Prologue: The DawningEdit

"A man's true strength lies not within the size of his body, but the size of his
heart. Not by his skillful movement, but by the knowledge trapped within his mind.
Not by the might of those who would stand with him, but by the trust he places in
      - Chang Xi; The Book of Millennia

"Amaterasu," the demon snarled. "It has been a while." He laughed a foul laugh, the stench spread from his mouth as the rancid breath caused flowers to wilt around him. His corrupt smile betrayed the rows of jagged teeth, usually hidden from those who would look-- until it was too late.

Amaterasu raised a hand into the air, taking in her surrounding. "We won't be defeated that easily, Rogi," she said, her golden hair flowing in the wind. Around her was the site of a battle. Desperate and long. Few were still alive. Even fewer were able to stand, but those who could stood behind their goddess, focused only on fighting against the demon and his legion.

Rogi bounced in absolute excitement. The motion was almost childish-- but there was nothing childish about Rogi. "How exciting," he said. "To have you, their leader, the Ohmikami herself shouting idle threats so seriously into the air! It is a glorious day indeed!" He swept his arms across the horizon, motioning to the valley in which they stood. "Look around you, Goddess. Your army lies in ruins. Those few left who can fight are injured. My men still stand. Do you truly expect to leave this valley alive?"

"I never expect anything, Rogi. But you have lost your generals. You have lost a great source of your power," Amaterasu replied.

Rogi cracked another smile. "Perhaps," he said. "But perhaps I need only the power to consue you, Goddess." He let his smile grow further. "You are far from your realm. You are weakened. I still have my strength. There is nothing you could do to overwhelm me." He then broke out in shrill laughter, and began to step towards Amaterasu. Every surviving soldier then launched themselves into heated battle.

Suddenly, a deep wind blew into the valley, throwing many off-balance. Rogi paused momentarily, trying to locate the source of the wind, but Amaterasu simply smiled.

'I will hold him off, Amaterasu,' the wind whispered into her ear. 'You know what to do.'

Suddenly, Rogi was pushed back. "Damn meddler!" he exclaimed. "You have no right to interfere, Fei Liang! I won the trial-- this is between me and the Ohmikami!"

"I act independantly from the Tao, Rogi," the wind screamed at him. "I act now as a friend of man and of the Ohmikami. You will not destroy them!"

"Oh?" Rogi exclaimed. "Is that so? What do you hope to achieve with this show of force? I can hold my ground for days, but even gods grow weary eventually, Fei Liang!"

Still, around them, soldiers were fighting. People were dying, and the green grass was becoming stained crimson with blood.

Amaterasu was acting quickly. She put her hands together in a prayer gesture and began to chant, quietly at first, but as her focus grew, so too did her volume.

Finally, Rogi noticed. "What are you doing?" he exclaimed. "Are you insane, woman?"

"A problem, Rogi?" The wind asked as it held the demon in place.

"Fei Liang, you would sacrifice your so-called friend?" he asked. "So you know what she is to attempt?"

"I know," Fei Liang said. "And I give her my blessing."

"You will die, Goddess!" Rogi exclaimed. "By your own hand! I will live and return some day, but you will die!"

"But we will be prepared for your return, Rogi. I and all of her warriors."

Rogi stared on at the chanting goddess in disbelief.

Finally, she stopped chanting, and opened her eyes. Slowly, she raised into the air, levitating. Her golden hair flowed in every direction, heedless of gravity or wind. Her eyes emitted a light so grand that it hurt even Rogi's eyes to look at.

"You bitch!" Rogi exclaimed. "You're only postponing the inevitable! I can't be killed with such foolishness! I can't be stopped!"

"But you can be silenced for a time," Amaterasu said. "Thus I silence you, Rogi. I silence you for no less a time than five millennia. I bind you within the ground where you came from, and curse you to slumber."

"I will return! My generals will return at my return! You aren't winning this war-- merely starting it over. But what will they do without their Goddess to lead them?"

"I wouldn't worry about them, Rogi," the winds said. "They'll be fine."

Amaterasu smiled. "You are cursed, Rogi. As are all who fought here tonight. They, too, are cursed to reawaken at the time of your reawakening. I curse all who stand here, all who have physical presence. We shall all meet again in five millennia!"

Suddenly, the entire valley erupted in a bright flash that could be seen for many miles. Fei Liang, Taoist God of Winds, even needed a moment to clear his vision.

Finally, once all had been said and done, the physical manifestation of Fei Liang stood alone in a field full of bodies. He looked at where his friend, Amaterasu has stood, and sighed.

He knew the power. He knew the pact with the Elder Ones. She may give her life so that she may receive one wish. That left him with much responsibility over the years. He needed to prepare.

But there were rules. Rules that Fei Liang was bound by. Rules that even Rogi was bound by. He would gather the warriors when the time has come... but he had much to prepare for beforehand. Much indeed.

He looked up to the sky, and thrust his hands into the air. "Hear me, Elder Gods!" he exclaimed. "Bless this land with your wisdom! Bless this battlefield with your grace! Allow all those who perished to be remembered! So requests Fei Liang, God of the Winds!"

The sky flashed a bright colour, and once again, Fei Liang was momentarily blinded. Around him, the husks of the dead sank into the ground, both melting away the dirt and changing to a liquid form at once. Before long, the field was empty, save for the crimson-stained grass, weapons, and bamboo poles.

But there was something else in the valley, Fei Liang noted. A... survivor. A living man, one of Amaterasu's warriors. Slowly, he made his way to the figure. He was a boy no older than eightteen.

He opened his eyes and looked weakly up at the god.

"Can you speak, boy?" he asked.

"Ji... Sen..." was the only reply.

"I see," Fei Liang replied. He leaned over and picked the boy up, carrying him in his arms. "That's a fine idea," he said before raising his voice to the heavens once again.

"I name this valley, the Valley of the Sacred Springs! I name this valley, Jusenkyo! May all who travel here experience the wonder! May all who travel here remember the place always!"

And with that, Fei Liang, and the injured boy, turned away, and started to leave the valley. The valley remained hidden from the clouded eyes of man for many years to come.

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