The Evening was a cold one in the city of Bharic with all the twisting labyrinths of houses and storehouses that fit into the tight streets with almost no turn that leads anywhere but the center of the city. A city hall entangled within all of the Warehouses. The whispers of thugs and false Prognosticators have poisoned the minds of those who walk the streets through all corners. The Monstrous Enunciation of chants and unknown words that cloud the winding corridors with doubt and treason. Aldic wandered the streets with his left hand on his hilt on the right side of him. The golden crest on the sword showed the northern emblem, key to understanding his heritage. A surprising change in what it truly is, Aldic was ready at a moment's notice to pull his Ghaldim, the strongest sword of the north.

"I hear whisperings like the which of gods have never heard!" Aldic's Companion said in worrying dispair. "I fear our lives to the thugs of this twisting city!" His companion was dressed in the traditional Melvich clothing that symbolized the wealth of Preserverance in all things with the colors of red on the top of his shoulders showed strength, Blue on his chest to show Survival and Gray on the pants for Of the many Prodigies of the Melvich Clan, the one thing is symbolism. Endowed with the powers to understand, they know what the voices are saying and they feel the shivering wind calling the names of warriors to the battles of newly founded blood. The Auspicious ones have a many tales to be told about and this is how Aldic's Companion found his way to Aldic.

"Come now Juric, it can't be as bad as you call it to be! After all, we're working in the name of the gods! Can't you hear the gods singing above us like the rest of the world can?" A crude remark by Aldic, Juric was offended not by this for he knew of his abilities well.

"Still too much evil in this world to begin to hear a whisper from the gods themselves for me. This is reason enough to leave the Seers to their businesses with the gods in their sights. I only hear the Shadows talking, the forces of nature communing with everything round them. I daren't mess with the affairs of the divine!" Juric had all the reason to explain his gift as a prodigy son. Gifted with the ear, he cannot control what he hears, but he can control what he says.

"Well then Juric! We'll just continue onwards to the city doors." Aldic then readied for any danger approaching. A sudden squeak heard from the left ear of Aldic, his head turned round with his Ghaldhim ready and in hand. Traditional clothings rumpled round with the silly shoes of his turning with the paintings of the river His eyes piercing the darkness seen before him. The shadows of the turning alley has proved something vexacious was there, annoying Aldic at his every move.

"Come out and fight like a man or a horse of that color!" Truly a bodacious man who had the turnings of a maker. Still the same in his learnings he can use his knowledge to the best of it.

"Come now, would you make sport of someone in a high authority?" Aldic heard the voice before somewhere, but couldn't place it.

"Who are you and why are you here?"

"I should ask of you the same thing, Aldic. A Pompous Ass who knows absolutely nothing about friends!" Aldic then remembered closely who it was that called him that.

"Ildyrc? From Kinsfield? I thought you were dead!" Ildyrc the Minstrel who told notorious tales that make him the most unwanted bard in all of the land.

"Still the same I see. Poor arrogant Ass!" Aldic then lunged his sword at him after the crude remark about him. A Mule was called at names and Aldic rather hated being called one. His sword near pierced the other man's flesh in memory of the man's Chicenary. Ildyrc then moved to the side to grab a silver like Rhync (A Wyrdyic Rapier) to only turn round and strike Aldic. Aldic fell, but he then feigned the attack enough to jump up and strike back. Ildyrc fell to the ground and shouted in his language, "Myric Namaug Drawyn!"

"Seems helpless now, aren't you of course, Ass?" A play on Ildyrc's words, Aldic has finally made himself much more accustomed to the makings of a warrior now. Ildyrc was lying on the ground as Aldic and Juric both laughed round about the subject.

"Of course you may be winner, but I am the only one who calls you an Ass!" Ildyrc picked up his sword and lunged at Aldic leaving an impression on Aldic's leg. Aldic fell to the ground in groaning agony with all the makings of one who is injured.

"Now to finish you!" As Ildyrc was about to throw his blade down at Aldic, Juric pulled out his small dagger and stabbed Ildyrc in the back. Ildyrc felt the pain rather quickly and dropped the sword almost immediately.

"Minstrel, your tongue shall be silent!" The dagger was drawn back from the minstrel's back and finally the minstrel fell to the ground and lost his life in no more than three minutes. Aldic cried out in pain as he was hurting rather bad with the blood leaking from the chest.

"Oh my! Aldic, I'd best get you some bandaging!" Juric then pulled from his sack he carried round with him a small piece of cloth to use as bandaging. He then grabbed the liquor he had from his backpack and gave the man a wound treatment.

"This will ease the pain now." He gave Aldic a shot of the Liquor and finally he poured the Liquor on the wound to only leave Aldic grincing pain. Finally Juric wrapped the Bandaging round and Aldic was ready enough to walk. They both stood up as Juric smiled.

"If I know you well, you'd be alright already!" Aldic gave a small laugh as they both talked a little while more when they walked through the streets. They finally reached the palace doors and knew what awaited them inside. They would find their mission there and never have a chance to understand the problem truly there.

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