and Sapphire)
  10. GabexEllie (Gabriel and Elizabeth)
  11. GabexArie (Gabriel and Ariel)

The Lost Warriors (TLW)Edit

  1. SkyxRain (Sky and Raina)
  2. SkyxLulu (Sky and Luna)
  3. LogxRain (Logan and Raina)
  4. LogxLulu (Logan and Luna)
  5. RRxAqua (Red Rocker and Marine Aqual)
  6. RRxLulu (Red Rocker and Luna)
  7. RRxRain (Red Rocker and Raina)
  8. SJxAqua (Slade James and Marine Aqual)
  9. SJxRain (Slade James and Raina)
  10. SJxLulu (Slade James and Luna)
  11. CarxRain (Carter anad Raina)
  12. CarxLulu (Carter and Luna)

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