The main nation for the map will be:

  • Laurasia

Other nations in order of accordance to names on The History of Judea: A Major Empire:

To the East:

  • Andrea (Media)
  • Christina (north-eastern Iranic peoples)
  • Amyldaria (most of Pakistan and Afghanistan, parts of India)
  • Nickajay (much of the ancient northern Indian states)
  • Briannian Empire (central China, Qin China, Zhou China, Qi, the Zheng)
  • Sabinia (Korea)

To the North:

  • Amandania (the regions north of Christina and Amyldaria and east of the Caspian, much of southern Russian Turkestan, basically many of the Scythians)
  • Cammeria (south-western Russia and the coastal regions of Turkey, the Caucasus, and Ukraine, basically the Cimmerians)

And far to the north, the fearsome and powerful Dadians and Mommians

  • Jeratu (basically Uratu, much of the Caucasus and parts of north-eastern Turkey, as well as southern Russia)

To the West:

  • Esmeram (Elam)
  • Rebeldaria (Kuwait, most of Iraq, northern Syria, parts of south-western Turkey, basically Assyria)
  • Seeyjais (southern Syria)
  • Jaditis (Gutium and the Chadaleans, basically the remainder of Iraq)
  • The Chestar and Denverians (eastern bounds of the Red Sea, from the limits of Stefhaum and most of northern Saudi Arabia as far east as the Persian Gulf, basically the Qedar)
  • The Westars and Millians (Lebanon, scattered communities along the coast of the Sea, much of south-eastern Turkey, and Cyprus)
  • Philencia (city-states crunched on the Sea coast, on the beaches and lowlands west of the Westars and Millians)
  • Leannia (the Northern Kingdom of the Holy Land, or Israel)
  • Savannah (the Southern Kingdom of the Holy Land, or Judah)
  • The Leahstines (the Philistines, basically Gaza Strip)
  • Kaylen (Ammon, basically the northern part of Jordan)
  • Roab (Moab, central part of Jordan)
  • Stefhaum (Edom)
  • Maxgia (Phygria)
  • Laura (western Turkey)

and in the South, the Duffsians and Rezzonites

Into Africa West and South-West:

  • Lacygpt (Ancient Egypt)
  • Lawertican (Ancient Libya)
  • Rileamytyrania (much of North Africa west of Lawertican)
  • Hunt (Cush)
  • Bakaylania (ancient Ethiopia or Sheba, and much of the Horn of Africa)
  • Nathaliet (ancient Punt)

Into Europe:

  • Seeystai city states (ancient Greece, much of the Balkans)
  • Shandonana (south-eastern europe from Italy to south-western Ukraine, basically many of the Balkan Celts

_____Part of beginning of article______ Beginning with the campaigns of Antochius I, Laurasia became a great power, overthrowing the Huntian Dynasty of Lacygpt and conquering Andrea, Christina, Esmeram, Amyldaria, Nickajay, the Briannian Empire, Amandania, Rebeldaria, Jeratu, Seeyjais, Jaditis, the Chestars and Denverians, Buletaria, Kaylen, Roab, Stefhaum, Leannia, Savannah, the Leahstines, Philencia, the Westars and Millians, Maxgia, Cammeria, Laura, the Seeyjstai city states, Lacygpt, Lawertican, and Rileamytyrania; driving the Bakalyanians, the Huntites, and the Duffsians from Lacygpt; defeating the Dadians and Mommians; and exacting tribute from Shandonana, Sabinia, the Duffsians and Rezzonites, Hunt, Bakalyania, and Nathaliet.

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