Okay so, I am going to ask which are your favorite best friends sort of like the couples. These are from some of stories, pick your favorite best friends (or even people that don't get along and place them as best friends too) from each series, and tell me if you want to read more about them (like short stories about them spending a day together). Some best firends have not been posted, and you can mention your own from one of the series as well.


  1. Demi_and_Roxxane
  2. Demi_and_Riko
  3. Demi_and_Claudia
  4. Demi_and_Lily
  5. Demi_and_Alex
  6. Roxxane_and_Riko
  7. Roxxane_and_Alex
  8. Roxxane_and_Lily
  9. Roxxane_and_Claudia
  10. Riko_and_Alex
  11. Riko_and_Lily
  12. Demi_and_Toya
  13. Toya_and_Drew
  14. Drew_and_Ikuto


  1. Luna_and_Marine
  2. Luna_and_Logan
  3. Luna_and_Slade
  4. Luna_and_Rocker
  5. Marine_and_Logan
  6. Marine_and_Slade
  7. Marine_and_Rocker
  8. Rocker_and_Slade
  9. Rocker_and_Logan
  10. Slade_and_Logan

Sapphire's EdenEdit

  1. Sapphire_and_Uriel
  2. Sapphire_and_Elizabeth
  3. Sapphire_and_Ariel
  4. Sapphire_and_Gabriel
  5. Uriel_and_Abaddon
  6. Uriel_and_Gabriel
  7. Uriel_and_Raphael
  8. Uriel_and_Michael
  9. Uriel_and_Rosiel
  10. Uriel_and_Alexiel
  11. Rosiel_and_Alexiel
  12. Rosiel_and_Gabriel
  13. Rosiel_and_Michael
  14. Rosiel_and_Raphael
  15. Raphael_and_Michael
  16. Raphael_and_Gabriel

P.S. Some best friends are missing, if you do not agree with the one's given, for each of the three series here pick your own best friends (or people that hate each other that you want to be best friends).

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