Hey there! Although it seems to weird to post it as a blog, I just decided to post my own written biography about the life of Katherine Chancellor, from the real-life soap opera The Young and the Restless. I do not intend to intrude on any copyright licenses, since this is only for the enjoyment of the public.

Early Life: From Birth to 1950's

The future Katherine Chancellor was born on 28 October 1928 (the same date of the birth of the actress portraying Katherine Chancellor, Jeanne Cooper), as Katherine Shepard. Katherine was the daughter of a rich couple, of which names are unknown. Their wealth was somewhere in the tens of millions of dollars, most likely around $100,000,000. It is highly likely Katherine had other siblings.

Katherine's childhood was highly likely to have been that of other typical rich children, including boarding school and wealthy socialite events. Katherine's life-long friend became John Abbott, the son of the wealthy Abbott couple and heir to their fortune. It is recorded that Katherine and John had fond memories of skinny dipping in a lake of unspecified name.

Katherine's parents died sometime before the 1960's, and as such, Katherine received a share of their fortune, at least up to $50,000,000, with the rest being divided among the other siblings. In 1946, Katherine married Gary Reynolds, a rich multimillionaire with wealth equaling $200,000,000, that Katherine had met during her teenage years, and had also fallen in love with.

Mid-Life: 1950's-1970's

Katherine and Gary had one child, Brock Reynolds. Brock became Katherine's dearest child, and is one of the benefactors in her will, should she die. Brock later became a preacher and supporter of community programs. In 1956, while Gary and Brock were overseas in Europe for the year, Katherine and her friend, Charlotte Ramsey, went on a one-night sexual binge with other men, mainly because Katherine was lonely and they were also drunk. Charlotte was unable to become pregnant, since she had a secret under-the table abortion with money provided by Katherine, that had rendered her infertile. However, Katherine was still fertile, and became pregnant after having sexual relations with Arthur Hendericks, a dear friend and golfing buddy of Gary's. Katherine went through the nine-month pregnancy period, with Gary and Brock still overseas during the whole time, and gave birth to a child. Charlotte offered to take the child to put her up for adoption. In exchange, Katherine gave her $300,000 and secured a promise of Charlotte leaving town for a indefinite period. Charlotte put the baby up for adoption, and was forced to write her name as the child's mother for the adoption to be accepted. In 2003, the child was supposedly revealed to be Jill Foster Abbott, but it was later revealed to actually be Tucker McCall in 2010.

In 1960, Gary Reynolds died, presumably of cancer or some other terminal disease. Katherine was stricken with grief, but quickly recovered. She fell in love with Philip Chancellor II, the wealthy owner of Chancellor Industries, and a old friend of Gary's. His wealth was at least $400,000,000. That surpassed Katherine's own wealth, which was around $250,000,000 (having inherited Gary's wealth at his death). Regardless, he was breath-taken with her and just a year after Gary's death, in mid 1961, the couple married. Thus Katherine took up the last name “Chancellor”, and has been known as Katherine Chancellor ever since.

Katherine and Philip never had any children, but their marriage was, for many years, pleasant and happy. For the next twelve years, the couple lived in relative harmony at the Chancellor Estate, formerly the home of Katherine and Gary, but whom Katherine had changed it's name from Reynolds Estate to Chancellor Estate after marrying Philip. Chancellor Industries did relatively well, increasing Philip's net wealth.

Starting in early 1973, Katherine and Philip's marriage underwent a downturn. They increasingly had bitter arguments, and Katherine turned to drinking. The marriage was threatening to break up. In November 1973, Katherine went to a beauty boutique and met nail-polisher Jill Foster, a poor 18-year old woman. Jill's mother, Elizabeth Foster, was a poor working-class factory worker at Chancellor Industries, and was taking care of three grown-up children. Jill was working to supplement the Foster income. Katherine and Jill became good friends. Katherine eventually hired Jill as her maid, personal attendant, and hairdresser in early 1974. Jill, now living at the Chancellor Estate, helped Katherine stop drinking and tried rebuilding Katherine's relationship with her husband, Philip. However, Jill and Philip became attracted to each-other and built a great friendship. Eventually, they fell in love, and had sex with each-other. Katherine found out and was furious. She went back to drinking. However, Philip let Jill stay in the Estate.

Katherine reunited with her son Brock at about this time, and Brock became attracted with Jill. Brock had once been cavorting with Lorie Brooks, the daughter of Genoa City's wealthiest newspaper tycoon in Europe. However, he was now a de facto preacher and community assistant. Katherine found out about Brock's attraction to Jill, and was able to convince Jill to marry Brock, although unofficially. However, before they had sex to confirm their marriage, Jill discovered she was pregnant with Philip's child, after their one-night sexual cavorting. She told Brock and they broke off the unofficial marriage. Jill then informed Philip. Philip, realizing he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Jill, told Katherine of the pregnancy and asked for a divorce. Katherine, having found out already from her son Brock, was drinking again and was drunk when Philip approached with some divorce settlement papers. According to the settlement, the house and around several million dollars would become Katherine's. Katherine however refused to accept and in a fit of rage signed the settlement papers. Philip then flew to the Dominican Republic to obtain a final, quick divorce. He obtained it in no time and came back to Genoa City Airport. Katherine offered Philip a ride home. He, foolishly, accepted. During the drive, Katherine attempted to persuade Philip to break off relations with Jill and become Katherine's husband again. Philip, wanting to be with Jill, refused. Angered, Katherine drove the car over a cliff. It crashed. Katherine suffered severe injuries, but survived and stumbled out of the car. Philip was near-death. Hospital support arrived, taking Katherine and Philip to the hospital. Katherine quickly recovered, but Philip was virtually on his death-bed. He married Jill, still pregnant, in the hospital, with the hospital chaplain presiding. Soon after, Philip died in late 1975. Both Katherine and Jill mourned. Katherine was not charged for the death of Philip Chancellor II.

The months of pregnancy passed, and Katherine offered nine-months pregnant Jill $1,000,000 if Jill was to give Philip's unborn child to her, so Katherine could raise him. Jill rejected the offer. Several weeks later, in early 1976, Jill gave birth to Philip Chancellor III, son of her and the late Philip Chancellor II. From this point on, a bitter rivalry would develop between Katherine Chancellor and Jill Foster, that was to last from 1976 until 2003, and to briefly revive in late 2009.

Immediately after Philip III's birth, Katherine, in anger, threw Jill and her newborn son out of the Chancellor Mansion. In retaliation, Jill hired a lawyer and sued Katherine, attempting to gain half of the Chancellor Estate, using her marriage to the late Philip Chancellor II as her assistance. Katherine, however, won the case, with the assistance of her loyal attorney, Mitchell Sherman. Katherine was able to have the Court annul Jill's marriage with Philip Chancellor II, and to revoke any claims Jill might have had on the Chancellor estate. As a result, Jill Foster became a embittered bitch, intent on using any means to strike back at Katherine Chancellor.

Shortly after the case was concluded in Katherine's favor, a new man arrived in Genoa city: Derek Thruston. Thruston was a hairdresser and salon worker, with ambitions of establishing his own personal salon. Jill, who was a hairdresser and salon worker herself, met Derek and they fell in love, forming a partnership. Katherine learned of their partnership, and, intent on gaining revenge on her arch-nemesis Jill due to the events about Philip Chancellor II, intervened. She lured Derek with her money and married him. However, Derek still was in love with Jill, and almost threatened to divorce Katherine. She was able to convince him to stay in a sex-less relationship with her for one year. Derek agreed.

Near the end of that year, Derek's ex-wife, Suzanne Lynch, a embittered bitch that could be compared to Jill, arrived in town. Lynch was determined to win Derek back, and would take any means to accomplish that goal. She formed a friendship with Katherine, and, in that guise, gave her a box of chocolates laced with drugs. Katherine was drugged, and, under the influence of the drugs, took a knife and stabbed Suzanne. Believed to be suffering from insanity, Katherine was sent to a sanitarium. Jill was happy, and believed that a victory was within her hands. This was supposedly confirmed when a fire broke out in the room where Katherine was held in the sanitarium.

Katherine, having found out of Suzanne's treachery, escaped and fled the sanitarium, but was believed dead when her ring was found on her dead roommate's hand. Katherine's supposed death freed Derek from their marriage, and he inherited the entire Chancellor Estate (which included the Chancellor Mansion, Chancellor Industries, numerous properties in Europe, and $800,000,000 in cash). Derek, still in love with Jill, proposed to her, and she accepted, since she still was in love with him. Jill, privately, was extremely happy that Katherine was “dead”. However, during the months of the planning of their marriage, Katherine was secretly living at Elizabeth Foster's house. Elizabeth, by this point in time, was Katherine's good friend, despite the rivalry between Katherine and Elizabeth's daughter. Eventually, at the wedding ceremony, Katherine surprised everyone, including Jill and Derek, when she showed up, alive. Katherine reclaimed the Chancellor Estate, and was able to again lure Derek with money, thus breaking up the marriage ceremony of Jill and Derek. Jill was furious, but powerless to do anything at that point. Soon after, Katherine remarried Derek, using her money as a lure-in, and appointed him CEO of Chancellor Industries, although Katherine retained actual control. However, during their second honeymoon cruise, Katherine and Derek got into a fight, and Katherine jumped overboard in anger. She was rescued by a man named Felipe Ramriez, who held her captive. They, however, fell in love, and Felipe eventually released Katherine, allowing her to return to Genoa City. Katherine reclaimed the Estate for the second time and divorced Derek, ending their second (and final) marriage. Katherine fired Derek of his job as CEO, and he left town.

Life: 1980's and early 1990's

Shortly after the conclusion of the events involving Derek Thruston, Jill turned her attentions elsewhere, intent on establishing a reputation. She found a job as a cosmetic worker at Jabot Cosmetics, a major cosmetics and beauty products manufacturer, and a friendly competitor of Chancellor Industries. Jill attracted the attention of John Abbott, the wealthy owner and president of Jabot and also one of Katherine's old friends. Jill's efficient skills as a worker prompted John to appoint her Head of Merchandizing. Jill performed superbly in this job, and eventually Jill and John fell in love. Katherine learned of their relationship, and threatened Jill on the manner. Jill brushed off Katherine's threats, and eventually, she and John became engaged. Katherine attempted to break off the engagement by revealing the events in Jill's past at a social event, although from a biased view. John revealed he knew of such events, although on a more fair scale, and declared that he loved Jill and would still marry her. Katherine was powerless to stop it, and her arch-nemesis married John in 1983.

Katherine was forced to tolerate this marriage for the next three years. In the meantime, in February 1984, Katherine Chancellor underwent a face-lift, which radically altered her appearance. Katherine had paid for this surgery because she wanted to re-vitalize her life, and to start out by changing her appearance. Also through 1984, Katherine and Jill began fighting for custody over Philip Chancellor III (legally his name is Philip Foster, since Katherine had Jill's marriage annulled in 1976). They temporarily pretended to be friends, on John's insistence, and Jill even promised to hand custody of Philip to Katherine if she stopped drinking. Katherine pretended to stop drinking, but her ploy was unsuccessful and Jill once again took on her snobby, bitchy attitude against Katherine, refusing to hand over custody of her son. These problems continued into 1986, which will be addressed later.

Finally, in December 1985 Katherine would deliver another dose of revenge upon Jill. Jill had secretly fallen in love with John Abbott's oldest son, Jack Abbott, who was about Jill's age (Jill was 30 years younger then John Abbott). One day, Jill's car was trapped in the snow, but she was rescued by Jack, having been sent by John to retrieve her. He took Jill to a abandoned farmhouse, and they finally had sex. Jack left during the night, and Jill was forced to return home alone, angered and insulted. She still held some feelings for Jack, despite the incident. John of course was pleased of her return. However, a unidentified woman had obtained pictures of Jill and Jack having wild sex. Katherine, seeing an opportunity to finally break up Jill's marriage with John Abbott, purchased the pictures for $200,000. She sent the pictures, piece by piece, to John, although erasing the head of Jack, due to pleas to Katherine by Dina Mergeson, John's ex-wife.

John finally fully pieced the pictures together and suffered a stroke. He was sent to the hospital, and once he recovered, he divorced Jill in early 1986, and kicked her out of the Abbott Mansion. Shortly after, he discovered his own son, Jack, was the man who had committed sex with Jill. Although angered at his son, John forgave him. Jill then saw a chance of opportunity, and, being the bitch she was, told John that she would release the pictures of Jack screwing her to the public, and thus critically weaken John's reputation. The only way out was if Jill was granted a seat on the Board of Directors of Jabot, 20% of the stock, and 20% of all the revenues. John, wanting to save his reputation, agreed and granted her requests. This angered Katherine, but she eventually decided it was a minor nuisance. She had achieved her goal of breaking up Jill's marriage with John.

During all this time, the problem of custody of Philip Chancellor III (Philip Foster legally) continued. Katherine forced Jill into court, intent on winning custody of Philip III by legal means, and not through monetary or mutual deals. Eventually, Katherine's determination, and the assistance of her loyal Attorney Sherman, eventually bought her at least a minor victory. Katherine was awarded temporary custody of Philip III without the right to adopt. Katherine had his name legally changed to Philip Chancellor III, and she moved him into the Chancellor Estate.

However, Philip III soon began having problems with alcoholism, and became involved in a love triangle with Christina Blair and Nina Webster, two friends of his. Eventually, Nina, who used any means to achieve her goals, drugged Philip and committed sex with him while he was under the influence. Nina became pregnant by this endeavor. Philip found out of her pregnancy, with his child, and contemplated marrying her. Katherine and Jill temporarily joined forces, cooling down their rivalry, intent on halting Philip III's alcoholism and blocking his ambitions of marrying Nina, whom both mutually despised. Despite their efforts, Philip III still married Nina, but after only a few months, died in a tragic car accident, due to his persisting alcoholism. Jill blamed Nina for Philip III's death, while Nina blamed Jill for his death. Shortly after this, Jill and Katherine's temporary anti-Nina alliance was brought to an end, and the rivalry resumed normal course.

During this time as well, Jill sought out to gain revenge against Katherine, once she discovered that Katherine was behind the break-up of her marriage with John. Jill discovered a street bum named Brian Romalotti, cleaned him up, offered him $100,000 to pretend to love Katherine, and renamed him Rex Sterling for this purpose. Rex at first went along with the plan, meeting and dating Katherine. However, Rex soon fell in true love with Katherine. Even after Katherine had discovered Jill's plot, which involved Rex, she didn't care, and she and Rex were married. Jill's plan had been unsuccessful.

Shortly after, Katherine was kidnapped by a group of con-men and was replaced by a look-alike named Marge Cocktrooke. Marge was originally a waitress who was blackmailed into servicing the con-men. She received training in how to imitate Katherine Chancellor. Esther was also kidnapped during this time, and locked up with the real Katherine.

Marge was not a good imitator, and soon, she, in the guise of Katherine Chancellor, sold Chancellor Industries and much of the holdings of the Chancellor Estate. Rex Sterling, suspicious of “Katherine's” rowdy behavior, divorced her and married Jill instead. Soon, though, Brock, with the assistance of Attorney Sherman, discovered the con-men's plot, and were able to rescue the real Katherine and her maid Esther, who had become pregnant during the captivity. The con-men were captured and imprisoned and Katherine regained Chancellor Industries and the other lost properties of the Chancellor Estate. Katherine, however, recognized that Marge had been a puppet in the whole affair, and used her considerable influence to save her from jail. Katherine soon after became a close friend and confidant of Marge, who went back to work as a waitress.

However, Rex Sterling was still married to Jill, and seemed to be in love with her. However, he was actually still in love with Katherine. Katherine negotiated a deal with Jill, in which Jill would be freely allowed to remarry her former husband John Abbott, while Katherine would remarry Rex. Jill agreed, and the changes occurred. Katherine had Jill and Rex's marriage annulled, claiming it was illegal since Marge had signed the divorce papers with Rex concerning their first marriage. Jill then remarried John Abbott, by now at a formal peace with him. Katherine took Rex back and remarried him.

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