Take a look at this screen shot:


The image above shows the result of ads being inserted into wiki content.

The screen shot shown above illustrates the current way that ads are inserted into the content of stories at this website. The Camino web browser was used. The image below shows how the same wiki content should be displayed, without space being taken up by inserted ads.


This image shows the same story content without the ads having been inserted.

Imagine yourself as a reader of fiction who comes to this website and has to deal with all of the ads that are inserted into the stories. What would you do? If you saw a page like the one shown at the top of this blog post you might assume that the people running this website do not know what they are doing and simply go somewhere else on the internet.

As an alternative to having ads inserted into stories, it might be possible to find a sponsor for this wiki website. Maybe some publisher of fiction would pay $250.00 to sponsor this wiki for a year.

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