Tortured: Stalker Meet Hatchet is the third film in the Tortured series by Shawn Troy. The film is a 1989 American slasher-splatter film. The film was written and directed by Shawn Troy, produced by Stephen King. The film is about both Stalker and Hatchet who finally meet and become buddies.

The film was followed by Stalker vs. Hatchet and Tortured IV and was preceded by Tortured II: Sleepless Stalker and Tortured: The Attack of Hatchet.

Plot Edit

Charlie and Stalker have been killed in the second film, but has been revealed that Stalker killed Charlie, Stalker is mortally wounded, but met Hatchet after killing all of the survivors in the second film and Hatchet and Stalker then head to New York and capture ten civilians who are named Jake, Caleb, Shawn, Craig, Kayla, Marcus, Carolynn, Katherine, Vic, and Mira, they are tested and then the game began when they all have to face each other, they are set-up with traps around them and literally inside them.

The beginning of the movie shows Jake who runs into a stranger at a coffee shop, spilling coffee on the female stranger. It then goes to a dilapidated farmhouse showing Charlie's dead body and Stalker who is mortally wounded, he leaves to find teenagers at the house, kills them all one-by-one, finally taking their truck and heads to an abandoned gas station to meet Hatchet, both conspire to kill 10 people in New York.

Most of the film takes place in a New York conference room, in which it ends with all the victims dead including several police officers, firefighters, doctors, and innocent civilians. Hatchet and Stalker split up and leave for a different future.

Other Edit

  • Gross revenue: $25,438,275 worldwide
  • Budget: $4,000,000
  • Related films: Tortured to Death (1993; unofficial sequel; gross revenue: $934,243 worldwide; budget: $2,500,000)

Sequel Edit

Main article: Tortured IV

Tortured IV has been confirmed as the fourth film in the Tortured series, featuring Stalker and Hatchet, but also has EriK Frillery and Katherine Tryman as the main characters. They said it will continue after Stalker vs. Hatchet.

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