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Part 3 Edit

Tyrinian Arkrioz travels to many countries in search of adventure. He went to Africa, China, India, Russia, and Canada. In each country, he was his alter ego Tyrix and he helped save many lives and defeat evil forces. Tyrinian also befriended some people in each country too.

Soon, during the evening, Tyrinian ended up living near Meniax City, a big and nice American city not far from Washington DC. Tyrinian built his own house with his elemental powers and magic after finding the right location. On the next day, Bob Droggan was in his apartment dorm looking at his old blue prints of various designs. Suddenly, Terror League troopers entered his dorm and wanted him to come with them. But, Bob refused and he puts on his sonic vibration gloves, and fired sonic waves at his foes. After the attack, Capt. Terrorize entered Bob’s room, hit him in the gut and slam him to the floor. Then Capt. Terrorize got his gun out and pointed it at Bob’s head. The dreaded elder captain told him to come with the Terror League, or die. Bob behaved and came with the villains after he was told to grab most of his belongings, including his blue prints and his costume.

Then, Bob’s landlord comes out of his office with his own gun to prevent the villains from leaving. But, Capt. Terrorize knocks the landlord’s gun out of his hand before one of the Terror League troopers shot him with a gun. The Terror League troopers, Capt. Terrorize and Bob entered a secret base of operations of the Terror League within Meniax City. Then, Terrozon finally introduced himself to Bob, who calls himself Mr. Destrucman.

Terrozon tells Mr. Destrucman he will help him take over America’s government by using his destructive weaponry. Mr. Destrucman shows the Terror League and Terrozon his blue prints of 3 powerful tanks, and some devious tools and weapons. Then, Terrozon makes Mr. Destrucman a member of the Terror League after asking him to join the team.

Several days later, Tyrinian Arkrioz left his house, which he built himself, and went to Meniax City. Nobody knew about Tyrinian while he walked around. After heading to Meniax City’s park, Tyrinian hung out four of his new friends, Yandi Hale, Joshua Kyle, Edmund Darrel, and Marsha Hue. The four friends called their own group the Quad because it is a group of four longtime pals. The Quad was telling Tyrinian about a criminal force that is somewhere in Meniax City and the Daily Legend trying to interview a new crime fighter named Tyrix, who appeared yesterday at night. During the conversation, Tyrinian asked his friends about the Daily Legend. Edmund Darrel tells Tyrinian the Daily Legend is a public newspaper and news report company that are after very good stories. Edmund also told Tyrinian about Lucas Legend, founder of Daily Legend, who is a friendly but very busy chief editor of the company.

While Tyrinian and his friends hang out at many places in the city, Lucas Legend was in his office, thinking about Tyrix. Lucas’ two workers, Fanny and Joyce, wanted to know if Tyrix will ever appear again in the city. Lucas does not know and he tells his two female workers he is a little excited to have another superhero in America. Lucas tells many of his other workers to find and interview Tyrix, and also ask the hero how he acquired his nice looking outfit.

After hanging out with the Quad, Tyrinian went home and talks to his father. Tyrinian was using a magic indoor pool to communicate to his father. Tyrinian tells Lord Aldrath all about his new life and the Terror League, who he doesn’t know much about. After communicating with his father, Tyrinian rested. In the next morning, the Terror League and Mr. Destrucman were building the 3 tanks and many weapons with the help of the Terrobots, Terrozon’s robotic servants. While most of the Terror League are building the weapons needed to attack their foes, Terrozon commands Red Henry and his group to attack the city and leave behind messages. Red Henry and his troops left the league’s secret area and drove black vans and cars.

At 9:00 a.m. in the morning, a bank was being robbed by a criminal group called Jet Power. The villains were wearing jet packs and were armed with pistols and daggers. The criminal group’s friend, Buff Chuck, a tall drugged superhuman, helped them get the money and took down some security guards. The villains were escaping after attacking the police officers outside of the bank. Buff Chuck put on his jet pack and flew away with his friends. While escaping, Tyrix followed the criminals and stopped them from going anywhere. Then Jet Power and Buff Chuck engaged in battle against Tyrix after refusing to give back the money. The villains fired their pistols while flying to and from Tyrix. Tyrix dodges the attacks and uses his magic and superhuman skills to take down Jet Power. After beating most of the criminals, Buff Chuck charged at Tyrix and knocks him onto a building. Then, both men fight and Tyrix uses his electric powers to stun him.

Tyrix gives Jet Power and Buff Chuck to the police and returns the money to the bank. Then, Tyrix was told to stay by the Daily Legend reporter, Fanny, so she can interview him. Tyrix refuses and leaves her. Tyrix knows the media wants to reveal his secrets to others and he cannot have that.

At 3:00 p.m., Fanny tells Lucas Legend Tyrix didn’t want to be interviewed and he must have been nervous about it. Lucas told her to not give up and try to reason to Tyrix about the interview. After talking, Lucas and Fanny were told by an employee to come and watch a news broadcast on TV. The Daily Legend employees went into a big screening room with a big television set that showed a devastating attack by the mysterious Terror League. The Terror League and its commanding officer, Red Henry, assaulted two buildings, a post office and a company building with explosives and massive weaponry. The news broadcast showed fiery symbols left behind on top of both buildings that represent a cyclopean icon. After Tyrix made his way to the damaged buildings, he used his water magic to clear out the fires and the burning symbol of the Terror League. Then, Tyrix was looking for any survivors in the buildings, but there were none around. In the post office, Tyrix saw several children corpses and was ashamed that he wasn’t able to save them from the Terror League. Tyrix leaves and searches for the Terror League.

At 7:00 p.m., Red Henry and his group attacked another building. Suddenly, Tyrix swoops in and encounters his new, dreaded enemies. Red Henry and his group attack Tyrix before Tyrix struck back. Tyrix damaged the troopers with his magic abilities and was hit by a strong energy blast from Red Henry’s gun. Red Henry used a gun that contained Terror Energy, a deadly energy force Terrozon made. It was able to weaken Tyrix and any superhuman alive. Before Red Henry was about to fire another blast at Tyrix, Tyrix used his telekinesis to knock the gun from his hand. Then, Tyrix beats up Red Henry and prevents him from using his other weapons. After capturing and tying the Terror League troopers and Red Henry, Tyrix wanted to know more about the villainous league. Red Henry told Tyrix to drop dead and leave the Terror League alone before they will strike not only him, but the rest of this city, and Washington D.C. Then, Tyrix electrocutes his enemies and uses his telekinesis to knock them down a couple of times. Tyrix threatens his foes to tell him about the Terror League and its leader, or they will be assaulted once again. A female member of the Terror League tells Tyrix about the league and that their master, Terrozon, will use a new member’s technology to put an end to America’s government soon.

After Tyrix gained information from the Terror League, he leaves them for the police. A security camera was watching Tyrix disappear and it was under the command of Terrozon. Terrozon found his troops defeated and taken away by the police before contacting someone. Tyrix returns to his house and calms down.

Later, at 10:00 p.m., Red Henry and his troops escaped from the police with the help of a Terrobot, Terrozon’s mechanical minion. The robot attacked and killed many officers in order to free the Terror League members. Not only had the robot freed its comrades, but Buff Chuck himself. After disappearing from the police in Meniax City, the villains and the robot entered the Terror League’s hidden lair. Terrozon comes to his returned troops and blasts an energy bolt from his suit. The blast hits the woman who told Tyrix about how the league will try to take over the United States. After she was struck by Terrozon, the woman died. Terrozon tells his troops to never give information to the enemy, or he will have to kill them. After letting Red Henry and his remaining troops relax, Terrozon welcomes Buff Chuck to the Terror League. Terrozon goes to Mr. Destrucman and asks him about his technology. Mr. Destrucman tells Terrozon that his weapons and three tanks are almost completed.

Tyrix continued protecting the city for a couple of days before hanging out with the Quad again. Tyrinian and the Quad were looking at a poster in the city and it was about Kelly Feline’s Dinner Party. The party is supposed to be in a fancy ballroom in Kelly Feline’s office building. The Quad tells Tyrinian that Kelly is a humanoid cat girl who runs two major organizations that are having a hard time finding the Terror League and they worked with an worldwide organization called GDC (Global Defense Corporation). Tyrinian seemed interested in the party and he wanted to go with his friends. The poster that has information about the party said it will be in the next day and it will start at 7:00 p.m. The poster also said the party is free. After hanging out with the Quad, Tyrinian travelled the city some more.

Tyrinian relaxes in at a courtyard near the city hall before encountered by Fanny, Lucas Legend’s reporter. Fanny was interested in him and she wanted to tell Tyrinian if he knew about the new crime fighter Tyrix. Tyrinian knew he doesn’t want to tell her about most of his origin because it would involve her and her boss. Tyrinian tells Fanny that Tyrix is a very powerful person who wants a lot of innocent people to be safe and he is glad to help Meniax. After talking to Fanny, she wanted Tyrinian to come with her so she can introduce him to Lucas Legend. Tyrinian accepted and promised himself to not fully reveal himself.

While Tyrinian went with Fanny to the Daily Legend building, the mayor of the city was discussing about the Terror League attacks. The people with the mayor didn’t know about how the Terror League was able to attack many places at will and threatened America. One of the mayor’s workers reported that the league is being led by a mysterious killer named Terrozon, who was attacking the eastern part of Earth. While the mayor talks to his workers, Terrozon uses many screen monitors from his hidden base to view many things in Meniax City. Terrozon was using his suit’s technopathic link so he can use security cameras and other sources of technology to find out about many things. He revealed his suit’s ability to Mr. Destrucman while both of them were watching the screen monitors. Terrozon was drinking human blood and eating cherries while Mr. Destrucman felt uncomfortable with watching him. While the two villains are with each other, Buff Chuck and some members of the Terror League implanted some bombs somewhere in the city.

Lucas Legend meets Tyrinian and he wanted to know if he and Tyrix are friends. Tyrinian said yes and he wanted Lucas to know Tyrix doesn’t want to reveal too much about himself. Lucas didn’t want the Daily Legend to make a story about Tyrix’s whole life; he just wanted some information from him. Tyrinian felt distrust and he thinks Lucas is crazy for Tyrix. Lucas allows Tyrinian to know that Lucas won’t do anything to upset Tyrix. He promised to Tyrinian that he will not expose Tyrix’s secret identity to anyone, including most of his secret life. Tyrinian and Lucas shook hands and Tyrinian tells his new ally that he will inform Tyrix about meeting him tonight. After Tyrinian left, Lucas hugged his employee and let her leave his office.

Later at night, Tyrinian wears his Tyrix outfit and came to the Daily Legend and met many of the workers. Tyrix headed for Lucas Legend’s office and talked to him. Tyrix tells Lucas about his powers and some of his lifestyle while many of Lucas’ workers were hearing the conversation behind the office door. Tyrix tells Lucas about the Terror League and that they will attack Meniax City and possibly Washington D.C. After getting the information down from Tyrix, Lucas complemented on his suit and said he is a cool character. Lucas also mentions about the dinner party at Kelly Feline’s building and he is going to be there. Tyrix tells Lucas he won’t come, but Tyrinian will. After their friendly conversation, Tyrix disappeared and went back to his house.

Part 4

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