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    Best Friends

    May 19, 2012 by Perfect Dreams

    Okay so, I am going to ask which are your favorite best friends sort of like the couples. These are from some of stories, pick your favorite best friends (or even people that don't get along and place them as best friends too) from each series, and tell me if you want to read more about them (like short stories about them spending a day together). Some best firends have not been posted, and you can mention your own from one of the series as well.

    1. Demi_and_Roxxane
    2. Demi_and_Riko
    3. Demi_and_Claudia
    4. Demi_and_Lily
    5. Demi_and_Alex
    6. Roxxane_and_Riko
    7. Roxxane_and_Alex
    8. Roxxane_and_Lily
    9. Roxxane_and_Claudia
    10. Riko_and_Alex
    11. Riko_and_Lily
    12. Demi_and_Toya
    13. Toya_and_Drew
    14. Drew_and_Ikuto

    1. Luna_and_Marine
    2. Luna_and_Logan
    3. Luna_and_Slade
    4. Luna_and_Rocker
    5. Marine_and_Logan
    6. Marine_and_Slade
    7. Marin…

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    The lights had faded away as of the last night. And now Sadie was lying down on the bed, staring around the room. She felt odd. Very odd. From far away the faded look of the closest was odd, and the closets top was circular. Sadie tried not to look for long at the closet, because she knew very well that if you stared at something for to long you would start imaging things. She would have enjoyed to have had an imaginition which she could have imagined what the darkness out in the corner would turn to. But she had none- no imagination- that was illegal there. And as much as she would have enjoyed to know what monster would be in front of her closet, with it's arms closed staring at her with hollow eyes, she could not see it. But how nice it…

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    May 19, 2012 by Perfect Dreams

    Hi, everyone! How's everyone doing? Okay, well, let me get to the point. As everyone knows I have written alot of stories on here, and there are alot of couples in each. I want everyone to tell me their favorite couples from each (some couples have not yet been mentioned but I will still display them). Leave your opinions in the comment area, I want to know! BUR (Before You Read) I only decided on do the couples from three stories, sorry if you like the other ones just tell me in the comments.

    1. ToxDem (Toya and Demi)
    2. RoyxDem (Roya and Demi)
    3. AdxDem (Adam and Demi)
    4. DrewxRox (Drew and Roxxane)
    5. MichxRox (Michael and Roxxane)
    6. ToxRav (Toya and Raven)
    7. ToxLuca (Toya and Luca)
    8. RoxLuca (Roya and Luca)
    9. IkuxRik (Ikuto and Riko)

    1. UrielxSapphie (Uriel and Sapphire) …

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