[[Video:VirileMail|thumb|300px|right|Video teaser for VirileMail.]] I'm pleased that Wikia is supporting blogging. Back in April I started a blog about the Fiction Wikia (originally called Novelas) and using wiki technology to support collaborative fiction writing. I'll be interested to see if this kind of "community blogging" will catch on among participants at the Fiction Wikia.

Blog posts might be a good way to share your views on collaborative fiction writing or even to write a review of your favorite work of fiction. You can insert images or a video into blog posts. This video (to the right) is for a story at the Fiction Wikia.

My main area of interest is science fiction. I recently wrote a review of a science fiction novel at another wikia website, but maybe we can include such reviews here at this wiki.

I'm glad Wikia has support for multimedia. Now that Firefox 3.5 supports play of ogg files, I hope we get a way to directly embed and play ogg files on story pages at Fiction Wikia. For some of our stories (example) we want to be able to play background music!

I'm not clear how the categorization and aggregation of blog posts will work. "A blank message means no category will be added" The documentation is a bit mysterious. I put this post into "Category:Science Fiction", but I wish it went into something like Category:Science Fiction Blogging.

About my avatar: It is an image from the science fiction story VirileMail.

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