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Part 4 Edit

On the next day, Tyrix was dressed in red and he was with his friends, who were dressed up as well. The five friends went into Kelly Feline’s building and spent time at her dinner party. Many people were in the party, including the mayor, Lucas Legend, a woman named Tiffany, Fanny, Joyce, and three unknown men. After many people came to the party, Kelly Feline, the beautiful cat girl, welcomed her guests and let them have fun. While eating and talking, Tyrinian met Lucas and Fanny again and had a small conversation about Tyrix saving the United States from the Terror League.

While walking around in the party, Tyrinian accidentally bumped next to a tall and handsome figure. Tyrinian apologizes about bumping on him, but the handsome person told him to not worry. Then, both persons introduced themselves to each other. Aronis was the handsomely unknown person’s name. While hanging out with Aronis, Tyrinian tells him about a group called the Terror League, who will attack the city again and possibly Washington D.C. Aronis tells Tyrinian about them too and he warned him about not getting in their way. Tyrinian leaves Aronis after their talk. Aronis and his two men, Bob, who has a wig on, and Captain Terrorize, were concerned about rumors of their own league attacking soon. Then, Aronis finds a familiar man getting some punch near him. Aronis swiftly came behind the man and asks him to come with him to another area in Kelly Feline’s building after he drinks. While Aronis is away with the man he somehow knew, Bob and Captain Terrorize wandered around.

Soon, Tyrinian meets Kelly Feline and talks to her for a while. He tells Kelly about her friends informing him about her owning not only a supporting company, but a military force. Kelly tells Tyrinian that she does and she might be able to help Tyrix beat the Terror League. Then, a lot of people ended up dancing to jamming and great music played by a music machine. Many came to the dance floor and danced with each other.

Kelly Feline ends up dancing with Tyrinian while Lucas Legend was dancing with Fanny. The Quad joined in and was having so much fun. After dancing with Kelly, Tyrix danced with other girls, including Tiffany, a girl that suddenly interested Tyrinian. While dancing with Tiffany, Bob and Captain Terrorize had to dance with some odd women to not be discovered. After the dancing, everyone relaxed before a terrified screamed echoed throughout the party. A young woman found the same man Aronis took with him outside and told the people at the party he was murdered. A lot of people went to see what happened to the man. Once the people found him, they were shocked and filled with fear. The man Aronis was with had the inside of his mouth stabbed by a blackish machete with a skull mark on it. The machete had a paper message attached to it and it was from Terrozon. Terrozon warned the people of Meniax City and Tyrix to not stop him, or he will kill everyone he meets before going after his main target. After Tyrix saw the dead man, he left the party full of anger. Instead of listening to Terrozon’s threat, Tyrix had to go to action and find the Terror League in Meniax City.

On the next day, at 5:00 p.m. Tyrix was at his house. With the help of Tyrix’s magical water from his indoor pool, Tyrix found a few members of the Terror League going inside a warehouse. The members were taking special containers with them to Terrozon’s lair. After finding the villains, Tyrix entered through the water and assaulted them. After knocking the villains down, Tyrix went into the warehouse and searched within it. However, the place Tyrix is in is “not” Terrozon’s base of operations. Then, Tyrix discovers a strange, mechanical device before it was fired at by a Terrobot, one of Terrozon’s robotic servants. The robot informed Tyrix that the device he found was used to transport its users to Terrozon’s base. After being told, Tyrix became furious and lifted the robot into the air. Furthermore, Tyrix electrocutes it before it died out. Tyrix leaves the warehouse before seeing a homing missile heading straight toward it. Tyrix flies away quickly before the warehouse itself was blown to oblivion by the missile. Tyrix saw the aircraft that shot the missile and it was a large Terror League fighter air machine. Tyrix follows the aircraft while it moved at supersonic speed. Tyrix tried to use his water, lightning and telekinesis powers to stop it, but it was too tricky and swift. Tyrix continued following the ship into the cloudy skies outside of Meniax City.

The aircraft led Tyrix to the Terror League’s enormous hellicarrier. The hellicarrier had a one-eyed skull like face with advanced and grim details. The air base had a lot of military vehicles and soldiers. Terrozon was inside the command center of the base, along with Capt. Terrorize, Mr. Destrucman, Buff Chuck, Red Henry, and Creech (who was able to come and help Terrozon with his plans). Tyrix did not attack the aircraft due to being overwhelmed by the Terror Leagues huge air base and its monstrous appearance.

Tyrix saw the aircraft turning around and stopping. The aircraft is suddenly aided by many other aircrafts like it, including different ones. Each aircraft had Terror Energy-like weaponry and other powerful weaponry. Terrozon commanded his aircraft pilots, which are actually Terrobots instead of humans, to begin attacking Tyrix at will.

Mister Destrucman

Mr. Destrucman, Bob Droggan

Tyrix evades the aircrafts’ assault and lures them away from Terrozon’s air base. Tyrix dodges many of the aircrafts’ blasts until one of them hit him on the right leg. The blast was strong and the energy injured Tyrix. But, Tyrix didn’t give in and he continued to fly, and allow the Terror League ships to follow. Then Tyrix used the clouds in the sky to shield him before the ships fired at the clouds. Tyrix disappeared and the enemy ships lost him.

Suddenly, the clouds began to turn dark and were being manipulated. The Terrobots in the aircrafts were wondering where Tyrix was while the clouds were formed around them. Then, Tyrix used created a hurricane with numerous whirlwinds and tornadoes near the Terror League aircrafts. The aircrafts tried to escape the might of Tyrix’s wind magic, but they were easily outmatched. Many were able to dodge the magical tornadoes and whirlwinds, but some of them couldn’t. Before long, Tyrix came out of hiding and attacked all of the aircrafts with lightning and whirlwind blasts. While Tyrix was attacking each ship and taking them down by surprise, the wind magic was still being used. Terrozon sent more ships to fight Tyrix before Tyrix finished destroying another ship with his super strength. Tyrix battled hard, and used his tornadoes and whirlwind powers to succeed. Hundreds of ships came at Tyrix and Tyrix had to evade them in order to fight on.

While dodging more aircrafts, Tyrix’s wind magic fades and he is being fired at by the Terror League hellicarrier’s supreme cannons. Then, Tyrix destroyed some of the cannons with his magic and broke apart some of the air ships that were attacking him. Tyrix tried to fight off the Terror League forces all around him. There were soldiers and machines firing at him from the base. Tyrix continues to fight his foes and evade their attacks before being shot by a strong vibration wave. The blast came from Mr. Destrucman, who was told by Terrozon to take on Tyrix. After being hit, Tyrix landed on an open area of the hellicarrier. Tyrix soon gets up and finds out that he is surrounded by numerous Terrobots and Terror League members.

The Terror League and Mr. Destrucman wanted Tyrix to surrender, but Tyrix refused. Tyrix summons a powerful telekinetic force and blows many of the villains away with a single swipe. Most of the surrounding villains were blasted out of the air base, leading them to their deaths. Others survived, awaiting Tyrix to attack again. The villains were commanded by Capt. Terrorize to fire at Tyrix with their Terror Energy weapons. Tyrix stops the attacks with telekinesis and evaporates the energy shots. Then, Tyrix bashed and bruised numerous Terror League minions in seconds. Many tried to use their powerful weapons on him, but Tyrix was too great. Still, his right leg felt pain due to the last shot he took. Suddenly, Mr. Destrucman enters the battlefield and introduces himself to his new enemy. Tyrix fires a telekinetic blast before Mr. Destrucman fires a super strong vibration blast from both of his destructive gloves. After that, the two forces pushed both persons away by force. Tyrix slowly gets up before Mr. Destrucman blasts his leg with his sonic gloves. The blast easily injured Tyrix before a few more blasts easily overpowers him. After Mr. Destrucman injured Tyrix, he came close to him and was about to shoot him with a Terror Energy pistol. But, Tyrix used his magic to turn the gun into water and punches Mr. Destrucman in the stomach. The punch causes Mr. Destrucman to fly into the air and crash into one of the hellicarrier’s nearby windows.

After beating Mr. Destrucman, Tyrix realizes that the Terror League was prepared for him the whole time. Tyrix tries to escape while using his powers to prevent the Terror League from hurting him. Before flying away, Terrozon was right behind him and he fires his energy pistols from his suit’s chest, and heavily injures Tyrix’s back. Tyrix felt a lot of pain and he fell from the hellicarrier. Terrozon laughs and watches Tyrix falls to his death. The rest of the Terror League, including Capt. Terrorize, Red Henry, and Creech, were watching Tyrix fall.

While Tyrix falls to the earth, the elemental sorcerers from his world watch him from their magical pool. Lord Adrath stops Tyrix from falling to his death by returning him to his house and allowing Harmon to aid him. After being saved returning home, Tyrix was being comforted by Harmon Jarfax, his old buddy. He was healing his back with great mystic remedies. Tyrix was asleep while being healed by his friend. A day later, Tyrix felt okay. He finally meets Harmon again, and he tells him about his mission to save Meniax City and the USA from Terrozon.

Later at night, Terrozon and his team were almost ready to unleash their finished super tanks Mr. Destrucman helped with. All the Terror League had to do is release a small, but aggressive mob onto Meniax City to distract Tyrix and Kelly Feline’s military force. Since he saw Tyrix disappear from falling to his death, Terrozon will be ready for him again. He commands his followers to ready many of the troopers and Terrobots with the needed weaponry designed by Mr. Destrucman.

Soon, Terrozon talks to his followers about going to destroy the President of the United States and ruling America. He informs his league that one of the super tanks will attack Meniax City while the other 2 will attack Washington D.C. He also tells his followers about not letting Tyrix stop them, or everything is ruined. After talking to his followers, Terrozon commanded Capt. Terrorize to release his “blood-thirsty” cannibal troops with his regular ones for the deadly mob.

Suddenly, the next day was cloudy and gloomy. It was 3:00 pm and everything seemed normal. Then, something strange occurred. Terrozon was able to use some of his technology to take control of the televisions, computer networks, and numerous viewing screens around Meniax City and Washington D.C. Many people saw the screens, including Tyrinian, Lucas Legend, Kelly Feline, and the President. Terrozon told the citizens that the President will be assaulted in 30 minutes. When 30 minutes are up, numerous soldiers of the Terror League will come out of nowhere and attack the White House. After telling his enemies about his plan, he turns off all of the screens people were watching him from. By doing that, he allowed the huge main screen on one of Meniax City’s tallest buildings to blow up and fall on the streets.

Then, after the large screen was destroyed, a small and terrible mob appeared with one of Mr. Destrucman’s super tanks. The leaders of the deadly mob where Buff Chuck and Creech, Terrozon’s servant from Tervedas. Both men commanded the mob and the super tank to attack everyone, and pulverize this city. While the mob attacks many lives, the super tank (like the other 2) is controlled by a few Terrobots. The Quad and the people from the Daily Legend try to escape, but were being followed and attacked by numerous members of the mob. The mob uses powerful weaponry and devices to harm numerous people.

Kelly Feline leaves her office with a small experienced army from her military group. Kelly Feline commands her troops to protect the people before Tyrix comes. While the Quad tries to escape, they manage to reach Lucas Legend and his employees at the streets. The Quad was defending themselves and the Daily Legend people, but they were no match for the Terror League members. Before one of them was about to fire at Fanny, a huge pile of earth blew the villains away. Tyrix came to the rescue and he was back in shape. Tyrix told his friends and the Daily Legend people to run for their lives while her helps Kelly battle the Terror League. After the people were told to run, Tyrix stayed with Kelly. Kelly knew Tyrix would come before she told him to take out the super tank.

While Tyrix goes for the tank, Kelly and her troops fight the cannibal members of the Terror League. The cannibals were super tough and they were wild. Some of them were eating other people and were helping the mob succeed in destroying numerous parts of the city. While Kelly takes on the rest of the mob, Tyrix has to battle Buff Chuck once again. Buff Chuck is wearing a Terror League suit that has Terror Energy contained gauntlets and metal boots. Tyrix fights Chuck and tries to injure him. But, the energy from his suit was stronger than Tyrix expected. However, Tyrix uses his magic to take him down before some members of the Terror League came to distract him. The villains grab Tyrix and try to put him down. But, Tyrix was able to push them off before a blast from the super tank blows Tyrix into the air.

After feeling the might of the tank and being hit hard, Tyrix tries to go for it. But, Creech fires Terror Energy at him and causes him to avoid the blasts. Then, Buff Chuck uses the electric coils from his gauntlets to grab hold of Tyrix and bring him down. Tyrix tries to escape, but he was caught by Chuck’s strong electric coils. Numerous Terror League members come up to Tyrix and were about to tear him apart. The tank goes after Kelly and fires at her, and her troops.

Then, Harmon Jarfax showed up and slashed the coils off of Chuck’s gauntlets with a might energy force from his sword. Finally, Tyrix gets back up and beats all of the remaining members of the Terror League mob with Harmon’s help. Before being caught by Tyrix and Harmon, Creech teleported away thanks to a transporting device he had with him all along. Tyrix and Harmon were able to destroy Buff Chuck’s suit before Tyrix knocks him out.

Soon, Kelly and her remaining forces were saved by Tiffany Skiala, the girl Tyrix met back at Kelly’s party. Tiffany went inside the super tank and attacked its controllers. However, the tank was still going and it was about to run over Kelly, and her troops. Kelly quickly leaps onto the tank and places a small detonator through the cannon hole. After that, Kelly and Tiffany get off of the tank and allow it to blow up. Then, the tank was destroyed and the heroes were victorious.

Tiffany used her healing powers to heal Kelly’s troops and Tyrix. Tyrix asked Tiffany about not mentioning she was a superhero as well. Tiffany responded that she was not able to take on the Terror League alone and Tyrix was the one to do it. Kelly informs her allies and the people of Meniax that Terrozon will attack the President in a few minutes if he is not stopped. Tyrix volunteers to fight Terrozon alone after dealing with the rest of his members and his recruit, Mr. Destrucman. Kelly tells Tyrix that she and Tiffany are coming with him. Tyrix didn’t want them to come because this is his chance to not fail and help the USA survive Terrozon’s tyranny. Then, Tyrix leaves for Washington D.C. while his allies stay behind. Kelly believes Tyrix may not survive if she and her allies don’t come to him soon. Tiffany tells Kelly that Tyrix must have aid, even if he doesn’t want it. While heading to Washington D.C., Terrozon commissions the attack on the White House.

Part 5

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