Billy: Whoa.....this isn't notebook paper this time around!!

Floppy the Clown: Yeah.....I ain't drunk am I?

Dr. Tinkle: Nope. This is...... The INTERNET!!

Cop the Cop passes out.

Bear Teddy: Well how he **** did we get here, Docta T?

Dr. Tinkle: Its a result of my Notebook-To-Internetatron 2000!

Billy: Its......paradise.......

Bear: I liked da notebook betta......

Bear points a gun at Dr. Tinkle's head.

Dr. Tinkle: Don't worry! The author is still gonna write us in notebooks, but post on the internet!

Bear shoots Dr. Tinkle.

Bear: What a sissy.

Billy: Cheese.

Floppy: Is there any booze in this place?

Billy: Me drank it all!

Floppy: But your underage!

Billy: I know!

Billy throws up.

Floppy: Same ol', same ol'......


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