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Part 5 Edit

Washington D.C. is suddenly attacked by numerous troops from the Terror League. The last two super tanks built by the Terror League and their hellicarrier were attacking the city too. Numerous troops attacked the White House and knocked down its defenses. The President was being secured by his own squadron and his room has been heavily shielded. Soon, Terrozon unleashes his Terrobots and his cannibal warriors to kill many soldiers guarding the White House. Then, Terrozon went into the White House, knocking out and killing many foes out of his way. The super tanks were attacking many military troops and vehicles that were trying to defend Washington D.C. Also, the U.S. Army planes tried to defeat the Terror League aircrafts, but they were nearly unbeatable.

Finally, Tyrix came to the rescue. He used his elemental magic to crush, and blast away many members of the Terror League. Tyrix was able to save as many U.S. military forces as he can while fighting his foes. The super tanks locked on to Tyrix, and fired many missiles and energy blasts. Tyrix quickly evades the attacks and came near the tanks. Tyrix punches one of the tanks as hard as her could before that tank uses an energy shield to defend it. Tyrix was forced out of the outer shell of the tank due to the energy shield. Then, the tanks continue to attack Tyrix and the U.S. Army forces. Numerous soldiers tried to help out Tyrix, but were blown away by Mr. Destrucman’s super vibration gloves.

Mr. Destrucman met Tyrix again before using his gloves to stop his foe. Tyrix dodges Mr. Destrucman’s attack before going deep into the earth. Tyrix became part of the ground, and he creates a earth shaking force for his enemies. Mr. Destrucman and his allies fell to the ground before Tyrix was able to trap the super tanks with his earth magic. Then, Tyrix resurfaces and destroys the weapon parts of the 2 tanks. Mr. Destrucman and his allies tried to stop Tyrix from destroying the tanks, but Tyrix uses his telekinesis to throw his foes away. Tyrix lifts the 2 tanks with telekinesis and brings them with him. While Tyrix goes near the hellicarrier with the super tanks, Terrozon succeeds in killing the President’s protectors, and disabling his defenses. Terrozon comes near the President and inform him about his loss.

Suddenly, the hellicarrier and the aircrafts above Washington D.C. faced Tyrix. Tyrix quickly lifts the 2 super tanks higher in the air. And, with all his might, he fired the tanks at many of the Terror League aircrafts and hit the Terror League air base. The hellicarrier was easily damaged at the front and it was about to be attacked again by Tyrix. Then, Tyrix uses a powerful storm spell to destroy the air base completely, along with numerous Terror League soldiers in it. Some of the Terror League members were able to escape, but the rest met their demise. The hellicarrier was destroyed and it fell to the city ground, wrecking many buildings in its path.

Before Terrozon was about to kill the President, he finds out about his ship being destroyed. Terrozon fires an energized net at the President from his costume’s palm before leaving. As long as the President is trapped under Terrozon’s energized net, it will electrocute him lethally until he is dead.

After destroying the hellicarrier, Tyrix goes after many members of the Terror League and defeats them. Tyrix was able to save many remaining citizens in the process. He even battles against Capt. Terrorize and Red Henry, who were not surprised with confronting Tyrix. Tyrix knocks out Red Henry quickly after he tried to use a Terror Energy sword to take him out. Capt. Terrorize was able to evade Tyrix’s magic attacks before firing at Tyrix with his two energy pistols. Tyrix used his super speed to evade the blasts. Then, Tyrix grabs both pistols from Capt. Terrorize and destroys them. Capt. Terrorize gets out his rapier and strikes Tyrix with it. Tyrix continues to evade Capt. Terrorize before punching him on the face, and tossing him through a nearby building.

Kelly Feline, Harmon Jarfax, and Tiffany were able to get to the White House, defeat some remaining Terror League troops, and save the President from the energized net. Tiffany heals the President while he is knocked out. Kelly Feline told her friends to find Tyrix, and defeat Terrozon if possible. Both persons obeyed Kelly and went out to find Tyrix, and Terrozon. Mr. Destrucman and the rest of the Terror League fought Tyrix before Tyrix managed to beat them all. Then, Tyrix removes Mr. Destrucman’s gloves while he was down. Tyrix telekinetically crushes them and throws them away before arresting Mr. Destrucman with help from the police. The police and soldiers were able to catch the rest of the Terror League minions after Mr. Destrucman’s downfall. But, one of them was able to escape. Capt. Terrorize! Soon, Terrozon was assaulting remaining U.S. forces near the White House. Tyrix sees Terrozon’s attack before reaching him. Then, Tyrix stops Terrozon from attacking the rest of the soldiers and their vehicles.

Suddenly, Terrozon introduces himself to Tyrix, mocks him, and tells him about being killed in battle. Tyrix soon fights Terrozon after telling him that he will not take over the United States of America. Both persons clashed and Terrozon was much faster than Tyrix thought. Tyrix used his magical powers to take him down, but Terrozon evaded them quickly. Then Tyrix tried to use the trees nearby to grab Terrozon. Still, Terrozon was able to avoid the trees and he fired a powerful energy blast from his hand. After destroying the trees near him, Terrozon fires energy at Tyrix. Tyrix manages to use an energy shield to block the attack, but the attack slows him down. Swiftly, Terrozon smacks Tyrix’s face, grabs him, smashes him to the ground, and throws him in the air. After getting thrashed, Tyrix was hit massively by Terrozon’s energy blast from his costume.

Tyrix hits the ground and he is hurt badly. Tyrix tries to get up, but is attacked by another energy blast by Terrozon. Then, Terrozon strikes him down with another blast. Tyrix felt weak and unprotected. The citizens, U.S. soldiers, and police officers wanted to help Tyrix, but Terrozon prevented them by firing energy to harm them. While Terrozon tells others to not help Tyrix in his one-on-one battle with him, Tyrix was slowly recovering. Tiffany finds Tyrix with Terrozon after following him from his last fight against Mr. Destrucman. Kelly Feline, Harmon, Tiffany, and many people were watching Tyrix as he is now getting up from the ground.

Then, Tyrix uses a devastating, telekinetic force to push Terrozon back very hard. After that Tyrix starts punching, and kicking Terrozon super fast. Suddenly, Terrozon stops Tyrix from hurting him and bashes his head with his own. Terrozon strikes down Tyrix with a few acrobatic attacks and bashes his hip. Then, Tyrix electrocutes Terrozon and uses telekinesis to throw him aside. But, Terrozon was able to get back up and ran straight for Tyrix. Terrozon charges his suit’s palms with full bursting Terror Energy before firing at Tyrix. Tyrix quickly evades some of Terrozon’s blasts before one hits his cape, and his left arm. Then, Tyrix uses a earth spell to create a rock column from underground to bash Terrozon. After Terrozon was hit hard by the rock column, more came from underground. The other columns hit Terrozon while he was in the air.

Terrozon fell hard on the ground before getting back up. But, Tyrix charges at him and attacks him more. Both persons continued there big battle near the White House before Tyrix is scratched on the face by lethal energized nails from Terrozon’s suit. After using the nails, Terrozon hits Tyrix with his 2 energy pistols on his chest. Tyrix managed to block them with a shielding spell, but the energy Terrozon fired was penetrating his barrier. Finally, Tyrix deflects energy to another direction. The energy almost hit Kelly Feline, who was still at the White House. Then, Terrozon quickly beats up Tyrix and smashes him critically to the ground.

After managing to weaken Tyrix again, Terrozon tells him that the fight is almost over. Before Terrozon could claim Tyrix’s head as a trophy, he begins to remove his mask. However, while still beaten hard, Tyrix uses his telekinesis to prevent Terrozon from taking off his mask. Terrozon’s remaining strength was stronger than Tyrix’s telekinetic force, and he uses his might to resist. Tyrix continues to prevent Terrozon from taking off his mask before Tyrix’s body began to glow. Tyrix was whispering a strange spell that was giving him little power to take down Terrozon for good. Then, while glowing, Tyrix looks directly at Terrozon at blasts him away with a powerful light force. Terrozon was hit hard before Tyrix fixed up his outfit with a magic spell and unleashes a full might of light energy. Terrozon was a little nervous before being picked up by Tyrix’s telekinesis. Terrozon tried to resist his power, but Tyrix now has the advantage.

Tyrix tosses and smashes Terrozon in many directions. Then he uses invisible force punches and kicks against Terrozon while he is in the air. At last, Tyrix moves Terrozon’s body up high in the sky, where gloomy clouds are forming into storm clouds. Terrozon was nervous about this, and demanded Tyrix to let him go. But, Tyrix wants to make Terrozon pay for his attacks on the innocent, and he allows the sky to become dark and unleash powerful lightning bolts. The lightning bolts hit Terrozon critically and easily damaged his costume.

Terrozon is knocked out and finally beaten. Many of Washington D.C.’s citizens rejoice and were proud of Tyrix. Before Tyrix could reveal who Terrozon was, a person near the White House fires at Tyrix. Tyrix is hit 3 times by the blasts onto his spine before falling down. The person who shot him carried a Terror Energy gun and it was Capt. Terrorize. Capt. Terrorize witnessed Tyrix and Terrozon’s battle all along. He and Creech were able to save Terrozon and teleport back to his kingdom. Tiffany, Harmon, and Kelly tried to stop their foes from leaving, but they failed. After that, Tiffany was able to heal Tyrix’s spine. Then, Harmon takes Tyrix (while he is unconscious) back to his home near Meniax City. Many people saw Harmon and Tyrix teleport away from Washington D.C. before some fire trucks and police cars came by.

Several days later, at the capitol building of Washington D.C., Tyrix was honored by the President of the U.S. on television. Tyrix shook his hand and left the capitol building. Then, one day later, Tyrix contacted his friend Harmon about leaving Meniax City under the protection of Tiffany while he is away. Tyrix also tells Harmon that he still felt guilty of not catching Terrozon and he wants to leave because of his failure. Once Tyrix recovers himself of his failure, he will return to America to keep moving on. Tyrix plans to stay at the Elemental Sorcerer palace with his magic family. Finally, he sends a message to the people he cared for in Meniax City. Tyrix gives Lucas Legend and his company privilege to send his message via newspaper articles. The message has been sent to many on the day Tyrix leaves for his magic home.

Dear everyone who resides in Meniax City and America,

I am leaving. I will be gone for a while and I will leave Meniax City for another superhero to protect. Her name is Tiffany, the new female Tyrix, and she will protect you. She does not have all of my qualities, but she can heal the people of the city and she possesses supreme speed and strength. Tiffany saved this city with my help from the Terror League, who tried to take over this country. Be aware criminals of Meniax City, my replacement hero will stop you and bring you to justice. I am also leaving because of the failure to capture Terrozon. If he does come back, I will come for him. I will see you again one day. Thank you for your support and honor. Thank you for you bravery and faith.


Tyrix, the Elemental Hero

The End

Part 1

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