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Author: Taylor V.

© Taylor Vassell 2013, CC-BY-SA

Part 1 Edit

In the year 2012, at night time, Lord Aldrath and Lady Lena, rulers of the Ancient Order of Elemental Spellcasters, were returning to their palace. The two sorcerer leaders made it home quickly and Lord Aldrath told his friends to help them. Lady Lena has been damaged by a powerful dark spell by an evil enemy while being pregnant. The Elemental Sorcerers of the Order helps their lady give birth to her baby boy, Tyrinian Arkrioz. After giving birth to her son, Lena kisses Aldrath and tells him to take care of their boy. Suddenly, Lady Lena gives up her will to live and dies.

Later on, Lady Lena’s burial occurred and the Elemental Sorcerers and friends bid her farewell. Many magicians were there, including Lord Aldrath, baby Tyrinian, Lord Midoron the king of sorcery, and others. After the funeral, Lord Aldrath blesses his son and foretells a great future for him. He tells his son that he will one day call himself Tyrix, the Elemental Sorcerer, protector of all things magical and non-magical.

25 years later, a Navy ship was under attack by the Terror League, a group of villains who want to rule the world. The Terror League used their ships to attack the Navy ship before boarding it. After capturing the people of the Navy, the Terror League troopers took them to their main ship, where their treacherous leader dwells. Many of the captives were afraid of what would happen next, but some weren’t. Then, a cruel and tyrannical figure approached the captives while his elder captain, Capt. Terrorize, was next to him. The figure was wearing a dark indigo suit with red stripes, pellets, and an evil cyclopean symbol while wearing a skull-like mask. This figure was called Terrozon, the king of terror and lord of the hidden civilization called Tervedas.


Terrozon, the King of Terror

Terrozon questioned his enemies about crossing his part of the Atlantic Ocean. The Navy captain soon tells Terrozon to free them and not let them die by his group’s brutality. Terrozon refuses to do that before the captain insults him and tells him that he is a “myth”. After being insulted, Terrozon comes up to the Navy captain, puts his hand on the captain’s head, squeezes the head of the captain and tears it off from the neck. The Navy people freaked out and were surprised after Terrozon killed their commanding officer. Then, Terrozon tells his troops to get ready to go back to Tervedas before telling Capt. Terrorize to blow up the Navy ship with a missile.

After taking their captives from their ship, the Terror League returned to their island home, Tervedas. In Tervedas, Terrozon and Capt. Terrorize go into his dark, grim palace while his soldiers take the Navy prisoners to another area. Terrozon and his captain are greeted by their loyal and scary servant named Creech, along with many of their other allies. Then, Terrozon and Capt. Terrorize go into a big room with many computers and technological devices. Once there, Terrozon showed his captain and minions images and information about Bob Droggan, a former military weapon maker of the U.S. Terrozon tells his allies about Bob being a great asset to the Terror League’s plan to rule the” land of the free and home of the brave.” With Bob on their side, the U.S. will soon be taken down.

1 year ago, Bob Droggan experiments and uses his super tank with strong weaponry in a military base. After showing an army general his powerful tank, the general thought the tank was a bad idea and it would lead to utter destruction if used in any conflict. The general soon had Bob’s tank terminated. The general told Bob about not making too many violent and complicated machines for the army, or he will be fired. Bob didn’t agree and he became angry and frustrated about his ideas being useless. A week later, Bob Droggan destroys the military base he used to work for with a strong bomb. After the base’s destruction, Bob left without a trace and began his dark, criminal ways.

Back in the year 2037, Tyrinian was travelling throughout his palace home, which is the Elemental Sorcery Palace. Tyrinian says hello to many of his companions and meets his old teacher, Bekkin, one of Lord Aldrath’s best friends. While with Bekkin in a classroom, Tyrinian remembers his early years as a young student working on an assignment. Then, Tyrinian remembers learning how to control his powers with Bekkin out in an open area with a fountain. After being with Bekkin, Tyrinian continued travelling through the castle.

Tyrinian then ends up in a ballroom, where he and his old friend, Elisa, danced to some music played by a music band. He missed Elisa a lot while remembering their dance. Tyrinian didn’t want to remember what happened to his friend on that dreadful event that led her to her demise. After travelling through the castle, Tyrinian stayed in his room for a while. While in his room, Tyrinian pulled out his old Tyrix costume. The costume was both blue and red, and it had a hood.

Tyrinian suddenly remembers how he spent his nights fighting crime in England and the Magic Kingdom. As Tyrix (in his teens), the Elemental Sorcerer hero, he was able to save the innocent from some dark magical forces and dangerous normal thugs, and criminals. Tyrix used his magic and superhuman skills to take on his foes too.

Lord Aldrath, master of the Elemental Sorcerers, received a message from the Magic Kingdom. The message was about 10 of the Kingdom’s high class magicians were found dead due to an attack by their dreaded dimensional foe, the Mystical Realm of Doom King. The evil King captured the souls of the fallen sorcerers in order to sustain life. Some of the sorcerers had stronger life force which made the King much stronger. The message also talked about sending Tyrinian Arkrioz, the most accomplished of all of the young elemental sorcerers, to travel in the Mystical Realm of Doom, find the ruler, defeat him in battle and retrieve the souls of his victims.

On the next day, Tyrinian met his father, Aldrath, who wanted to inform him about his big mission. Tyrinian then puts on a special, magical armor from the armory room that will be able to help him resist some dark magic, enhances his own magic, and create light energy auras and shields. Tyrinian also acquired a magic sword that can harm very strong enemies and generate and fire electricity. Lord Aldrath tells Tyrinian that if he succeeds in completing his mission, he will be able to leave his home and live in other places. It has been many years since Tyrinian wanted to live on his own. He couldn’t do that earlier because he needed to complete many tasks and challenges.

Later in the afternoon, Tyrinian and his elemental sorcerer family went into the court of the Magic Kingdom’s sacred castle. Lord Midoron and his counselors bid Tyrinian good luck after revealing his assignment, and send him to the portal chamber. The chamber had a gateway to the Mystical Realm of Doom, where Tyrinian will be able to start his mission.

Part 2

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