The Tale of the Prometheus

"Well, there is no going back now."

Even though he knew he was talking to himself and was probably having the attention of an occasional old man, Benjamin Voight didn't cared.

He stepped into the security reception of that certain airport as he left all his belongings in big square recipients and walked through a rectangular metal detector. Behind him were boys and girls from an average age of 13 to 18 years old, all of them were the same as him, not only because they carried a very similar amount of luggage, but also because they possessed something he did as well.

Just as his thoughts had reminded him, there was no going back. Military soldiers maintained constant surveillance in that airport with heavy assault rifles armed and ready to point at any sign of danger.

In a normal situation, even the most dangerous killer or the smartest of thieves would not want to step specifically on that airport, and on that day. Danger was out of the question in normal terms, but those were not normal terms. The soldiers with the "Mexican Special Forces" band hanging in their arms were looking straight at them, suspicious of every threatening move Benjamin Voight or any of those youngsters could make.

It was August 20th. They were on El Cairo International Airport Mexico, ready to take off to the nearly empty lands of Siberia and Northern China.

He was given green lights, and Benjamin picked his stuff as fast as he could as he was escorted by two of those aggressively looking soldiers. As they walked, the boy could not only notice the cameras in the corners following him and taking a series of photos with a blinding flash, but he could also notice the tip of those rifles aiming directly to his stomach should he resist.

Benjamin had wandered countless times why was he deserving of such treatment, why those soldiers were so ruthless with him and the guys behind him on the security station. Then he reminded himself of what happened to him, and that sort of gave him counsel, after all, ever since he acquired his power, he was marked as a monster even by his most dearest friends.

He sighted, and then felt a rather gentle hit from one of the soldier's rifles compared to what he had felt of them before.

"Be quiet" the soldier ordered.

Benjamin was close to set a complain, but he decided to stay silent when he looked at the angry eyes of the person that told him that, which were still observing the path ahead.

"All passengers to Tartarus state, report to gates 12, 14 and 15 according to your passage's specifications."

The voice repeated over and over again as the "passengers" walked through the alley, escorted by two or four soldiers each towards those gates.

Benjamin was taken to gate 12 and boarded into a fancy automated bus that drove towards an enormous plane. It was an Airbus 380 as Benjamin recognized the model. He always liked big planes, and the Airbus 380 was one of the models he always dreamed on getting in since he watched photos of interiors and luxurious decorations.

Well, that plane's interior decorations were nothing compared to those he had seen. Benjamin's expectations were turned to dust in a split second.

Basically, the plane was redesigned into what seemed to be ten lines of uncomfortable seats aligned in several dozen lines of the same type.

Benjamin sighted, again.

He looked at his passage, the he looked back towards the entrance and held a long breath of the last fresh air he would smell from his homeland for the rest of his life.

He took a seat on the farthest seat near one of the plane's window and laid back until his head remained rested as much as it could.

"Well, there's definitely no going back."

He closed his eyes and tried to get asleep after listening to one of the airplane's crew members say that it would be a eighteen hour flight.

A sudden tremble from outside the plane broke his thoughts of resting. He and all the people who were already on board stood up as the plane crumbled.

"Now what?" He yelled.

The soldiers pointed guns at them immediately so Benjamin had to seat again. Gunfire started to be heard from outside. He immediately looked towards outside from his window.

His eyes opened wide as he saw one of the soldiers screaming in agony as an enormous dog composed from a strange green, glowing energy mauled his throat and threw him away, dead.

The young man froze on his chair, and felt a big, cold drop of sweat slipping his forehead and meeting his nose.

"Shit, this can't be happening" he thought. He saw a group of soldiers going out with their guns ready and with combat stances.

More firing was heard, so the last of the soldiers were forced to come out eventually. Benjamin took this as a chance to go out and witness the fight for himself, probably help, he needed a good reason to make them forget that idiotic sentence of transferring him to Tartarus.

He unlocked his seatbelt and ran towards the plane's gate. He looked over his shoulders.

No one followed him.

The plane crumbled a little after another heavy strike, probably one of those monstrous dogs crushing its green body against it, he regained balance and grabbed the gate's corners with his hands in order to keep it.

He saw the soldiers from the Mexican Army coming out from all places trying to fight a pack of those energy dogs that killed every armed man. From his position, Benjamin could notice a group of youngsters apparently from his age, but with a more delinquent appearance ordering the pack of dogs to fight as a green aura surrounded them individually.

Further more, Benjamin noticed media groups and reporters taking photos and recording with highly professional cameras from a safe distance.

A spark of hope ignited from within Benjamin's heart, as if it was a call from God himself. He ran down the stairs and went straight towards the young rebels that were giving the soldiers a hard time. Fortunately for him, the dogs were too busy fighting anything that came with an assault rifle equipped with the uniform. After a few seconds of sprinting, he came to be side by side with the boys.

Benjamin was surely looking forward of calling off the battle without having to use that same power himself to stop his fellow "infected", but he changed his mindset to be willing to when he heard the screams.

"Die you sons of bitches!" they yelled with tears in their eyes and the smile of success almost breaking their cheeks, "No one is taking me away from this place!"

Benjamin noticed that they were commanded by a guy who looked extremely different from the other scared faces that cried as they killed their human peers. He knew that the criminal looking person was probably just a few years older than him, but he still looked like an experienced mercenary.

"A gang member" he thought. Of course he knew that there were many terms to define the kind of man he was looking at, but he always referred to them as "gang members", which was not entirely wrong.

Benjamin had never met a criminal before, he always tried to avoid problems with them since he did not had the means to fight, to make a difference.

This guy calmly directed his dogs towards the soldiers and ripped off limbs and spilled tons of blood with them. He evilly smiled from time to time making Benjamin's blood boil in anger.

Benjamin noticed a gigantic tattoo coming from his left arm as well as another smaller one on his right cheek depicting a flower. His blood was on the verge of becoming vapor.

He had to act.

The 'criminal' looked at him with a very serious glance and pointed a hand towards him before he could actually react.

"Hey yo!" He yelled "Come join us you bitch!"

Benjamin's blood boiled in vapor this time, those kind of people were somewhat annoying, they disturbed peace everywhere and their convictions were something that he would never understand.

"Stand down!" he ordered, "You are going to get us all killed!"

"Bullshit!" The criminal laughed, "We've got power, they have those freggin' weapons dude! We can get out of this!"

Just as he said that, a rain of bullets appeared out of nowhere and took the lives of two of those rebels, their heads and chests exploded in red as Benjamin looked how an assault vehicle with an automatic machine gun attached to it fired recklessly towards them.

The young man's stomach felt increasingly disgusted by the scene, but his heart was being crushed as he saw real violence coming from both sides.

The criminal swore and changed the directive of his minions, the big dogs that were under his control, –two of them in total– charged furiously at the assault vehicles that were mustering ahead of them.

Benjamin grabbed the criminal with one arm and directed one of his fists towards his face. The man fell, unprepared for such strike. And Benjamin looked over his fist, it hurt as if he had hit a wall with it.

"Stop this madness!" he instantly ordered at the others, who were now too scared and got down to avoid being hit.

"You dick!"

The criminal guy raised his hand and the aura that surrounded him separated a portion of itself to create yet another big and ferocious dog that stood between Benjamin and the man.

"Die idiot!" the criminal roared.

The dog charged, teeth ready to dismember every single part of Benjamin's body.

Before this scene, the young man could do nothing but to stand with a serious look towards his opponent.

"Don't make me laugh"

Benjamin's hand made a swing, and his hand ignited in a yellow energy that blazed the hell out of the dog, disintegrating it.

"W-what?" the Criminal gasped, as he looked in horror as his dog was undone by Benjamin's hand.

That was the boy's power, he had a different kind of power than the others. Similar, but different. He could protect himself of every attack he received thanks to that power.

Ever since he got aware of it, he called it the "Absolute Defense".

Benjamin looked at the cameras, and tried to show his desperation of getting out of all that mess. Yet he noticed that the camera men and reporters were watching in horror how the people they came to fear fought each other.

He then knew he was alone in that mess.

The guy was ready to create yet another dog, but his actions were suddenly interrupted by a wave of shots that crashed into his body and skull. His body fell to the ground, dead, and the dogs he had materialized dissipated like magic.

Benjamin cleaned his eyes before the carnage that happened just before him. He immediately raised his hands, including the one under the yellow flames.

"I'm with you guys!" He yelled.

His plea to ally with the soldiers was never heard. The armed man rushed over him and the other rebels and started hitting them over and over until they were on board. They did not killed them, probably because they had orders of not doing so, but they surely wanted to. The dozen soldiers that had died on that day sparked the cry out of the reporters and other tumultuous people that had joined them soon after the fight had started.

"Die monsters!"

"You don't deserve to live!"

"You are not human!"

Those words surely hurt Benjamin's heart, he was forced to be seated again in his uncomfortable spot in that Airbus 380 alongside the rebels and the others who had decided not to take any sides.

A few minutes passed, the plane was already on its way.

Benjamin knew that he was going to get alive either way, his power would protect him of any danger, but, he somewhat felt alone, unprotected from the world ahead of him.

A tear of despair escaped Benjamin's eyes as he looked how the city of El Cairo went smaller and smaller and the void below them became the vast seas of the Pacific Ocean.

He had no choice but to accept his fate.

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