Nuvenium is the family name of my valley clan, but after three years of being under the rule of the Jibranian Empire, our names were converted from Old Aldic to Kirran, so now Nuvenium is Nurrium. I found this a cruel change from my family's origin and we cannot change it back because of the imperialistic rule of the Jibranian Empire. I still call my last name Nuvenium, but with my cursed tongue I was called "Aldic Boy" and thus my name was changed from Alberric to Aldin Nurrium or if I went traditional, I would be called Aldic Nuvenium. Still my father would not take me in as "Aldin", but rather as Alberric. A great man of the Valley, my Father who is Gherrin Albelsturm Nurrium or Gheldik Aldrichald Nuvenium the Wolfsbane, conqueror of the northern valleys of Melvich and the cities of Lord Brambin of old! A Great man whose unfortunate death was caused by the imperials in their days. I always called the Imperials "Fat Heads" because the Helmets they wore made their heads larger in size. Still, they would call me uncivilized for speaking crudely in a language that dates ages before the Kirran Alphabet was founded!

Still I wonder about their weapons and how sharp they are compared to the Balkirs we have. Yes, the Balkirs! Spears forged with Fire and Ice to make perfect for both warfare and hunting, concepted from the gods themselves! Our weapons as the Ghaldims and the Rurians have placed our names in history synonymous with Yyrin the Forger! Ludaldim the Forger has placed my father in highest respect with all the fireworks that happen in his workshop and still with the night he will come in the events of the fire being so poundingly powerful. Ludaldim is the man who invented the Ghaldims, a weapon that would make him a respected person in his community of Beoul of Meldheim. Ghaldims as Claymores forged from the metals of Red Steel and Blue Iron that makes the forgeries of the town light up like the lights of the North. The Frozen Flame mixed together with the Volcanic Ice forms a weapon of Great might to the Prestige of the royal family of Melvich long ago!

I've heard him speak before me as a wondrous person whose might is hidden behind the shadows and veils of mortality. I knew that by the gods that the man was indeed a Jaldar, a spirit of the flames. Truly a soul who has a name more sacred than this world that no Jibranian can take away. He was once a man who loved my mother more than my father. He couldn't care less about the world surrounding him because he felt my mother's heartbeat the day she was born, the day when he was being raised by his mother in the valley of Uursfael. My mother was born far north in Melvich under lord Brambin who was to fall by my father's hands seventeen years later. Myself have become the central key of expectations in both worlds because I knew that I have not yet lived to my father's expectations. I still wander these Icelands in search of a better life from this boring hold of death, drought and dispair. I wish to find the hold of fire and Ice battling through the shadows of the Gaets, the great mountain range that spans the northern circles. From the Stone of Ildhar to the Fires of Mount Mirvalheim. I will find all my peace in this world of Frozen flight and Fading light. This land will be of both myself and my ancestors. If Luck gives me power, I will take it!

"Of Ages Past and Stories Told, the River of Ghald flowed through all the times of the great Freeze of the Darkest age to the time when the Ocean Swallowed the mighty nations of Ruric. It has seen the mighty shores fall to the hands of creatures unheard of. The marches of Armies to the gates of the frozen shards that formed the Lands of Jibranis, the place where the Chivalrous warriors rode on horses of brown fur and black manes to til the land of all impurities seen in their eyes. It has heard the drums beating hard on the shadowy lands of darkness when the great warrior Aldic Nuvenium was taken to the wars of Ildak. This is the ages of Ghald, the eternal river that is greater than the tree of Mylheim. Ghald will be Ageless forever til the end of time." - Excerpt from the Scrolls of Hadrik the Wise "History of Ghald"

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