Hello, fanfiction lovers. I am CardBoss14 and I am writing a story called 'NewType'. It revolves around these animal characters who band together in hopes of eradicating the evil that plagues Darminia, the Deformed. These creatures are animal-like but have destructive powers. They have no features- even eyes- except blue ornate lines that pattern their bodies. In short, the Deformed are animal-like 'demons'. If you don't like cute,fluffy, talking animals, then you'd best move on; but these characters can wield weapons, like swords, halberds, maces, tridents, longbows, ect. Enjoy! This story is now cancelled.

Season 1- NewType: Chrono Scream [action-adventure, comedy] (characters)

Gingka- An arctic wolf who has no recollection of his past, save for being a human. He is a little clumsy and hard-headed, but always manages to pull his own weight. His weapon is a basic sword.

Twilight- A black cat and one of the first animals Gingka meets on Darminia. He has no weapon except his own body; he can cast illusions and make clones of himself. He hasn't mastered this yet, and can only make two copies. He takes pride in his expertise in patrols.

Silver- This German Shepherd is not a nice one! He wears bird and bovine skulls as his choice attire! Silver isn't nice and dislikes Gingka. He is a spellcaster and an expert in healing. He's actually nice once you get to know him.

Victoria- Sharp teeth? Check. Fierce temper? You betcha. The female (collie)husky-mix leader of the group is not one you'd want to make angry! Although she usually has a calm demeanor, once she whips out her trident flail, you'd best start running.

Spade- A caramel-brown maned wolf with a spade mark on her side, hence her name. She is secretive and withdrawn; but always tries to make friends whenever she can. She can shift the hairs on her tail to become a lance.

Geo- This grey wolf pup may look small, but has a vicious bite. He lost his mother, Taylor, and his brother, Akira, in an avalanche that he feels responsible for. He wears a pendant that houses the remaining energy of his deceased brother's spirit.

Thistle- Thistle is a mossy-green rabbit who uses the Tai Longbow. He has a pessimistic attitude, but seems to want to protect the ones he loves.

Koumori- (unknown for the time being)

Angel- A hyena with feathery white wings. Not much is known about him, except that he is machiavellic, and insanely sadistic. His weapon is a sword of pure lightning and dark emotions.

Ren- A golden-colored lion with a dark, dangerous past. He is the right-hand man to Angel,who is his superior.

Season 2- NewType: Moon Fire [card game] (characters)

Blaze- A orange young wolf who gets blamed for his sister's murder and sent to a rehabilitation 'school' called Aibou. He wields a sword made out of lava itself and also has pyrokinesis. His parents are Spade and Koumori.

Daisuke- This fourteen year-old human boy has nothing much to worry about; save for finding out who his real parents are. He was kidnapped when he was a baby, and - oddly enough - became the 'son' of a wanted criminal. He stands on the sidelines while Blaze card-fights, although can join in with Blaze's sword for some strange reason.

Midnight- Blaze's sister. She is still alive, but is also extremely mischievous. Her pretty face hides ugly motives.

Dusk- Blaze's only brother. He is a goody-two-shoes and is amazingly smart for his young age.

Twin-leaf- Blaze's dead sister. She always seemed to bring a smile to everyone, and could even melt the heart of the most hardened person.

Frost and Skyhawk- Rabbit brothers who card-fight as a team. Frost does most of the grunt work, for he has an extremely high physique for being Skyhawk's younger brother. Skyhawk is Frost's older brother and has visions from time to time.

Reaper and Ash- Mysterious characters (also rabbits) who become Blaze's best friends.

Nicole- A peppy girl who Daisuke begins to have a huge crush on.

Ishida- A border collie who thinks that all of Blaze's and Daisuke's wins are 'lucky'. He uses a dragon-themed Wind deck.

Quartz- The top coach at Aibou. He has a hasty personality during classes for a husky, but shows a fatherly side when around animals like Blaze. His weapon is a sword of crystal with lightning surging around within the sharp blade.

Season 3- NewType: Galactic Circuit [action-adventure, little card game] (characters)

*The cast from NewType Chrono Scream and Moon-fire are in this season, these are the newer characters.*

Hikaru- A black maned wolf from the future. He is secretive, and reveals his true motives for traveling into the past after being goaded by Twilight. His element of choice is darkness.

Schwarz- A white maned wolf who is intensely set on killing Hikaru. He controls fire.

Rosalina- Twilight's soon-to-be mate and an exciting, but over-caring addition to the group.

Leo- A dark, elusive, malevolent lion from the future. He is in control of the elements of light and fire.

Rosemary- This rabbit is a very devious one indeed. She can control the earth itself, and chooses to go on a defensive strategey, before pricking the opponent's skin with rock daggers. She has her doubts about her leader.

Fang- A rebellious, hardened, brown warrior cat, who has a love-hate relationship with Twilight. He, like Spade, can shift his hair into various weapons; namely, missiles.

Cloudstar- A white cat who was thought to be defeated in one of Twilight's past nine lives. He can control illusions and mostly forces the opponent into a devastating nightmare - one where, if they get killed in the dream, they die in the physical world!

Season 4- NewType: Linked Dimensions [action-adventure, card game] (characters)

* Fang, Frost, Rosalina, Reaper, Thistle, and Blaze are in this series, everyone else has gone and basically hidden under a rock. :)*

Leon- Fighting for the good side, a brown male rabbit who got seperated from his parents, Skyhawk and Rosemary, and his sister, Rose. He wields a broadsword and wears a swamp-green loincloth with a yellow button, along with an ear being pierced by a brass earring, and a small brown and blue rectangular case on his right side. He can control time because of a mysterious rock around his neck.

Rose- This female rabbit got kidnapped by wolves fights for the evil side as the second-in-command to the evil being in charge of this whole charade. She has no remorse for anything or anyone that gets in her way, because she feels the world turned it's back on her.

Shale- A rabbit who has multiple-personality disorder. He tries to be collected, but when he gets stressed, he changes into Granite, a rabbit who wants power more than anything; and will even kill to get his grubby paws on it. He is secretly enlisted in the Prism Knights and wields a masamune.

Rey- A forest wolf who was on the kidnapping side of Rose. He went rouge from the group and they hate his guts for it. He wants to help out Leon in his quest for his sister, not knowing it is the one he kidnapped years before.

Ryo- A king cobra who can control water and wind. He has a extremely short temper and a arrogant personality, but has a jokester attitude revealed when everyone is down in the dumps. His most used ability is the one of a hurricane.

Flare- A fire-element rabbit and the hidden evil brother to Frost. He is high up as a lieutenant, but nowhere close to Rose's position. One of the Prism Knights.

Tomohiro- A fox who was always the odd one out of the group that kidnapped Rose. After deciding to go rogue with Angel's permission, he is granted earth and wind-element attributes. His goal is to kill Leon and the rest of the Dimension Police.

Kuro- A wolf-bat hybrid created by the Void. He is the leader of the Prism Knights, and by far, the most feared and most powerful of them. He has dark-based techniques in his arsenal.

Kiyoshi- Despite her name meaning pure, this teenage lion is anything but! She is manipulative and uses psychic abilities not belonging to any element. She can control his opponents like a marionette. One of the Prism Knights.

Michio- A grass-element Prism Knight who has a split-heart situation. He is torn between his loyalty to Kuro and the freedom the Dimension Police and Souta offer. Michio is a ninja-esque doberman who wields a katana.

Souta- The bear leader of the Dimension Police. He is strong-hearted, but quick to anger and assumptions. He wields a halberd and is of the earth element. He despises Kuro and the other members of the Prism Knights, especially since one of them is his corrupt brother.

Tatsuya- This extremely large, dark elemental grizzly bear is a member of the Prism Knights and the most scary one of them. He disappears and reappears around the opponent, soon draining them of the will to fight.

Takehiko- A panda who lazes around all day, and by far, the most useless member of the Police. When you get in-between him and his food, he goes into a frenzy, slashing and clawing with the sabre gauntlets he wields.

(Possible season 5) 'NewType: Road to the Void'

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