Gohrlay ready to have her brain structure converted into positronic circuits

In my last blog post I was contemplating ways to begin The Start of Eternity. I decided to postpone showing the first ever use of time travel; that can wait until Chapter 15. Hopefully it will be intriguing enough to show Gohrlay the Neanderthal "loosing her mind" in an attempt to create a positronic brain with human cognitive abilities.

I do like the idea of someone traveling back in time to help R. Gohrlay's early self, just as soon as time travel becomes possible. I'm thinking that as soon as R. Gohrlay's positronic brain shows promise, a second positronic robot will be made (R. Nahan) by copying R. Gohrlay's brain. R. Gohrlay and R. Nahan will discover that they can exchange information telepathically. Knowing that the positronics research project is being watched carefully and not trusting the nanoelectronic electronic robots, they keep their telepathic ability secret. They are able to extend their telepathic ability and read the minds of the nanoelectronic electronic robots, thus discovering that they are agents of the Huaoshy.

There will be a conflict between R. Gohrlay and Overseer Doltun. R. Nahan will try to sacrifice himself in order to save an Interventionist. The Law, "protect yourself" will be programmed into the positronic circuitry of the two positronic robots, but Orbho Anagro will try to use Overseer Doltun to terminate R. Nahan. R. Gohrlay will kill Overseer Doltun while protecting R. Nahan. The Law, "protect humans from harm" will be programmed into the positronic circuitry of the two positronic robots. R. Gohrlay will "go insane" because she previously killed Doltun.

At that point, R. Nahan will arrive from the future, already in possession of the "Zeroth Law" and prepared to repair R. Gohrlay. That will create a Reality Change and the R. Nahan from the future will disappear, but R. Gohrlay will have been programmed with the Zeroth Law and given improved telepathic powers. Specifically, Gohrlay will be able to inactivate the brains of the nanoelectronic electronic robots who control Observer Base. Gohrlay will liberate humanity from Huaoshy control and then go on to develop time travel.

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