The United States into a American Empire story is based loosely on the United States becoming the American Empire, like the Galactic Republic became the Galactic Empire.

Rise of President PalpatineEdit

A charamastic, but relatively unknown, Minister of Transportation named Palpatine became President of the United States in September 2001, when a terrorist plane crashed into the White House, killing President George W. Bush, the Vice President, most of the Secetaries except Palpatine, and the President of the Senate. Palpatine convinced Congress to grant him the following emergency powers:

  • To suspend or prolong the presidential elections as the President saw fit
  • To declare war and make peace
  • To formulate, modify, or repeal military discipline and code
  • To arrest and detain anyone without warrant or trial
  • To issue executive orders with absolute authority over the Courts and White House Staff

The Law also proclaimed it could not be overturned by the Supreme Court, and only by the President and Senate. Thus, the President was more powerful then before.

Wars against the TerroristsEdit

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