Tortured IV is a 2009 American horror film by Shawn Troy.

Plot Edit

After the fight between Stalker and Hatchet, they both band together again to kill more people, this time a lot more, 50 people are their targets: the main characters are, Cherry Rose (Katherine Tryman), Rocko the drug dealer (Erik Frillery), Donny Scwitchets the mobster (George Lopez), and Dari Manson the business consultant (Rose McGowan).

It begins on a normal Thursday, where Rocko is selling his famed Hawaiian cocaino (cocaine with the volcano at the end), to his most loyal customer, Cherry. Cherry invites Rocko over to her place, they get high and drunk, and soon have sex, but wake up with a bunch of others in a dark room, the lights turn on, they turn out to be in a big empty conference room above New York, a tv screen turns on, and an unknown but familiar voice appears on tv, it is Hatchet, which tells them that they all have a bomb inside of them (an old classic enjoyment to them), but not all of them have a bomb inside of them, they all got sewing marks in the same spot, but some have nothing but guts, others got bombs and guts, anyone tries to escape will die. The first challenge starts, Cherry, Rocko and Donny, are supposed to steal from a cornerstore, money, they kill one the cashier, but than another gang comes in and the only choice is to kill the other gang, the other Rocko goes crazy on them, and kills two of the five, Donny kills one, which two remain, so Cherry is next to kill, she kills the rest. They get back, and told to burn the money, Donny get angry starts to sware and yell. So they set up a deathmatch between, Robert vs. Donny: Robert is knocked unconcious, and Robert gets his head blown up.

Several weeks later, there is only Donny, Cherry, Rocko, Rosebud, Jones, Mike, and Karrie. Mike has a mental breakdown, and kills himself by jumping at windows with full force leaving a lot of blood, revealing the windows to be plexi-glass, then as they plan an escape, Stalker comes into battle, and kills Karrie, and Rosebud, then Hatchet comes into play, and kill Jones, and Donny. Rocko and Cherry find a way to escape, but apparently they got a bomb inside both of them, and explode when getting near the entrance door.

Other Edit

  • Gross revenue: $13,000,000
  • Budget: $20,000,000
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