A few weeks ago I wrote about the fact that The Search for Kalid was nearing completion. The plot of that science fiction novel is now essentially complete, but I do not think that a story existing in wiki format can ever be complete. In this particular case, I am still cleaning up some lose ends and there is plenty of room for additions, corrections, modifications and extensions of the story.thumb|480px|right|The good old days...Set and Katherine are soul mates.

At the start of The Search for Kalid, the character Set is portrayed as "Evil", but before he "turned to the dark side" he was working constructively with Katherine to build space elevators on Sakkara. I made a video (shown to the right) that is about the relationship between Set and Katherine.

Set is crafty. During the writing of The Search for Kalid, Set started to take over the story. Well, why not? Set is kind of a "ladies' man". At the start of the story he is seeking revenge for the loss of Katherine, but things start to turn around for him when he meets the spunky Portia. Of course, Portia hates Set for a number of reasons including the fact that Set is a mass murder and he kidnapped her!

Nevertheless, Portia starts Set on the road to redemption and they actually collaborate to make a major discovery that is very important in the overall story. However, Portia's most important role might in helping to heal Set's heart. Portia reminds Set of Katherine. During The Search for Kalid, Set is still learning to live with the mysterious "mental powers" that awakened in him when Katherine died. After Katerine's death Set lives for revenge, but Portia helps Set to start growing again.

Near the end of The Search for Kalid, the reader learns how it is possible for Set to have his special "mental powers" and why Katherine was his soul mate. Set starts to believe that there might be a way to recover from his loss of Katherine when he meets Amethyst. Through his physical, intellectual, emotional and telepathic interactions with Amethyst, Set begins to discover new ways to use his abilities. Set grows as an individual and he comes to dominate the entire story. By the end of The Search for Kalid, there is a clear opportunity for a sequel that will show what Set does next.

In addition to the video shown above, I made another video (see below) that is like what you might see at the end of a movie while the credits are rolling. This second video is about Set's transformation.thumb|480px|left

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