'Notice: This beginning part is unfinished. I'll be working on it. If you're reading this, you might as well skip the beginning until it's finished and go on to the first chapter instead.

The way our lives intertwine and mingle back and forth among each other, some coming into our lives briefly, then leaving; others staying

The way we fight for what is ours, what we love, not caring what happens

It was that way with The Pack

Some joined The Pack to further their own lives, to rise above the rest. Most of us didn't have a choice

I was one of those who had no choice

This is my story...

Chapter One

In The Pack, you must obey. Obedience is the key to survival. Those who do not obey die. That is the way it has always been with The Pack, and the way it will always be in the forseeable future.

Those who do not obey...

I stood stiffly to attention as Ashu Ke'i strode up and down the line of assembled wolves, eyeing each with his piercing gaze in turn as he passed, seeking the smallest breach in discipline. The great silver-furred Alpha was in a dark mood. After nearly three months of routing the Enemy, our unit had been ambushed; three of our Captains taken, two Runners killed and nearly twenty more injured or maimed beyond repair. Ke'i had no tolerance for injured ones. They were disposed of and any injured Captain made an example before the rest of us the Pack.

Being part of Ground Force Three, I and my fellows should not be held accountable for Ground Force Five and Two's mistakes, but Ke'i called us out for an examination with his own idea in mind.

Ke'i was a brutal wolf, large and powerfully built but quick and agile as a Runner, with a cold temper that flared like blue fire when he was roused. He was roused now. His ice-blue eyes flicked along our line as he passed, then rested on my face. I kept my eyes forward and my tail low, keeping the level of my head lower than his and hoping against all hopes that he would pass me by. Surprisingly, he did and I heard a strangled help from the young wolf next to me as his ear was torn off. The reason, as I guessed, seeing who it was next to me: less-than-perfect showing of respect to a superior officer.

Ke'i turned on one massive paw and left us, barking out, "All dismissed!"

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