Ursanth, child of the gods

   In the beginning, in the time before time, there was Allmother. She gave birth to Allfather, and together they gave birth to Sky, Time, Ocean, and Werbacan, Lord of the Dead. One day they gathered on a hill and said, "Let us create lesser people to rule the world and be ruled" so they molded the first human - Johan. Time and Werbacan decreed that humans would have a finite lifespan, and Allfather decreed that they must look like the gods, and they took a day to mold him. Finally life was breathed into him. After many days, he became lonely, and a woman, Elma, was created. Allmother told her, "If you and Johan lie together, thou shalt bear offspring" and some months later, they gave birth to twins - Hapoteru and Febae, a boy and girl respectively. Allfather, however, was bored, and one day, breaking the rules that the gods had set down about creating no other life, created another boy and girl, who married Hapoteru and Febu and they lay together.

Eventually, their descendents created Ursanth, which started as a village. Now Ursanth stretches from Marktown to Harborvillage.

“Why can’t I think or say whatever I want to about His Majesty?”

The question was asked of the scholar in a tone suggesting frustration.

“Because thinking anything contrary to that of the king’s wishes will result in you being struck down by the gods and an early death.”

The reply from the teacher was enough to cow the adolescent into sitting back down on the ground and diverting his thoughts to what he would do once he inherited the town village from the Chief.

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