Many forms of apparent magic exist. Names have been given to the verb, such as sorcery, witchcraft, wizardry and so on. Names for those who do the verb range from magician, mage, warlock, wizard, witch and mancer. The terms will be classified as mancer for the noun and the verb will range from a variety of terms, excluding the foolish trickery of magic which is only excepted due to the direction of video games.

Why mancer? Because a mancer is easily used as a suffix. The terms necromancer, pyromancer, aquamancer and even omnimancer all work. The past terms could be used in conjunction with the examples, but not actually used as a single word.

This leads to the role of a mancer. A mancer is one who can take their powers from the specified streams of vibes. Vibes are a certain forces which are not visible to the eye, but detectable with ones own mental eye. Mancers are said to have a third eye due to this, which can measure the force of their proficiency of vibes. Now being a pyromancer doesn't mean that a pyromancer cannot detect perhaps a vibe of life, they merely are most proficient in pyromancy while being quite low in skill of the other. This is like a biochemist still knowing something about electrical engineering. The omnimancer is much like a polymathematician. Few can learn this art well, and many who attempt it die young by the amount of energy their mind cannot handle. That is why becoming an omnimancer is quite difficult, being that one must know their own limits of mental growth and develop at their mind's rate, not their ambition's. But a there are more then a few elemental mancers, there are also conjurers who call forth beasts of other planes or create their own planes and chaosmancers who harness the ability to simply will things, though both the mentioned arts are much more difficult to master then the basic fundamentals of pyromancy and the like.

This energy can aid one when the brain can handle it, allowing for mancers to become very aged. A mancer has a class, which is very much directed a majority by their age. One will become a sage at an old age if they have a capable ability in their art. Mancers are not used in warfare normally, as some vibes may flee violence, besides violent vibes of negativity. A necromancer is at an advantage due to their ability to use the dark powers of death while also using the holy powers of healing. Even then, vibes which gravitate towards a battle may overwhelm a mancer of their origin. This makes mancers unreliable and many times can demolish one's own army if the forces are not directed well enough. Also, mancy is unreliable for generic use as it requires focus.

In some areas of Anae, the art of using vibes is banned and practitioners are searched out to be destroyed. This is generally accepted though, and some areas ban certain vibes while leaving others unwatched. Many believe that this practise can have severe side effects and that the study is of an unnatural nature. Due to this, popularity and credit to the mind can be scarce among groups which frown upon this controversial subject. Many however believe that vibes may lead to an optimal future of cost effective living and that minds will evolve to sustain higher discipline and therefore the arcane work of mancers may still be developed further even without knowledge of its true workings.

Finding a MasterEdit

Bane was one who absorbed vibes of strong negativity and redirected them. His type were called dark necromancers. Still, for simplicity, he stated he was a necromancer. He did have the ability to heal, to a small degree. Bane was a powerful necromancer in the dark arts and therefore had gained his name in respect to his skills. Nelzlyn only hoped she could one day gain a name that was linked with her proficiency. Nelzlyn was a pyromancer. She took the energy of fire which she then forced with her will. This made it that a highly trained pyromancer was deadly, being able to direct lighting bolts from the sky. While Bane found his vibes in battles, Nelzlyn found her’s in storms and fires. Bane had trained himself to pick up violent vibes from afar and even be able to detect the smallest stream of it.

Nelzlyn was nearing the age of thirty. Pyromancy had caught her eye when she saw a bolt of lighting set a tree on fire, igniting an obsession for fire at the age of 14, and the want to control its great power. She read any books she could find and began detecting its vibe at 17. A year later, she was strengthening flames and in another 2 she was creating them. For the year between her meeting with Bane, she would merely study pyromancy in theory, and attempt maintain fires with the most basic of fuels.

Bane was aging, but his age could not be detected by powers he had inlaid into his body. At the age of seventy, he had the physique of a person in their mid thirties, as he had slowed his growth by an average of 80%. He had been strengthening it his entire career as a necromancer, hoping to eventually reverse the effects if he reached a brittle physique before he could halt his growth. He had become absorbed into dark necromancy when he felt, without any training, the vibe of its powerful potential at the age of 8. His parents would then disown him when he began to study it openly at the age of 11, after following a vibe to a murder scene. In anger of no longer being supported, he would murder his parents with necromancy 1 years later, after studying even harder into the lethal branches of the dark art. From then after, he became a very cold person who consumed his life in the study for power. He went to battles and tried to merge with the vibes he felt. He killed many in these areas, trying to strengthen the vibes even more. In doing so, his mind grew quickly, and miraculously, he did not receive any brain damage. He began to feel vibes from a distance, and could pull it towards him. He would chase after streams of it and find where its destination was. He began to even emit a vibe after long mediation within strong areas of negativity. After passing from ring to ring of necromancers, he would earn the name of Bane.

"I was wondering where I may find a mentor for pyromancy, might you know any?"

Nelzlyn had asked a clerk within a social service building in Alkar.

"I'm afraid any skilled pyromancers are not here, they prefer Darlz Spire. You may wish to see Bane, the dark necromancer who lives in this area. He’s known for teaching any mancy very well."

The clerk responded with a little humour in her voice.

"I see, who might this Bane be?"

Nelzlyn decided inquired further.

"He is a powerful necromancer who had taken some pupils already. He is not very popular though, outside of training some very powerful mancers. He is a little bit destructive."

The clerk had responded again with the same tone of amusement.

"I see. I'll see him, if you can tell me where to find him."

Nelzlyn probed further.

"Depends, he kills any intruders on his manor. He is in the area right now though, I believe. He comes into town every once and awhile, and stays as a vagrant until he has stocked upon what he is searching for. Sometimes he takes days to find what he is searching for. He came the other day for information on any problems. He had sensed a vibe coming from here, he wanted to find its source."

The clerk had become more official in posture, realizing that Nelzlyn was serious about meeting Bane. She had told the truth, and she knew that Bane was becoming a problem. But she hadn't expected anyone to actually want to meet the infamous necromancer.

"I'll be going then, hopefully I can find him."

Nelzlyn concluded. She then left the building to search for Bane.

Bane was met a days later, though he had found Nelzlyn. He could sense her search for him, and decided to see what she wanted. Though he did not know who she was, or what she was. He simply knew that something was calling him in a certain direction.

For Nelzlyn, a man in his mid thirties had approached her, stared at her and then began to speak obnoxiously.

"Might you be looking for someone?"

The voice had been quite inquisitive, and inpatient.

"...Yes, I'm looking for a powerful necromancer named Bane."

Nelzlyn had been a little annoyed by the slight rudeness of the man.

"A mere necromancer named Bane? I'm afraid there is no necromancer named Bane."

The voice had picked up some amusement and a small tone of riddle.

"Are you making a statement that you know every necromancer?"

Nelzlyn was getting impatient.

"Why of course not, but a necromancer on its own wouldn't be called Bane. Bane is reserved for a dark necromancer."

The voice was very amused now.

"I don't know who you are, so leave me alone. I have no time for tricks of words."

Nelzlyn was getting very agitated with the stranger.

"Short sighted I guess. I see you are unskilled at finding people who even greet you in gesture."

The man walked off, a small grin upon his face. Nelzlyn thought for a short time, then followed him. When he walked out of the town area, she followed him still. He did not change pace, and Nelzlyn was getting tired. When they were at a distance from the town gates, and in a small field of green grass with hills in the distance, she attempted to slow the man by materialising a hollow cylinder of fire about him, but the cylinder only lasted for a fraction of a moment. The size was large and the grass it seared was merely dried to a small degree. The man turned about, and stared at her with a frown. A pain entered her stomach and spread throughout her body. It began to strengthen until it recoiled at her stomach and grew in power threefold. She fell to the ground well staring at the man, assured that he was Bane now. Then the pain disappeared completely, and a lasting effect was gone.

"If you want to continue any lessons here without proper preparation, do that again. Next time I'll leave you to die though."

The voice was still amused, but in a very cold way.

"Then I follow you, Bane?"

Nelzlyn was now very humble.

"If you want to continue the way we were prior to your bold act. Or you could lead foolishly to the destination you do not know of. Even then, I could do away with your company and rest awhile before being disturbed. Either way, I want payment now. What do you have?"

The voice went from amused, arrogant before entering a speculative tone. Nelzlyn took a moment of hesitation before replying.

"What do you want?"

Nelzlyn held a tone of inquisition.

"Nothing, besides your loyalty."

The voice was again amused, and this time not as cold.

"Then that you can have."

Nelzlyn was slightly glad, as she had very little to pay with. This joy was soon cut off though, as a pain again shot through her for a moment.

"We have to get going. Don't be slow, I won't stop for you."

The voice was cold again, and Bane was no longer facing her when he spoke. Bane still held a slight amusement though, one that was slightly fearsome in aura.

Bane's ManorEdit

The Manor of Bane was one which Bane had constructed himself. He had created it within an area relatively near the town while also being close to a source of negativity. The manor itself had a negative aura. Bane lived within it, having many areas made to attract the vibe he yearned for. It was constructed with 3 floors, and 2 below ground floors. The very top floor of his manor held any victims he treasured, like his parents They were kept between the walls of the manor, so that the attic looked more like a small maze of corridors.. The second floor was divided in 2. The east side had 3 rooms for meditation. Each room was for a different meditation. The most east of them was for one to lay on a floor of spikes and meditate while different forms of Bane went through their body. They could walk about the room and receive an extra amount of Bane from various traps if they so wished, as Bane did on occasion. The room was not lethal though. The room in between the room of tortured mediation and the most western room was one which allowed for one to bathe. In order to do so though, one must pail the bath themselves by getting water from a natural spring which was across a trapped floor. There was even a gate of barbed wire one must walk through. All the traps in the rooms of the entire manor, as the third floor was not the only trapped room, sent the blood of the victims to storage. In this way, there was an alternative foundation that one could choose to bathe in blood instead with, Bane drank from this fountain on occasion. Bane drained his victims of their blood so that he could put it into storage. The most western room of the eastern side was one devoted to comfort. This room contained no traps, only a worn floor tarnished with dry blood from the neighbouring room's waste. This room had a flat floor and candles. One could sit on a small mat if they wished, though Bane denied the luxury from himself the majority of the time. The western side of the floor was much the opposite to the eastern, to a degree. Instead of being devoted to an odd twisted meditation, it was more a casual room of torture. And unlike the eastern side, it was lethal and normally used on others. Bane killed any of his unfortunate prisoners and would sometimes keep them alive for days, until they died of Bane. There were 2 rooms on this side of the floor, one which held the tools he used and another to place his victims within contraptions.

This may make Bane seem like a complete creep. And to many he was. Many would kill Bane if they could, but any who actually tried became one of his victims. But he didn't get random people for his experiments. He simply had to destroy any who stood in his path, or which he felt would do society better to be gone. He had taken many other cruel murders and done away with them. In the case that he found one which preferred to kill in a certain style, he would kill them in that style. When someone intruded upon Bane's home, they were seen as a foe. Many of his victims were from small groups of people who were against mancers. Bane was one of the only open practicians of mancy in the area, and made himself a target. Many groups made coalitions to solely kill Bane. The government had attempted on few occasions in the past, and lost any they sent to banish Bane. Some mancers also challenged Bane ignorantly and lost their arrogance as their body was thrown apart from within, so that they couldn't even focus enough to have a single blow cast towards Bane. These incidents were rare of course, as most knew not to stand against Bane. He mainly killed criminals, sometimes capturing them from a prison.

The main floor held all the normal living conditions. The kitchen was at the back of the floor while a lobby was at the entrance. To the east were 2 bedrooms, while to the west were the living room and dining room. The entire floor contained paintings of gruesome scenes, from battles to torture. Bane also had images of his own. His most tolerable was his abstract of negative vibes. It showed an open skull with a stream of dark blood coming out of it, which led to the view point. The eyes held an angry look, but looked a little sombre. From them blue spectres came forth, screaming in pain. He also had real paintings of his victims, many of the paintings held multiple images. Of the victim in fear, of the victim getting tortured and then the victim dead. He divided these images in many different ways, from bands to triangles.

The first basement held a library on mancy, of a generic kind. It explained vibe mechanics, vibe maps, vibe sources, mind exercises, etc. The shelves were arranged in a maze fashion which made entry to the second basement difficult for others who did not know its workings and allowed guests to get lost within the trapped areas. Certain areas contained mirrors to confuse any victims, while some floors would trigger shelves to move about, making the maze shift while travelling. In fact, some areas required the triggers to be pressed for access. There was a lounging area, with a table and 2 chairs. One chair was trapped, while the other was trapped with one of Bane’s calm hexes. Many who sat in the calm chair would dose off, therefore, it was not entirely useful for its function.

The second basement held a library that was of dark necromancy. It covered all the subjects in depth. Bane had a chair to read this literature from, though it was trapped through a hex and inserted the illusion of pain upon the occupant. This floor held a series of sliding book cases that allowed for a very compressed library and traps which were well hidden to the ignorant fool.

This was The Manor of Bane. When Nelzlyn entered, it seemed quite large, and she stood for a moment in awe, until Bane turn around for the first time since he had last spoken to her in the field.

“Your room is to the left. Take another left for your room, to the right is mine. To the right is the living and dining room. The basements are where you will find any literature. I would be delighted if you could tell me how I’ve ordered the literature. You may want to avoid the higher floors, they are for my worship mainly. You will have no need to go there, though you may if you wish. I only advise against.”

Bane had held a casual tone until the library, where he became amused. But as soon as he came to speak of the higher levels, he held a firm voice which increased the note of persuasion.

“Alright. What would you advise me to do therefore?”

Nelzlyn asked Bane, as she was quite lost on what she felt like doing within this manor for the time.

“You chose, I’m going to cook myself a meal. You can make your own food though, as I am not here to take care of you.”

Bane held a slight sarcasm, which left Nelzlyn confused whether she should be hurt or not.

Nelzlyn had a tight schedule at Bane’s manor. She spoke with Bane at 20, would then cook her meal, in which Bane insisted she created the flame which cooked it herself. From there she would be sent into the library until 60. At 60 she came to eat and then studied in the library with Bane until 75. She then was free until 85. From 85 to 90 she would then experiment with pyromancy. At 90 she was free until 20, which was spent sleeping normally.

Once every 10 days, Bane would change the schedule;

  • 0=Eat
  • 0-40=Study
  • 40-50=Eat/Rest
  • 50-80=Study with Bane
  • 80-85=Study in second library
  • 85-90=Study in second library with Bane
  • 90-100=Experiment

This schedule lasted 2 days, forcing Nelzlyn to have no sleep. In the case that Nelzlyn ever slept while not during a rest period, Bane would blast her with a sharp pain until he decided he to release her.

Once every 100 days, Bane would bring her outside at 0. There, Bane and Nelzlyn would have a skirmish. In these Bane would hold back from using his full power, by battling Nelzlyn with pyromancy. These days were complete rest if Nelzlyn could overthrow Bane. But if he won, she would have a full day of rest while he meditated in his most painful room, and shared his pain with her mentally.

The Arcane LibraryEdit

It had been thirteen days when Nelzlyn stepped on one of the triggers in the library, while following the route Bane had told her to take. She had heard gears moving and continued on her way until one of the corridors she used regularly was gone. She continued either way, thinking she just took a wrong turn when she found that the floor had a book case instead of its regular carpet. Slightly confused, she looked over the books to see if perhaps Bane had left a clue within them.

There was a note that Nelzlyn found in the book case, it was sticking out a bit.


.Dias neeb sah tahw tuoba kinht .Tfird t’ond uoy tseggus I .Eerf eb dna repeed daer

Bane had muttered about his library on occasion. The first time she had heard of it was when he introduced her, and the following:

“I would be delighted if you could tell me how I’ve ordered the literature.”

“I spent some time on my beautiful manor, the library especially.”

“Don’t be surprised if you find new books and rooms in the library, there are shelves which appear only after certain events.”

“I never liked the alphabet, it had too many rules. Spelling is worthless, many of my books make mistakes.”

“You should try to read backwards, it always helped me I found in my library.”

“I like looking at what is the first of each row in this library, it just shows the rest so well.”

The first book of each row was:

  • Fish Fins and Tree Sap
  • Familiars and Summoning
  • Eveld the Elf Named Paz
  • Scorched Scales
  • Manors of Mancers
  • Myth to Theory
  • Pits and Traps
  • Architecture of a Maze
  • Random Puzzles to Logic Puzzles

In reverse these books read, with the words that Nelzlyn could find:

  • Pas Eert dna Snif Hsif=Pass Sniff Sift
  • gninommuS dna srailimaF=Must Musk Muse Rail Sail
  • Zap Deman Fel eht Delve=Pass Deman Demand Fell Delve Zap
  • Selacs Dehcrocs=Sell Rocks
  • Srecnam fo Sronam=Foe Name
  • Yroeht ot Htym=Hyme
  • Spart dna Stip=Spa Art Stick Tip Pit Part
  • Ezam a fo Erutcetihcra=Ram Foe
  • Selzzup cigoL ot Selzzup Modnar=Mod Sell Dart Up

The reappearing words were; Pass, Sell and Foe

The quote of “Don’t be surprised if you find new books and rooms in the library, there are shelves which appear only after certain events.” could be reversed in meaning that certain shelves would only disappear after certain events. These events may have been inspired by the book “Random Puzzles to Logic Puzzles”.

Nelzlyn decided to skim through the small book of puzzles. It read:

Puzzles have been created for a long period of time. These perhaps began with the mazes of lines in which one would follow routes through trial and error. Eventually, mazes were made within buildings. These would prove more difficult with the loss of the aerial view, and one would have needed to remember the path they took. Then the creation of trapdoors made these mazes even more difficult, along with the creation of multiple floors. But then someone began to think up of mazes which could use one’s ability to answer riddles. Soon mazes would have riddles engraved around them, some to set the victim off guard and others to give a guiding hand to the witty. Take for example, a maze with the choice of going either left or right. If the intersection held a riddle of “The right way is never left untaken.”, then one with a proper wit could chose the right path for its indication to never take left for the right path. Now if the riddle was “The right way is always left untaken.”, then it would indicate to take the left path.

But what about when they say “Only the fool will travel left when the right way is that of the fool.”? Soon paradoxes appeared like these, but the answer is still that one should travel left. If one does though, they will meet doom through some trap along the corridor that is in the left direction. In that way, the victim must find an alternative route which leads to where the left corridor leads...

Nelzlyn flipped the pages over to the final page, where a note was written. “Note to Self: Make the floors slide also to offset any markers that are set by the occupants. Perhaps there can be a 1:2:11:22:111:222 pattern even...But who could figure such a large ratio of ratios?”

Nelzlyn waited a moment. A rest was needed. If she was desperate, she could burn the library down. But even then, she would likely kill herself, and Bane would kill her even if she lived. What was the ratio about?

Perhaps it was steps, or books. Books could lead to huge numbers. Or coordinates. Where was point 0 though? Was it relative or absolute. If it was relative then Bane left the book as a clue. But if it wasn’t to be found...It would be absolute. But from where? The entrance? Or maybe it had to do with the shifting walls. The floors slid, as the note indicated. Maybe this puzzle was like many puzzles, simple. There must be a small trick. But a puzzle was limited to its creator. Bane had depth. He had created it. What would Bane choose? He might of hid a switch in a book case...That was it.

The 1:2:11:22:111:222 was a pattern of books. Then 1 to be the book next to Random Puzzles to Logic Puzzles. That aligned with the quote“I would be delighted if you could tell me how I’ve ordered the literature.”

If Bane had ordered it in a certain way, not alphabetical for sure, then Nelzlyn could find the order in which the numbers followed. She read the titles next to the small book she had looked through. Random Puzzles to Logic Puzzles Moderate Growth of Vibes Etarez the Omnimancer Zero Theories Ores of Mancy Service to the Master

That was it. The pattern was so obvious now that she was looking. The first letter of the first word upon the book was that of the last letter of the first word of the previous book. But how did that help? That was it. The shelves had moved. This meant that if the shelves had moved, Nelzlyn had to follow the pattern if the numbers went past the book shelf.

Nelzlyn opened Moderate Growth of Vibes, but none of the pages had a single note. Another moment of though corrected this mistake, the ratios were resetting to 0 after every book, and Random Puzzles to Logic Puzzles was 1. So 1+2=3 and therefore Etarez the Omnimancer was the correct book that was needed to get the next note. Of course, the note was inlaid on the second last page. Following the pattern was very important. The note followed:

Only the fool will go this way, there are too many of them. Fools live longer then witty people for some reason. I must surely compensate for this unusual imbalance. Still, what can I do against this odd dilemma? I have it. I will have those who go backwards die and kill the fools who live...Which way can you go when both ends are dead?

Nelzlyn had to wait a moment. Bane obviously had too much time to himself. But if there was a trigger in the bookcase, perhaps it was at this very point. Nelzlyn felt into the empty slot where Etarez the Omnimancer had originally been placed. At once she held her hand back, and saw that her finger was bleeding. Inside a spike now lay, still raising. Nelzlyn watched it rise. The blood slowly seeped down the spike and left small engravements much more visible. She seized the small hilt on the now more evident blade. It rose, but was attached inside to a spring. As she slid the blood over the etches, the text was easily read:

This fool is less foolish then most. Perhaps this fool deserves a true puzzle. Try this, and you will be half way free. N=Highest page number in the book above Random Puzzles to Logic Puzzles. M=Highest page number in the book below the previous book.

Nelzlyn reached for Architecture of a Maze. Inside it showed many designs, in such a variety that Nelzlyn didn’t wish to ponder on which type this maze was. It was likely a hybrid. Either way, the book had 336 pages. Random Puzzles to Logic Puzzles had 108.

The note continued.

Now take N and add that with M.

Then with the sum of it and the square root of the rounded M/N, divide that by 3.

On this page, you will find a theory of how to calculate the absolute point zero of this maze.

Nelzlyn found and rechecked to make sure that she found that it was 151. But after checking both books for the next riddle, she found the following. Simply the following:

Fool you are, think of the text. Reread the titles of the following: “Z to A is the same as A to Z”, “Zero when Added is Useless”, “Zero Multiplied Wipes the Board.”, “Never Divide Zero or by Zero”, “Zero Subtraction is like Zero Addition.”

Find me the square root to -1 and divide it by zero. Then multiply 10 by itself this many times.

Nelzlyn thought a moment. The second note meant infinite, even if it was impossible. The first were axioms. But one fact remained consistent. They all related to 0. Even the clue was to. If the absolute point of 0 was equal to infinite, any coordinates in absolute form would be useless. She reread all the titles of the books. One stuck out. The book titled “Zero Theories”. On page 151, Nelzlyn found a note, along with the axioms she had read in “Architecture of a Maze”. The note read:

Well done, having chased your tail with this case of books, I will now reward you the absolute point of zero. It is here. Or more, it is here for X and Y. Point zero Z is not even on this floor.

Controlling FireEdit

At once, Nelzlyn felt down into the vacant slot. As she pressed a switch, pulleys lowered the horizontal bookcase to the second basement. So that was the answer. When you are faced with two options which are blocked, you take the third. Now she was stuck on the second basement though. Being at a dead end, Nelzlyn walked on to see what was further ahead. When she took a turn, she found Bane’s rest area. He was sitting on the floor, reading a book.

“Self Resurrection, I’m studying it more closely.”

Bane had a relaxed tone, it showed that he was pleased. Most likely because Nelzlyn had solved one of his simpler puzzles.

“I see, so you planned to have me come to the second basement?”

Nelzlyn moved towards the dark red chair, speaking in a calm tone.

“Why yes, I wanted to see your wit. If you had continued from the bookcase, you would of been locked inside it until I felt like opening the maze for you. The second basement allows you to bypass the small room. There are a few rooms hidden in the library.”

Bane spoke in monotone, not changing as Nelzlyn jolted out of the chair as it shot her nerves with pain. She then sat in the other chair, a lighter blue. She felt calm in it, and laid back.

“How late am I?”

“Not by much. Though I believe that we should move upon pyromancy experimentation now. If you would, get out of that chair. You’ll likely doze off, through the positive charm I force upon it.”

The voice hadn’t changed.

“What do you plan to do in this library, I could flare a book.”

Nelzlyn was tired of the libraries, she had hoped to go outside.

“That is true. You could flare a book.”

The word could was held.

“What do you mean by this?”

Nelzlyn was getting tired of Bane’s riddles.

“You have a want to bring down lightning. You create fire whenever you have a chance, but have you ever doused one?”

Bane was speculative, showing that resistence would be crushed easily.


Nelzlyn was quick in speech now.

“Exactly. I’ll teach you to blast lighting if you can eventually douse a flame which I generate.”

The if was emphasized.

“Alright, how hard can it be?”

Nelzlyn was content now, there was only one more barrier until Bane would teach her of lighting.

Bane took a candle, and lit it with a mance.

“Douse it.”

He was firm in voice. As Nelzlyn focused on the flame, it grew slightly. She immediately cut off mental control.


Nelzlyn was now humble, and looked to Bane for his wealth of knowledge.

“You have taught yourself to add energy to a flame through your own mental ability. You are not absorbing the vibe effectively though, merely feeling it. You can transfer the abstract vibe, but not the true fire. Absorb the energy.”

Bane held a formal tone, as he always did while explaining mancy. Nelzlyn followed the instructions and found that she was draining herself without change to the flame.

“It is difficult.”

Nelzlyn was slightly set off by her inability to do something she had thought would be simple.

“You are having trouble with an osmose effect. The rate of energy being taken is being added, you are being drained through your channelling of the energy. Focus.”

Bane held his firm tone, showing no sign of softening in his demands. Nelzlyn calmed for a moment, and closed her eyes. She spent a moment in meditation and then decided to try again. As she focused on the flame and felt fatigue with no gain, she refused to stop her efforts. Energy was travelling in reverse of her stream she was creating, the more force she put on it the more powerful the counter stream was. But as her fatigue forced her to require more energy, her mind became a reservoir for energy. With the candle’s energy not being enough to suffice, the counter stream found it easier to stop within her mind. The flame began to dwindle, allowing her to lower her force on the stream. It then vanished to smoke. She knew it would take time to douse a fire that Bane was suppling with energy himself.

“That was harder then I had thought.”

Nelzlyn was slightly humiliated.

“Yes, well it should be easy for one who wishes for bolts of lightning. In fact, if you can cause lightning, I’ll bring you to Darlz Spire. That would be the end of your training with me, and Darlz Spire will likely accept anyone I propose to them.”

Bane held his formal tone still, less cold then his norm and also less amused. Still, Nelzlyn was even more ambitious to douse Bane’s fire if it would lead to Darlz Spire.

“May I attempt to douse another flame?”

Nelzlyn held a cautious tone.

“Yes, I have the book I was looking for. Not here though. You can rekindle the candle and then dekindle it.”

Bane was now informal.

Regenerative DecayEdit

“What are you looking for in Self Resurrection?”

Nelzlyn was now inquisitive.

“Have you ever heard of liches?”

Th tone showed that Bane would have to be very detailed.

“Mythological undead creatures? I believe so.”

Nelzlyn was slightly glad to know something of the topic that had arisen.

“Perhaps not mythological. But yes, they are undead. Due to the fact that the amount of steps required of a person to be resurrected as a lich are at such a level of difficulty, liches are rarely found. I am hoping to become a lich as my body is beginning to rot. Even though I have induced charms upon myself, I have read some works on theory of necromancy, and have found that immortality of natural death cannot be attained in my fashion. You see, each time I prolong my life it is grown by a percentage. In order to have this value reach infinite, it would require a percentage of infinite. And the larger the value, the lower the effectiveness of the charm. If drawn in a fashion of acceleration, the growth will eventually reach a limit of 0. Taking that into account, at my current rate of depletion, I will die faster then I prolong in another century. I believe that I may be able to have a multiplication of infinite if I transfer my body for a lich. In order to do so I must follow certain steps, which I have read my library so that it would take me perhaps a decade instead of a century.”

Due to the long passage, the tone became quite formal.

“What may this be?”

Nelzlyn had become interested.

“In order to become a lich there are specific criteria. If I fail, I may become a lesser lich or merely be dead. A lesser lich has no ability to feel vibes, lack of immortality and quite frail. To become a lich, I must complete the following: 1=Die within a negative vibe. 2=Absorb an immense quantity of the vibe, if I fail to absorb enough, I will be a lesser lich. 3=Death must be caused by a certain ritual of suicide called Regenerative Decay.

The rest is within the ritual, if you wish to hear how it is performed you may.”

Still formal, though the final statement was informal.

“I am willing to find more about this interesting concept.”

Nelzlyn was now very interested, and hoped that Bane could explain thoroughly.

“Regenerative Decay is a concept which seems like an oxymoron at first. But, many natural things follow the concept. When a tree dies and is covered in moss, it has made a transition which prolongs its life. This cycle can continue for eons if undisturbed. The ritual is based on the concept, and the form I am using is for human resurrection into lich form. Being a lich is merely a second state of life. Liches are known to be capable of excessive powers, which is true. A person must absorb a large quantity of vibes when they transfer, which is kept within the now capable body. But enough about that, and more about this specific strand of the theory.

Regenerative Decay is achieved after much labour. Its goal is to prolong the life through transition. The required materials are: 1 ritual knife, containing an amulet of death within the blade. 1 vial of own’s blood. 1 vial of another’s blood. A room of sacrificial meditation, containing a bath of blood.

The entire ritual takes place inside the room of sacrificial meditation. The entire ritual takes place in 2 days. Therefore, 10 is 20% of a day. The instructions are as follows.:

  • Meditate on blood stained spikes for 10.
  • Drink half the vial of own’s blood.
  • Meditate for another 10.
  • Drink half the vial of another’s blood.
  • Mediate for 5.
  • Mix vial of another’s blood into own’s vial.
  • Meditate for 25.
  • Bathe in blood for 25
  • Insert knife into vial.
  • Continue bathing for 25.
  • Take knife out.
  • Push knife into stomach until blade is fully submerged.
  • Initiate a powerful pain through means of mancy into entire body, with a focus point of the blade.
  • Release knife from stomach, continue with artificial pain. After a moment, reinsert knife and slice upwards towards neck. If still alive, press knife into neck until dead.
  • Drink the vial as a lich to stabilize.

I have all which I need, I plan to attempt this tomorrow. I ask that you take a leave for the next three days, exempting today for a time of getting anything you may need for the next 300. If you don’t mind, I am going to be reading. The bookcases should of made a straight hall to the exit now.”

The tone was again formal, but held a slight amusement at the topic. Bane had recited the last part flawlessly, as he was sure to avoid error while following the process.

Once Nelzlyn was gone, Bane went to his apparently comfortable meditation room. There he laid on the mat until he decided to get a meal. For dinner he had water and bread. After dinner, he admired his works and than took a tour of his death gallery. After having done this, he decided he would like to draw forth a higher level of negativity. To do so, he decided he would check his list of those he wished dead. Some of the options he pondered upon were: Oliver Vernin, local merchant which supplied the anti-mancy faction XMancers. Xavier Nelziz, leader of XMancers. Alzume Friam, part of a faction called ANecro.

He decided with Alzume, the death could lead to a higher level of negativity. He put on his travelling robe, holy ward and also took his ritual knife. He then left for Alkar. The walk took awhile, and he spent his time in meditation. He soon reached the area and in another short while reached the house of Alzume. It was night by now, and he could see a candle was lit inside. He waited beside the house until the glimmer of light was gone. He then went to the door. He knocked at it and waited for a moment. Soon the door opened by a small crease. Alzume himself was looking at Bane, and in a moment the door would have been shut, had Bane not placed his knife between the wall and door. Due to the change in events, Bane was prying into the house the next moment while Alzume called for help, and ran. Because Alzume was no longer taking the time to keep the door shut and was running to his larger window for escape, Bane entered quickly enough. He tried to stop his victim with a shot of pain, but Alzume had his ward on, as he always did. Bane ran for Alzume, and was soon facing Alzume’s face. For Alzume knew that Bane would catch him when he reached the window. The room was inside the kitchen. A table was between Bane and Alzume, and Alzume had taken a knife from the table. The 2 looked at each other.

“What do you want of me?”

Alzume was nervous, knowing that he may be dead by the morning.

“Your death.”

Bane was in no mood to talk.

Alzume stepped back.

Bane began to charge at Alzume, who threw a chair at Bane. Bane then tripped over the chair, in which Alzume decided to pounce. Bane grabbed the knifed hand and went to slash his foe. In another half moment, Alzume was holding Bane’s other hand. They were static. They had to hold off the other’s attack while also pressing forward with the other. Bane went to kick Alzume, and ended up being locked. Alzume attempted to attack with mancy, and found Bane was wearing a holy ward. Bane took measures and decided to use pyromancy. He scorched the legs of Alzume lightly, and that gave him time to slash at his victim. Alzume was then pinned to the wall. Bane pushed against the throat until Alzume was weak enough to be left alone.

When Alzume came back to his senses, he found himself being dragged, his limbs entangled. His head hurt, but he was gaged. When he finally looked up, he saw the back of Bane, and in a moment he was shot with pain. He realized that his ward was gone. This made him realize where he was going. By time the 2 reached the manor, Alzume was very sore, mainly his shoulders and head though. Bane entered his manor, dragging Alzume over the stairs. He then took the struggling Alzume to the second floor, where he sat Alzume upon a chair of spikes. Alzume’s eyes grew until Bane removed the gag. Alzume followed to harshly with death upon Bane while being clamped to the chair and impaled the with knives. After some time, Alzume was no longer alive. Bane took the body to his gallery, after draining it of blood.

After much rest, Bane lay in meditation again. He had found a clock which would make a small click when the time had passed for Bane to move to the next step.

Bane meditated on the spikes for a while, letting the pain flow away as he lay down on the small pins. When he heard the click, he took the vial which he had labelled as his own and drank from it. After meditating for another long while, he drank from his vial of another’s blood. He had been keeping the blood stored for some time, it was the blood of Drake, a dark necromancer who had come close to killing Bane. The blood still emitted a vibe. Bane remembered how Drake could have killed him, with a final blow. Somehow though, Bane had sent a back lash through the stream of pain directed at him. The wave absorbed the entire stream and gave Bane an upper hand, leading to the death of Drake. He continued to meditate for 10 until he finally mixed his blood with Drake’s, and then meditated for another half day. It was now that he rose and lowered himself into the bath of blood. He sank lower into it until his body was submerged, besides the face. He remained in this state for another half day, then took out his knife. He lowered it into the vial and watched the blade turn red, waiting for another half day. At the end of this he withdrew the knife and set the vial beside the bath. He then took the knife and thrust it into his stomach, now waiting to transfer all the vibes he could into the wound. He held this posture for a few moments, then released the knife while the pain he was inflicting upon himself spread about and focused. He then reinserted and slashed up his body until he reached the throat. From there he took a final magnetism with the vibes about him and shot them into the blade, its potential risen dramatically by the amulet within. As it struck, Bane felt life fall away, his skin melting into the blood which drowned his face.

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