Tortured II: Sleepless Stalker is the second installment in the Tortured series by Shawn Troy. The film is a 1987 slasher-splatter film about Stalker instead of Hatchet and is directed and written by Shawn Troy, and produced by George A. Romero. The film stars Shawn Troy as Stalker and Dennis Hopper as maniacal business man, Charlie Harest. The film was followed by Tortured: Stalker Meet Hatchet.

Plot Edit

The film revolves around two sadistic killers, Charlie Harest (Dennis Hopper), and Stalker (Shawn Troy). Stalker captures and kills people with different types of deathtraps and Charlie is a killer who plays games on unsuspecting people and kills them.

The film begins with Stalker driving a truck saying on the license plate "IAMDEAD" and another car heading towards him and Stalker suddenly turns into the nex lane that the other car was on and the others crash and he takes them to the middle of nowhere, and when they awaken, Stalker says that they have to escape this frightful bloodfest by doing things for him while he gets other things done, the seven teens are John, Jacob, Sarah, Michelle, Rachel, Jack, and Dan. They begin with a bomb trapped inside they're stomachs, they must rob a bank, and they must do it fast and kill anyone who gets in they're way and they are successful but accidently forget the money in the car they jacked and drove into a lake, and then Stalker got angry and started yelling, cussing, and beating up Dan, soon the bomb in Dan's stomach explodes, kills Dan, and blowing Stalker and Stalker is impaled by a pole sticking out of the wall, they think he's dead, but he says "Wait one minute. You can't leave, you have a bomb in you're stomach's. If you leave, you die." They wonder why he isn't dead, soon they have to kill four different people, they are: one Christian, one goth, one voodoo priest, and one Catholic priest, they kill three of them, but the Christian one fights back and then dies, soon they get back, Stalker is satisfied, and then gives them they're next objective, they must kill ten more people, but they are Military soldiers, well-guarded ones, they then precede to kill them, but they fail, Jacob and Sarah are shot to death, soon they're bombs explode, killing many soldiers, and they learn that the more friends lost, the more bigger the explosion is, then they are told to kill a New York business man, his name is Charlie Harest, they then head to New York, they find Charlie and are almost killed, but Charlie kills Jack, then Charlie captures them, and tortures the reason why they are trying to kill him, Charlie then heads to Mississippi himself to kill Stalker, revealing that Stalker and him are archenemies who've have been killing for several years and have been trying to settle their killing kills, but always didn't work out, Stalker captures the survivors, and hangs them upside down, and Charlie finds Stalker, and Stalker and Charlie start to battle, and then kill and brutally hurt the survivors, soon Stalker and Charlie come to a truth and kill the survivors, then they leave for California to meet with a man named "Hatchet".

Other Edit

Reception Edit

The film received mixed reviews unlike the first movie which received mostly positive. The film got reviews such as, "The film lacks the superior horror of the first film, but is still gory ride to hell with some extra fills" says critic George Roy, "it's gory, it's filthy, but not a classic" said Jon McCoy, getting a 51 percent approval rating by film aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

Some negative reviews were, "it was too violent to comprehend, it was annoying overall" said John Matthews.

Overall, the film received a total of 42 percent approval rating, which is twice as low as it's predecessor. The plot is said to be less unique and tasteless.

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