Tortured: The Attack of Hatchet is the first film in the Tortured series. Tortured: The Attack of Hatchet is a 1984 horror film and is about Hatchet, a psychopathic killer who kills people with hatchets and hatchet-like weapons.

Plot Edit

The film is begins with four men known for The 1980 Massacre of Ohio, they try to kill Hatchet, but are numbered down one-by-one.

Afterwards Police chief, Rick Mannards is working on the recent string of murders in Ohio, Missouri, New York, and the state their in, Oklahoma. Soon that same night, Rick, his wife Kayla, his sister Mandy, Police officer David Michaels, Dr. John Rayson and Joey Nighles awaken, trapped in a abandoned slaughterhouse and are being picked off one-by-one by Hatchet, whom they come to realize that he is the man Rick has been looking for, and Rick tries to kill Hatchet, but nevertheless, he survives and wounds him and kills his wife. Nobody else but Rick survived. Rick, now deformed permanently both physical and psychologically, becomes Stalker and wears a mask made out of dead skin from his friends and family.

Cast Edit

  • Hatchet played by Joe Kagen
  • Rick Mannards played by Jans Mern
  • Kayla Mannards played by Johanna Martson
  • Mandy Duegans played by Sheryl Moon
  • David Michaels
  • John Rayson played by Michael Burt
  • Joey Nighles played by Travis Harris

Other Edit

V | D | E Tortured series
Films The Attack of Hatchet (1984) | II: Sleepless Stalker (1987) | Stalker Meet Hatchet (1989) | Tortured IV (2009)
Vs. films Stalker vs. Hatchet (2006) | Stalker vs. Hatchet vs. Charlie Harest (2012)
Spin-offs No Miracles (1998) | Tortured 2 (2003) | Tortured 3 (2007) | Lifeless (2009; Emergency)
Fanon-made Tortured to Death (1990) | Tortured: Sledgehammers (1999) | Tortured to Kill (2005)
Crew Shawn Troy | Maya Calon

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