LalalaUser:Serprex 01:22, September 12, 2011 (UTC)

This dumb founded simpleton was born with no sense of social responsibility

They lived through terror and felt no need to rectify the wrongs in their world

This is a big long slab with two people who think this side is the side of reason. A reasonable assumption so long as neither side becomes aware of the contradicting opinion of the other side

Neither side is listening to each other. LALALALALA

Draw a blank and maintain in that inertia towards whichever goal some past choice made

Grow a stalk and invest up. We're touring clouds tonight

It's a long fall

Hold still. What are you saying?

That's what no one says

We're all off dreaming of what we wish others would say. Of what we'd tell them

Some of us find in there the mistakes we've made. Somehow we seperate and tell ourselves what the hard truths we wish someone else would care enough to tell

That's something else. This is all there is. The clouds cover everything and we're happy with these blocks we've cast to suit the form we've found

People are saying all these things but what do we need them to say when we want them to say what we already know: the words we're searching for

Words. Words has five letters. Words are commonly spelt with five letters. eg words

When feeling you as words I can describe you with words, but in feeling you as flesh, I can only describe you with flesh

Affirmation. Ad maiorem

My first religion: Where most religions must praise all of humanity in their broad sweep, it needed only to label me as the superior end point. Rationality has no point facing that

Too happy to be sad, angst was acted with gusto as some odd mocking jest for absurdism

Absurdism is hot. Semicolons are hot

I'm not so bold as to disgrace any other beauties with that term

People alias terms. It's how unique they press their idiolects that makes such dense literature

In all the bramble, joy to be found later in spontaneously bearing lumber that made like a bird yet weighed down so that the association was all the more absurd, squinting to read through moonlit peddling, taking moments to feel the cool air soothe my body wrapped only in my suit, I raise my object: a lost memory does not lose the moment. The mind is resourceful in abstracting them together. That I don't care to remember this thought doesn't not mean I did not think it. Only that I understand its lack of inherent value. That while it proves more interesting to shuffle thoughts while performing the menial, most shuffles are boring in particular given the grand scheme of what my mind produces

Been awhile since grand was used without allusion

Thus does this memory end, and fold into another

Sitting around with that monotone drawl and chuckle

& gone with intent to return

Relax and take a bearing. Realize the reality outside the current immersion, ignore the contradiction, but accept that it's time to fold back the covers

& then I woke up

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