Some types of writing, images and videos are unwelcome. Novelas does not draw the line: Wikia requires content fall within Google's AdSense content standards. See Wikia's Terms of Use. Note that these are general lists. "Violent content" is more directed at sites with videos of people getting hung

In all of this, remember: Easier to ask forgiveness than permission


Fahrenheit 451

Why content guidelines are neededEdit

See Forum:Terms of Use. There once was a category for pornographic stories. Notice that Wikia does not allow some types of content such as obscene content. Also, read prohibited content which includes pornography in the list of prohibited content. It's easy for someone to find this website, get excited and start contributing, and only later realize that not all types of fiction are welcome.

How content guidelines are createdEdit

The community of participants at this website have been asked to discuss what kinds of stories and story contents are not welcome. Please read Forum:Should sex be allowed on Wiki? and Forum:Prohibited content/mature content. Please participate in these discussions and help decide what content is not welcome.

Examples of unwelcome contentEdit

In addition to the page mentioned at Forum:Terms of Use, there have been several other examples of fiction content that was created at this website and then removed. Below are a few "case studies" that represent an accumulation of community decisions about the kinds of story content that is not welcome at this website.
See also: Forum:Pages for Deletion


This page was moved to I Wish I Had an Angel and then after three months the page was deleted as a violation of Wikia's terms of service. At the top of the page it said
"Disclaimer: Really disgusting, blood violence porn. This story is only here because one user decided to observe how far free speech goes, if you see any other page you'll see it does not reflect the true nature of this site."


This wikia website is not a place for experimenting with free speech or testing to see what we can "get away with". This story existed for three months as an experiment for the use of strong warnings that were provided at the top of the page, however, some kinds of content are not welcome here even if you warn readers about the nature of the story. --JWSchmidt 17:16, February 16, 2010 (UTC)

The Secret of YellowEdit

The Secret of Yellow was about two children (maybe teenagers) who find a "magic wand" that had belonged to "Mr. Yellow". The "magic wand" was able to sexually stimulate them and the story included some rather explicit descriptions of sexual activity. Besides that, the story included incest between the two children; it might have been another reason for removing it. The story was short and had no content beyond the sexually-oriented theme. The author of the story wrote, "I looked back over what I had written and realized how truly disturbing the whole thing was. A little disgusted with myself, I reverted the edit" (see: Talk:The Secret of Yellow). Nobody in the community really defended the story and it was deleted.

I, Don QuixoteEdit

This story has sexually explicit content in the beginning but it might be "attenuated" because it is sex between mom and dad who are reptile-human hybrids.


I have not read the entire story. I suspect that it contains some "mature content" that does not really contribute to the story. In particular, is the scene at the start of the story (where the narrator is describing their own conception) really needed? --JWSchmidt 21:16, 9 March 2009 (UTC)

Later on in the story there's a scene between the 12-year old protagonist and his entire family when they forced him to have sex. This should be banned. iandaking16:50, 6 September, 2009

This is a great workUser:Serprex 17:10, July 16, 2011 (UTC)

Content GuidelinesEdit


Restrictions on mature contentEdit

When you include "mature topics" in your contributions to this website, please do so in a responsible way.

What is "mature content"?Edit

There are many types of "mature content" such as:

  • use of language that goes beyond what is typically included in polite conversation
  • explicit and detailed descriptions of violence, excretory body functions or sexual activity
  • explicit descriptions of behaviors such as drug use or body parts that might offend some people
  • use of language or phrasing that may be considered as offensive towards particular ethnic groups or faiths.
  • explicit and detailed descriptions of serious criminal activity or how to commit certain crimes.

The Wikia terms of use warn everyone visiting wikia websites that they may be exposed to content that they find offensive. However, the fiction wikia community strives to be responsible in how it develops and presents fiction that includes mature content. When you include mature content in a story and do so in a responsible way then young readers and adult readers who are easy to offended will not be harmed or greatly upset by your story. Mature content is subject to the following:

  • "your" content might be re-written so as to be less offensive
  • warnings are placed on mature content so that people who might be easily offended know not to bother reading it
  • fiction that does not present mature content in a responsible way will be removed from this website (and the judgment of the admins is final in this? )
    • Under ideal conditions the community discusses problems with story content and reaches a decision, but ultimately someone with admin rights has to delete unwelcome content that cannot otherwise be repaired. Deleted content can be undeleted.
    • It is not the admins' judgment but the community's. And besides, it's Wikia and Google Adsense policies, which are a must.

These ways of dealing with mature content are discussed in the following sections.

Re-written so as to be less offensiveEdit

Almost any mature topic can be written about in a responsible way that will not harm young readers or upset people who are easily offended. When you write about mature topics and include mature content in your fiction, always think about how to do so in a responsible way. If someone objects to something you have written, work with them to edit the story and create a version that is less offensive. If you read something written by another editor and it offends you, write a version that you find acceptable.

Warnings for mature contentEdit

Even if your story includes a mature topic and does so in a responsible way, some readers might be offended by your story. Everyone can help place content warnings on pages that include mature content. At the top of a story that includes the use of words not typically heard in family entertainment (movie theater "G" rating) you can put a warning such as "This story includes some limited use of language that goes beyond polite conversation".

Removing content that "crosses the line"Edit

If you find story content at fiction wikia that you feel "crosses the line" and should not be here, use the "edit this page" button and remove the objectionable content from the page. You may also want to discuss the matter on the "feedback" page for the story and propose the page for deletion at Forum:Pages for Deletion.

Bleeped textEdit


Make use of the fiction wikia bleep censor tools.

Example: This is Bleeped text.
Example: The X-Files episode "X-Cops" uses "bleep" to replace objectionable words. MULDER: I don't think it's live television, Scully. She just said *bleep*.
Example from Coincidence! I swear: "Well, we're Bleeping reasonable people, so for only one Bleeping hundred grammes of Bleeping gold, you can stay with a Bleeping planet of ours, about one Bleeping light year from here, it's Bleeping green and purple. We have a few Bleeping cities there, but you can Bleeping orbitally bombard them, since nobody Bleeping lives there anymore, whadja Bleeping think?"

See: Category:Censorship

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