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Part 2 Edit

Tyrinian finally entered the Mystical Realm of Doom, where many evil things dwell and its ruler is the dreaded King of the Mystical Realm of Doom. The realm had huge mountains, big a huge forest, a dark sky and grayish clouds, some fog, and a huge, dark castle not far from where Tyrinian is. Tyrinian travels through the mountains by foot and super speed. If he flew to the palace, he would be easily spotted by the King and his minions. While traveling through the mountains, a giant, vicious creature called the Greggarn followed him.

After Tyrinian ended up in a volcanic part of one of the mountains, the Greggarn assaulted him. Tyrinian then battles the Greggarn with his magic and skills. The Greggarn blew fire from its mouth and attacked Tyrinian with its spear-like tail. Tyrinian soon electrocutes the Greggarn before it stood against his power and continued to strike. Then Tyrinian used the beast’s fire from its mouth against it. The fire breath from the beast’s mouth went inside and outside its body, causing it to burn badly. Suddenly, the Greggarn leaped to Tyrinian, but misses, leading it to fall into a lava hole of the mountain.

Tyrinian continued his journey to the dark castle of the Mystical Realm of Doom. While not knowing, Tyrinian was being watched by the evil King the whole time. The King summoned his winged beast, the Bothorak, to take down Tyrinian. Tyrinian goes into a cavern passage in a mountain that would lead him near a smaller area near the castle. Tyrinian quickly moves through the cave while being followed by moving corpses and skeletons (which are under an evil enchantment). The skeletons and corpses were dead warriors, travelers, and monks who were killed and but into the cave by minions of the King. Tyrinian soon stops a couple of times to check behind him, but the dead bodies and skeletons stopped moving each time he did that. Then, the dead bodies and skeletons creep up to Tyrinian once again before they were about to strike him down.

Suddenly, Tyrinian detected the dead beings and knocked down most of them with telekinetic force. Tyrinian soon fled the cavern passage while the dead bodies followed him quickly. There were more dead bodies near Tyrix and they attacked him with their weapons. Tyrix uses his fire powers to defeat most of them before reaching the end of the cavern passage. After getting out of the exit, the Bothorak surprisingly grabbed Tyrinian with its feet and carried him into the dark sky.

Tyrinian quickly releases himself from the Bothorak by using his telekinetic power. Then Tyrinian battles the Bothorak while flying in the air. Both took their fight to the mountains and into the forest. The Bothorak was immune to some of Tyrinian’s attacks during their encounter. At the end of the fight, the Bothorak charges at Tyrinian before Tyrinian used his magic to make the trees come to life. The trees in the forest were under Tyrinian’s control, and he used them to trap the Bothorak with their mighty roots. After beating the Bothorak, the young wizard moved to the castle of the Mystical Realm of Doom.

Tyrinian finally reached the dark castle to face the evil king. Tyrinian used his magic powers and his sword to fight his way into the throne room, which is in the middle tower of the castle. Tyrinian battled the king’s evil dead warriors and demon-like creatures in order to get to the throne room. When Tyrinian was about to enter the throne room to face the evil magic king, the king himself transported Tyrinian into an underground location with a giant underground lake. After being transported to the underground location, Tyrinian lost his magic sword and it was at the castle. The King of the Mystical Realm of Doom calls forth his most dangerous beast, the Krallarga, a gigantic and strange looking sea creature. The king tells the Krallarga, which was dwelling in the waters below Tyrinian, to kill his enemy. The Krallarga screeches very loud before its encounter with Tyrinian, who did not like the beast’s noise.

Tyrinian battles the Krallarga while dodging the monster’s tentacles, crab-like claws, and its powerful whale-like tail. The Krallarga cornered Tyrinian before Tyrinian electrocutes the monster with lightning several times. But, the electric magic attacks didn’t get rid of it. The Krallarga spits ink at Tyrinian to cause him to lose his guard. Then, the creature grabs Tyrinian with its claw and was about to eat him. But, Tyrinian used his super strength and his might to wreck the entire claw to break free. After the beast had its claw broken apart by Tyrinian’s supreme force, Tyrinian freezes it and the waters with ice magic. Then he flies to the frozen creature and smashes the entire body with a magical, destructive blast. The monster was killed and Tyrinian won.

King of Doom

King of Doom/King of the Mystical Realm of Doom

Tyrinian turns the water back to normal and uses it as a portal to get into the throne room of the evil king. After getting inside the throne room, Tyrinian finally meets the King of the Mystical Realm. He told the king to set free the souls of the fallen magicians he has slain back on Earth. Instead of doing what his enemy wanted, the king told Tyrinian about his future and how he will try to bring peace to both worlds: magical and non-magical. Then he told Tyrinian that he will go against a devastating legion of evil that will destroy not only him, but his loved ones and an important politic on Earth. The king also tells him that his destiny will come to pass if he defeats him in battle to gain his spear. The spear the king holds has the souls of the dead magicians from Earth, and possibly other individuals.

Then, both magicians battled each other. Tyrinian used some of his most powerful magic to take on the king, but he was truly invincible. The king fired a lot of dark energy skulls and summoned very dangerous magical forces to slow down, and hurt Tyrinian. Then, both magicians clashed with their own customized magic weapons. Tyrinian used elemental weapons while the king used dark iron weapons that are indestructible. Then, the king knocks down Tyrinian and creates a gloomy illusion with scary looking dead faces, blackish fog, and skeletons on the ground. Tyrinian tried to calm himself and try to find the king in the illusion, but the king was able to strike him a lot. Soon, Tyrinian sensed that they are still in the throne room and that he can use some of the elements that are here. Tyrinian unleashes some of the concrete from the walls of the throne room to take down the king. The king was hit hard by Tyrinian’s control over the concrete before the illusion was destroyed by Tyrinian.

Then, Tyrinian summons three elemental animal beings: a fiery lion, an electric snake, and a wind dragon. The three creatures attacked the king with all of their might in order to let Tyrinian destroy the king’s spear. If Tyrinian destroys the spear, the king will be destroyed and the souls he used to keep him alive will return to their bodies. The king suddenly wipes out the elemental animals and strikes down his foe again. After piercing him to the ground, the king uses his spear to steal his soul. But, Tyrinian’s will was strong enough to break free of the king’s spear’s ability. Tyrinian gets up and finally destroys the spear by jabbing the sphere part. After that, the spear explodes violently and the king himself was finally destroyed.

The souls that were used to gain the villain power returned to their worlds and bodies. Tyrinian quickly leaves the castle, which was falling apart. Tyrinian was victorious and he returned home with the help of a transportation spell. Then, the Mystical realm somehow returned back to normal due to the defeat of the evil king. The world recovered and its animals and people were reborn. The magicians from the Magic Kingdom saw what Tyrinian did in his mission from a mystical giant orb and they cheered for their new champion.

Later at night, Tyrinian and his magic family celebrated his victory at the Elemental Sorcery Palace. Other magicians from the Magic Kingdom, including Harmon Jarfax (Tyrinian’s old friend), came to celebrate. During the party, Lord Aldrath tells Tyrinian that he will be a great protector of magic and non-magic forces once he leaves home. Then he gives Tyrinian some items for his future journey. Tyrinian thanked his father and tells him that he will miss him, but will see him again. Later, Tyrinian, his father, and allies watched the fireworks in the sky.

Before Tyrinian leaves, he made a new superhero-like suit for him to wear, acquired most of his belongings, and headed out of the his palace home. He bid his magic family farewell and flew away. Then, Tyrinian had to go and meet Harmon Jarfax at a canyon in England. In the canyon, Tyrinian and Harmon had a short sword duel with magic blades brought by Harmon himself. After the duel, Tyrinian told Harmon that he will live somewhere in America, travel to many other places, and will call him anytime. The two friends shook each others’ hands and said their good-byes.

Part 3

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