I want to get back to creating Gohrlay's Diary, but I've been trying to think of a way to make it like no diary I have ever seen. I want this "diary" to be digital and something that is like Buzz.

At the start of the "diary", Gohrlay has just been introduced to Klempse and Wints, two scientists. Gohrlay has never previously understood what science is. Gohrlay grew up in a culture where only a few outcasts function as scientists. Gohrlay must learn what these mysterious scientists are doing and how their positronics project is relevant to her life.

Klempse opens Gohrlay's thinking to to the idea that she has been thoroughly brain washed, her memories sanitized by the ruling elite of the city in which they live. Gohrlay's resentment for her treatment grows in parallel with her interest in science and the possibility that she can recover her lost memories through mind downloading.

Over the span of several days, Gohrlay's plans shift. First she burns with the spirit of a revolutionary and wants to find a way to use technology to awaken the residents of the Moon to what the scientists have learned. Nanorobotic devices secretly exist inside the brains of everyone living on the Moon. Gohrlay learns that the rebel scientists can discuss such things among themselves, but they are powerless to share such secrets with most residents of the underground city where they live. Gohrlay learns that she is as much a prisoner as the scientists. Shifting away from her dream of social revolution, Gohrlay decides to learn all she can about the mind downloading experiment.

At first Klempse is opposed to the idea of Gohrlay being a test subject for the mind downloading experiment. A technical detail of the "experiment" is that Gohrlay's brain would be destroyed. Gohrlay learns that the the mind downloading experiment was designed long ago and abandoned because nobody ever volunteered to be a test subject. However, a few scientists did make use of the brain scanning equipment for limited experiments. Gohrlay comes to believe that her only chance for a future is to participate in the experiment and try to get some parts of her mind into robotic form, her brain structure being transformed into positronic brain circuits for a robot.

The "diary" must include heated arguments between Klempse and Gohrlay over the wisdom of her participation in the mind downloading experiment. Klempse explains to Gohrlay that if she intends to go through with the experiment then she must create a record of her thoughts and beliefs that will be available as a template for shaping the new mind of the robot that will have access to her memories. The last part of the diary will be Gohrlay's attempt to record all of her most precious ideas and beliefs.

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