"The Crowning Moment of history's undertaking has come before, the Title Story Begins..." - An Early Account of Earth, 2012 AD

Act I - The BeginningEdit

All begins calm, nothing ever so quiet as this moment of life before us. Linking two worlds has become possible in this silence, but a consequence was obvious in the process: history would never be the same. Time would be split and all things recorded will be useless as history begins anew. Only a Dead man can change the future from the past and a living can change the spirit world. Nothing can save the universe from this deadly fate save only God and he has only to listen to the final words of Human kind's cry to save the universe. The words of the Universe is in our hands, all we have to do is call out his name and all will be done.

Part I - Early Human HistoryEdit


It was evident that it would be destroyed; After all, Adam had stolen the Great Bomb that ended Eden before. Now because of this, Eden shall fall! Thunder Crashed the skies and Volcanos flooded into the Raging Oceans which brought floods of fire that destroyed the beauty thereof. General Noah has claimed an ARC (Alienistic Revival Capsule) which will save the seed of Humanity, but not much can be done. Noah has taken his family and those who wish to find salvation along with two of every animal. As fire rained down, the floods came up and the fires were calm.

Noah took the ARC from the waters and came into mid-air where they flew from below to above.He stood there on the command deck in his blue suit with the medals shining off from the suns. He had the greatest Honor of becoming President of Humanity's salvation. And of everything evident, only one thing became absolutely clear to him: He held the fate of the universe in his hands. He carried with him a deadly secret that surrounded the Ark so completely. The secret would be evident later on to humanity.

"Captain!" A sailor cried behind him.

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