While writing Moon Hammer I have been following along with the LCROSS Moon impact mission at NASA. Since I wrote this NASA mission into my story, I have more than just an interest in the scientific mission (searching for water ice on the Moon).

About a week ago I noticed this: NASA Bombing of the Moon may create conflict with ET's, UFO's. According to the Macedonia International News Agency, "...the LCROSS bombing of the moon may be an intentional hostile act by the U.S. (which has know the moon is inhabited for at least 40 years by other civilizations), a kind of 'shot across the bow' to mark turf against other intelligent civilizations on the moon." This really got me thinking that the world some people live in is stranger than any fiction I might invent. thumb|300px|right I recently started experimenting with Facebook and today I found the Facebook page for the LCROSS mission. There is good information there about the mission. One of the Facebook features is discussion forums. There is a discussion topic called The Moon where one participant has posted a bunch of claims about there being residents of the Moon, including there being a "temple" on the Moon. In my "Moon Hammer" story I put in the idea of there being a hidden base on the Moon called "Purgatory" by its religious residents. Now I learn that the place to look for evidence of life on the Moon is YouTube (see the video to the right).

Another claim that was posted in the Facebook discussion forum was that the LCROSS impact will create a "5 kilometer crater". The kind of value I've seen from NASA is more like 15 meters. out below, Institoris!

Another claim that was posted in the Facebook discussion forum was that the Moon has vegetation. See for yourself in this image: It's green!. Clearly, the LCROSS mission cannot be designed to be looking for water ice near the south pole of the Moon...we already "know" that the Moon is covered by vegetation. NASA must be using LCROSS to fight a war and bomb the folks who live on the Moon!

Posted in the Facebook discussion forum: "THE DIVINE LORD OF ALL CREATION will have a little mercy on the backwards, wayward children of earth". I could really use a collaborator who can write like this for the Sermon from Purgatory.

In a previous blog post I mentioned the idea that the Moon is hollow. Another claim that was posted in the Facebook discussion forum was that the Moon has an "inside sphere", supported with images like this "showing" how you can look inside the Moon.

So, you decide, which is stranger...Moon Hammer or what other people believe is the truth about the Moon; it being inhabited and NASA going out of control with an intent to "bomb" the residents of the Moon? Should I give up trying to write fiction and just write up descriptions of what other people actually believe?

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