A couple of kids were falling from the sky. Well, not falling. More like, flying. It just looked like they were falling because they were flying so fast. These kids landed in a pool of water. The girl surfaced first. Her her was in her face. She moved it over. This girl was Tara. Tara Styles. The daughter of Bloom and Tyler Styles. She is 15 years old. She has black hair and hot pink streaks. Her eyes are a hot pink eye color. She is 5'2. Almost as tall as her mother. She likes to wear a pink T-shirt, bllack skinny jeans, and pink tennis shoes. She has a really bad temper. No one has ever been on her bad side. She wants to keep it that way. She has a younger brother, by fifteen minutes. Next to her was her brother, Jack. He has midnight black hair, like his father. His eyes are a crystal eye color (it's what attracted girls at his old school). He is 5'8. Taller than his mother, but shorter than his father. He pratically wears what his father wears. He doesn't care what people say about him, like his mother. His number one priority is to annoy his sister.

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