• Bountyhunter7714

    Sorry, From Bounty

    December 10, 2012 by Bountyhunter7714

    I am trying to post my short story, but computer won't let me so then I can't see anything about it. So if it is posted over once, then you can just delete it. 

    The story is a short story, its called The Thing Behind Me:

    I continued dashing through the black overcast. I could barely identify anything in front of me, transitioning into my rear view and then dissipating into the dark and terrorizing scene. I couldn’t picture what lay ahead of me, but I could ausculate what was behind me.

    As I continued to scramble, the melody of the wind whistling and the atrocious sound of the leaves triturating under my feat and the figure’s feet that were trailing behind mine made me cry of despair. I wanted to just discontinue my sprinting and just collapse…

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