The Trimen Brothers tells the story of how three brothers, Johnny, Joe, and Thomas Trent, acquire special powers and protect their home town, Jordan City. Tyroguun has been writing and illustrating stories at Fiction Wikia since November 2008. Tyroguun's works include VX Super Force and Tyrix.


The Seurgeens are inter-dimensional beings in Trimen Brothers.

In Trimen Brothers, Jordan City is menaced by a full spectrum of evil-doers that includes Greg Tracer and his gang, the Crush Brigade and the inter-dimensional beings known as the Seurgeens. Tyroguun has illustrated the story with images of the Seurgeens, Dr. Nucleus Tarmus (leader of the Crush Brigade) and the Trimen Brothers.

Johnny, Joe, and Thomas are employees at the pizza restaurant, Pizzania. where they like to party with their friends Mandy, May, and Madeline Prye. They lead a normal life and must deal with the bully, Greg Tracer. Serious trouble begins when Nucleus Tarmus and his Crush Brigade push the envelop of criminality by stealing a cannon. This bold act attracts the attention of the Seurgeens who give the Crush Brigade superhuman abilities. Thus empowered, the Crush Brigade kills the owner of Pizzania who was their long-time enemy. With support from the Seurgeens, the Crush Brigade is now free to terrorize Jordan City.

The Trimen Brothers tells the story of how the Trent brothers attain their super powers and defend Jordan City. The ending of the story hints that this is only the first of many future adventures for Earth’s heroic Trimen. For now their powers are a secret and they return to daily life and celebrate the defeat of Jordan City's enemies with the Prye sisters.

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