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Green lights sprang down across the yellow fence, forcing the white road to glare in the sun's glare. To the left was nothing, and to the right was everything. Here was the fence which held the white road on the edge of existence. The blue light looked down at the shadow of the yellow fence, and decided to bask in the green light. The crisp grass of no set color folded neatly by the yellow fence, setting a groove for the blue light to sit in the green light. The blue light sat for a time, and so that time came to accept the blue light's tribute, and the blue light had to leave for time wished no more for blue light's sitting. That is why the sky is blue

The sky, however, felt not that its color should be of such a hue. The blue light's bold move could only be met with that of greater force. From the sun of the sky came the light of red. The red light danced across the blue fence, finding the grass to be green now, its colors having left. The blue light laughed down at the red light, having claimed that of the sky. The green light hid beneath the yellow fence, and the red light set the yellow fence ablaze with its fury of anger

The Question awoke amongst the warm fire, and questioned to why the fire was warm, and not hot. The Question received no answer, and so The Question had to conceive that The Answer had left. Upon the soil green lights curled into their homes, while the blue light looked away. The Question looked towards the sun, waiting for an answer. No answer came from the sun, which to the sky had no pardon. The Question looked down again, and decided to question existence during this time of anarchy. The Question received no answer, and so The Question assumed that existence had not an answer

The Answer sat blind on the white road. The lights curled about, spreading away from their once combinedness. The Answer knew not why the daisies cried, and knew not why the willows croaked. The Answer knew not these things, and so came upon the idealogy of curiosity. But The Answer was not one to question, for The Question questioned while The Answer answered. The Answer looked towards the sun, attempting to find an answer which questioned. The sun was silent, embracing the blue light in confusion

The yellow fence stood now as the black fence. The red light had taken the fence's yellow light and given it to the sun. The road looked up towards the yellow fence, and knew that the fence prefered the brighter tones. With a move of compassion, the road became gray as it gave the fence some of it's white

The gray fence stood beside the gray road. The green light hid inside the black shadow, who had kept silent in the commotion. The red light had died by its own lack of drive, and the yellow light looked for the shadow. The yellow light reached out to find the shadow, but only found the green light. It began to harvest the green light, but the green light struggled and hid on the brown trunk. The trunk looked down, and saw the shadow had taken to its new density of top. The brown trunk and the green light decided to become one, and so they came to be known as the tr(unk gr)ee(n). The shadow applauded their choice, and so ran about the tree in joy

The yellow sun looked down upon the black shadow it could not see. The sun asked The Answer what the shadow looked like, and received no answer. To this, the sun chose that the shadow had no form. But its curiosity forced it to pry, wanting to see the formless shadow. The tree stood boldly, standing by the road. The sun became angry of the tree, blocking it's view of the shadow. The fence quivered in fear, its memories shining. The sun called forth a powerful rage and the brown light released a red lighted child. The tree's light lifted away, and the fence empathied the event in woe

The fence mourned the loss of the green light, and so The Question looked towards The Answer, questioning its silence. The Answer looked about, and decided now was the time to answer once more

Silence is the greatest of answers

And The Answer said no more. The sun looked down and nodded, and all else calmed, holding a moment of silence. For all questioned the chaos that went throughout. And Chaos laughed in The Silence, who silenced Chaos

Why is silence?

The Answer smiled, a thing could not answer itself

Existence is of essence, and essence is of the being. The anger one lashes against another is equal to the anger one receives. Destruction is brought upon, and thus creates anew. It is the change which brings the very meaning of time. Time is fluid, and so it is best to watch, in silence. To watch in silence gives one wisdom, to answer in silence gives others wisdom. To speak in silence gives one ignorance, and to answer in ignorance gives others ignorance. That is essence, that is time

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