In my last blog post I mentioned the need to make Gohrlay's diary a kind of digital workspace where Klempse can exchange messages with Gohrlay. As shown in this image, I've started using text columns to show email-like exchanges between Klempse and Gohrlay.

An important part of what leads Gohrlay to volunteer for the mind downloading experiment is her personal involvement with some of the day-to-day work of the robotics project. She learns some of the practical aspects of working with positronic circuits and she reads about the long history of past research on positronic brains. Some of the past experiments involved people, but most were performed by making use of experimental animals.

I'm thinking about having an argument between Klempse and Wints over the issue of using experimental animals. When Gohrlay comes along, Wints is the the only remaining member of the positronics research project. Wints is opposed to using experimental animals as test subjects for the destructive brain scanning research. Klempse is called upon by Anagro to help with the positronic brain research because Klempse is willing to perform experiments using animals.

I've been going back and forth in my thinking about pets at Observer Base. I know that Gohrlay has been exposed to non-human animals on Earth, but did she ever have a pet?

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