• JWSchmidt

    I'm not you

    June 21, 2010 by JWSchmidt

    It just seems obvious to me that collaborative fiction writing is facilitated by co-authors who work together to make plans for their collaboratively written story. Take a look at some collaboratively written science fiction novels that were listed by Alex Carnevale and see what he had to say about the nature of the writing collaborations behind those novels.

    Here at this wiki website there have been several proposals for collaboration that included the idea of co-authors NOT talking to each other. Wiki fiction stew has this rule: "contribute a new original character without having to consider story details". Of course, with such a rule it was not easy for anyone to understand how to integrate all of the characters into a coherent story. Eve…

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  • JWSchmidt

    Sponsor vs. Ads

    June 5, 2010 by JWSchmidt

    Take a look at this screen shot:

    The screen shot shown above illustrates the current way that ads are inserted into the content of stories at this website. The Camino web browser was used. The image below shows how the same wiki content should be displayed, without space being taken up by inserted ads.

    Imagine yourself as a reader of fiction who comes to this website and has to deal with all of the ads that are inserted into the stories. What would you do? If you saw a page like the one shown at the top of this blog post you might assume that the people running this website do not know what they are doing and simply go somewhere else on the internet.

    As an alternative to having ads inserted into stories, it might be possible to find a sponsor…

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  • JWSchmidt


    May 29, 2010 by JWSchmidt
    are involved in crafting the evolution of humans on Earth.]]In my last blog post I was explaining how Gohrlay came to violate the Rules of Observation. Gohrlay is carefully crafted as a puppet by Anagro, the true "ruler" of Observer Base on the Moon. Anagro has reasons for designing Gohrlay as a rebel, but those reasons and plans do not take into account the fact that Neanderthals like Gohrlay have a genetic predisposition for telepathic communication. Anagro's plans for Gohrlay spin out of control, which leads to the the adventures of Gohrlay as she comes into conflict with Anagro and the Huaoshy.

    I want to be clear in my own thinking about Gohrlay's state of mind at the start of the story. When first introduced to the reader, Gohrlay is w…

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  • JWSchmidt

    Rules of Observation

    March 12, 2010 by JWSchmidt

    Now that I've been explicit about Gohrlay's criminal activity I need to finalize my thinking about the Rules of Observation. Exactly why is Gohrlay a criminal? Gohrlay lives during an interesting time when the Neanderthal population on Earth has almost become extinct. Gohrlay is herself a Neanderthal, but she has been genetically modified so as to have the appearance of a modern human.

    Most of the residents of Observer Base are like Gohrlay, but there are a few Neanderthals who have not been genetically engineered in the way that most residents of the Moon have been. The "Rules of Observation" specify that only those Observers who are genetically indistinguishable from Earth's native humans can serve the Observer corps as on-Earth Observers…

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  • JWSchmidt

    The New Order

    February 28, 2010 by JWSchmidt

    In my previous blog post I described my initial ideas for how to alter the beginning of The Start of Eternity. I have now completed a re-alignment of the early chapters that is organized around starting the story with an account of Gohrlay's criminal activity on Earth.

    I previously had the idea of equipping the start of the novel with a rather concise story line that can focus the reader's attention on the protagonist, Gohrlay, and her struggle against the Huaoshy. I've been uncertain about the best way to layer in some of the background information about Gohrlay's world, but I'm now back to using the approach of making some of the "chapters" function as "appendices" that the reader need not navigate. I like the idea of giving choices to th…

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