Moon hammer cover

I created a page for the audio version of Moon Hammer. I have been thinking about the format that should be used for this audio program. Initially I was thinking about the news bulletin format used by Orson Welles for the The War of the Worlds radio broadcast as presented on October 30, 1938. An alternative would be to use a radio documentary approach. This would allow an opening scene that depicted the horrors in the wake of the Sermon from Purgatory. The audio program could then go on to explain how the "Sermon from Purgatory" came about.

I have also been thinking about a new title for the audio version of Moon Hammer. In the conventional Moon Hammer story, the readers can take their time discovering why the story is called "Moon Hammer". For a short "audio program" that is formatted as a radio documentary, it does not seem wise to have a mysterious name that has to be explained to the listener. Michael Moore has taken to using cute names for his video documentaries (for example, Capitalism: A Love Story, Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11, and Sicko). My first thought along these lines is "Halloween 2009: A Ghostly Inquisition". Alternatives:
Halloween 2009: The Ghostly Inquisitor
Nobody expects the Lunar Inquisition
Other suggestions are welcome.

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