I made the video and music tracks for a VirileMail video, then I added in some dialog from the story. thumb|425px|right|VirileMail Video

Below is the original dialog. It was modified for the video. Next, I need to add some sound effects and subtitles.

opening "cover" images (about first 15 seconds)
"I was walking in the hallway when an eggplant fell on me"
"An eggplant?"
"Yeah, just out of the blue. I was quite shocked...."

zoom in on building (18 - 39 seconds)
"I was only informed of the project’s existence a few hours ago and Geisler basically ordered me to make sure that this project is a success.”
“Okay, now who can tell me what this project is about?”
"It's email software from Europe..."

"the VirileMail software has a damned clever artificial intelligence routine. Somehow it is intelligently using almost all of our computing resources"

Brian saw something .... odd.
Brian, what did you see?
I remember the thing grabbing hold of me...
What are these tentacle-like things?

wires and chip (41 - 59 seconds)
We're using this chip to replicate the function of the human visual cortex.
The trick is to match heat generation to the liquid nitrogen flow rate.
How many transistors are on this chip?
Almost two billion.

Eggplant pulls cable (59 seconds - 1:18)
Hey, bro, what's up?
We just had cable disconnection that knocked us off the internet...physical disconnect. Someone must have pulled the cable connection then ran.

Hospital (1:20 - 1:40)
Are you feeling stress from your new work duties?
The VirileMail software has been sending us emails that say, "from Janek". The machine is impersonating an employee in our European office!
A computer has been playing tricks on you?
No. It was a very smart AI, too smart to be a human creation! I tell you, it is an alien!

Scream with bugs (1:44 - 2:01)
Have you seen anything odd?
Just a bunch of roaches. What if a dozen or so roach-sized robots came in through the hole in the wall of the server room?
They might….combine….form a collective that could unscrew the cable connection.

router/Janek tape (2:03 - 2:15)
I don't trust anything going through the server array. I’m keeping a video record of what I actually do. While I’m here working, I'll record what I do on video...magnetic tape...

To Mars (2:16 - 2:40)
Welcome to Camp Geisler.
Where is Chloe. Where am I?
You are on the way to Mars.
You sneaky, lying, alien!
Then what about Chloe?
Have you taken the nanobots out of her brain?
Not yet.
I never told you when that would happen, but eventually we will have no more need to keep her under control.

Mars (2:42 - 2:55)
You will have a chance to meet the people who wrote the software code that is me. welcome to Mars!
this chamber is huge! It's hard to believe we are underground. thumb|425px|right|Earlier VirileMail video with no dialog. Virus (3:00 - 3:20)
How will viruses improve communications?
The goal of the nanobots is not to exterminate humans or replace humans with AIs, but rather a kind of, well, fusion. Fusion?
It should be possible to fully integrate nanorobotic artificial intelligence systems with human brains.

Return to Earth (3:20 - 3:40)
All I need you to do is deliver the virus to Earth.
Any human infected by the virus will become an easy target for alien mind control?
what matters is what is in your heart, do you trust me or not?
what you did to me and made me hate you

Vaccine (3:42 - 3:50)
I brought back from Mars a rebel vaccine that can also free you. Just drink this.
I'm afraid.
Trust me, Chloe.

Climax (3:52 - 4:20)
we're going to take down Janek....
....did you make Chloe do something incredibly stupid?
I'll do anything to stop the aliens
I want these two 'crazies' out of my sight!

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