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Trimen Brothers

Author: Taylor V.

© Taylor Vassell 2013

Story Edit

Many eons ago, the Tri-World, a planet populated by powerful elf-like humanoids, controlled amazing powered items. The items were called Tri-Crests and they were used by the "Tri-Beings" for many purposes. There were good Tri-Beings who fought and supported the Tri-World while the forces of evil didn't. There have been wars and many conflicts for the Tri-Crests and Tri-World too. A single Tri-Crest is teleported away from the Tri-World so it can go to those who would use the item for good instead of evil.

In Jordan City, three triplet brothers, Johnny, Joe, and Thomas Trent, finish college and celebrate a pizza party with their friends at the pizza restaurant, Pizzania. The brothers meet their girlfriends at the pizza party, Mandy, May, and Madeline Prye. While having fun, Greg Tracer, the brothers’ bully, comes with his three friends and taunts the brothers before leaving. The Trent triplets vow that one day they will teach their bully a lesson.

The brothers go to see their mother, Natalie Trent, and spend time with her for one night. In the morning, a group of dangerous criminals called Crush Brigade help their leader Nucleus Tarmus steal a huge and destructive cannon from a military facility not far from Jordan City. The cannon the brigade stole was a very dangerous weapon that can fire strong concussive blasts if powered. After escaping with the cannon, Nucleus and his team encounter a race of inter-dimensional beings. They are called Seurgeens, who are energy making and powerful creatures. The Seurgeens told the Crush Brigade that they are here for energy on Earth and they need it to overpower their enemies and claim many worlds. Nucleus makes a deal with the Seurgeen Captain about gaining energy from Earth while helping the Crush Brigade bring destruction and turmoil to Jordan City. Both groups disappear into the Seurgeen world after the deal.


Dr. Nucleus Tarmus a.k.a. Crusheo

Johnny, Joe, and Thomas work at the pizza place and help out their boss with cleaning some things. Nucleus Tarmus and several of his group members are granted incredible superhuman physical abilities by the Seurgeens. The triplets take a break later on before hanging out with their triplet girlfriends. While closing time, Nucleus and his gang breaks in the pizza place and kills the owner of the restaurant. The pizza restaurant’s owner was a former friend of Nucleus who had him thrown into jail after he committed a crime. The triplet brothers were about to face Nucleus, but were warned about stopping him. After the pizza restaurant’s owner’s death, the Trent triplets take over the pizza restaurant and promise to support it. Later at night, Nucleus, the Seurgeens and the Crush Brigade disrupted the news and threaten to take over Jordan City and kill the population if anyone interfered with their plans of conquer.

The Trent triplets were walking out at night before being chased by Greg Tracer and his friends. Greg soon caught the brothers before he and his friends beat them up. After getting injured, the brothers walk back to the apartment. On the next day, the Seurgeens and Nucleus, now known as Dr. Crusheo, invaded many areas with energy for the creatures to take and attacked many police officers who got in their way. The Trent brothers hid at their mothers’ house in order to not get hurt by the villains.

After spending time with their mother, the triplets saw a shining object fall to a nearby ground area. The brothers discovered the Tri-Crest (which was teleported from the Tri-World) and touched it. After touching it, they gain powers from the object and three different colored suits. Joe obtains the blue outfit, Thomas obtains the red outfit, and Johnny obtains the green outfit. Later, the triplets (now known as the Trimen Brothers) went to face the Seurgeens, Dr. Crusheo, and the Crush Brigade with the help of their super powers. The triplets battled the Seurgeens and the Crush Brigade with shape changing powers, energy powers, and super speed before facing Dr. Crusheo. The brothers tried stopping Crusheo, but he was too strong for them and he easily escaped with the help of the other Seurgeens and members of the Crush Brigade.


A Seurgeen

Then the Trimen Brothers captured a Seurgeen, brought it into their apartment, and forced it to speak. After speaking to the three heroes, the Seurgeen immediately attacks them before it was disposed of by the heroes. The heroes soon battled more Seurgeens at their apartment and realized that the Seurgeen they captured was a set up. The Trimen Brothers used their powers and the Tri-Crest to defeat the Seurgeens before they fled.

On the next day, the brothers promised to keep their powers and item a secret so that no one will know that it was them who fought Dr. Crusheo and his allies last night. The triplet girls, the Pryes, hung out and spoke with the Trent triplets about the heroes before leaving. In the Seurgeen’s command ship, Dr. Crusheo commissions some of his friends to go after the Trimen Brothers, destroy the source of their powers, and find anyone they know. While that happens, Crusheo will use his cannon weapon on the city with the help of the Seurgeens.

Later, the Trent triplets encounter Greg Tracer once more and got him and his friends back by giving them wedgies on a fence (they used their superhuman skills to do this). The brothers told Greg and his friends to never harm them or anyone again before facing some members of the Crush Brigade downtown. While fighting Crusheo’s team again, the brothers encounter a Giant Seurgeen Warrior and defeat it.

However, Dr. Crusheo attacks the police station with his cannon weapon and succeeds in destroying it. Then, Crusheo goes after more innocent lives and those who he knew, and hated the most. The Trimen Brothers tried to make it to the spots where Crusheo was, but were too late. The Prye sisters were at a fashion place while being spied on by two members of the Crush Brigade. After the triplet sisters left the fashion place, they were caught by the two enemies.

After revealing their mother the Tri-Crest and their new fund powers, the Trimen Brothers and their mother watched the news. It was Crusheo and his friends, who plan to kill three people trapped in an abandon building with his cannon weapon: a lawyer, a judge, and the mayor herself. Dr. Crusheo forces the Trimen Brothers to surrender, or he will use brute force on the three people inside the building.

The Trimen Brothers used the Tri-Crest to become stronger and gain more energy for their fight against Dr. Crusheo, the Seurgeens, and the Crush Brigade. The brothers arrived at the abandon building and found the three people inside. The three people were actually not the lawyer, mayor, and judge, they were May, Mandy, and Madeline Prye. The Trimen Brothers quickly saved their girlfriends and escaped before Crusheo finally destroyed the building with his cannon weapon. The Trimen Brothers told their loves to leave while they face Dr. Crusheo and friends.

The Trimen Brothers end up facing the Seurgeens and the Crush Brigade first before battling Crusheo. After winning with the help of their powers, the Trimen Brothers soon destroy Crusheo’s weapon and fought him personally.

Dr. Crusheo used his muscle increasing power to become strong enough to kill the Trimen Brothers in battle. The brothers used most of their power against him, but Crusheo was able to overcome their blows. The villain also revealed the Trimen Brothers his knowledge that they were the same triplets back at the pizza place, where he killed their boss for betraying him long ago.

Dr. Crusheo then battles the Trimen Brothers throughout the city and is attacked by SWAT, and police troops. While the fight went on, the Seurgeen Captain and some of his troops escaped back to their world without Dr. Crusheo and his group. The Trimen Brothers then used some of their energy barriers and powers to overpower Dr. Crusheo before taking him down with a powerful shape changing attack combination.

After the fight, the Trimen Brothers won and the Crush Brigade and Crusheo were arrested. Two days later, the news stated that Dr. Crusheo will be locked up for many years with his group in a highly secured prison. The Trent triplets soon went back to the pizza place and celebrated their victory over Crusheo and the Seurgeens. The triplet brothers also invited their friends and girlfriends to celebrate the Trimen Brother’s victory.

The End

Trimen Brothers

Trimen Brothers

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