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    The main nation for the map will be:

    • Laurasia

    Other nations in order of accordance to names on The History of Judea: A Major Empire:

    To the East:

    • Andrea (Media)
    • Christina (north-eastern Iranic peoples)
    • Amyldaria (most of Pakistan and Afghanistan, parts of India)
    • Nickajay (much of the ancient northern Indian states)
    • Briannian Empire (central China, Qin China, Zhou China, Qi, the Zheng)
    • Sabinia (Korea)

    To the North:

    • Amandania (the regions north of Christina and Amyldaria and east of the Caspian, much of southern Russian Turkestan, basically many of the Scythians)
    • Cammeria (south-western Russia and the coastal regions of Turkey, the Caucasus, and Ukraine, basically the Cimmerians)

    And far to the north, the fearsome and powerful Dadians and Mommians

    • Jeratu …
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    Hey there! Although it seems to weird to post it as a blog, I just decided to post my own written biography about the life of Katherine Chancellor, from the real-life soap opera The Young and the Restless. I do not intend to intrude on any copyright licenses, since this is only for the enjoyment of the public.

    The future Katherine Chancellor was born on 28 October 1928 (the same date of the birth of the actress portraying Katherine Chancellor, Jeanne Cooper), as Katherine Shepard. Katherine was the daughter of a rich couple, of which names are unknown. Their wealth was somewhere in the tens of millions of dollars, most likely around $100,000,000. It is highly likely Katherine had other siblings.

    Katherine's childhood was highly likely to have…

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