Kyu Tamihu was a young student at Yamika High. She had a love she was afraid to speak of, like many other girls of Yamika High. It was very nice for her on the first day, for she met the one she had unspoken love for.

Now, she's still afraid, but she can't help but speak to him, but not confess. He's okay with Kyu talking to him. His name is Tun Kiomati.

Kyu is always is always mistaken to have a fever by him, and her friends, Ki Chan and Mi Chan.

Ki Chan and Mi Chan are sisters. They get along and ask Kyu the same thing.

Though they're the same age they often say one is older and argue about it,


Kyu saw Tun passing by, "Um.. Tun-kun, I have to talk to you!" she said. Tun turned around to her. "I don't thing it'll be worth talking about. Sorry." he said. "Tun-kun! Want to go out some time?" she said. Tun turned to her, "Not really. I don't think you're my type." said Tun. "Tun-kun! Meet me in the library." said Kyu. "I told you, you're not my type. I don't like you, okay?" said Tun.

"It is so unbelievable I like a guy like him." said Kyu. Mi-chan and Ki-chan were confused, "Who?" they said looking at eachother. "Tun-kun." said Kyu irritatedly. Ki-chan and Mi-chan said, "Tun-kun is a jerk." and Kyu sighed, "Yes, he's a jerk, a jerk, but I still like him, to my surprise. I'm so confused." she said.

The next day Kyu saw Tun again, "Tun! Would you like to go out to dinner with me today?" asked Kyu. Tun frowned and looked down at Kyu, "Go away. I told you, you're not my type." said Tun.




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