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TOE cover Vol 1

Titans on Earth Volume 1 book cover illustration

Titans on Earth is a light novel written by Soshanim with illustrations by the same author.

The Story has so far 1 volume in development, with a series of 3 volumes planned so far.

Series statusEdit

  • Chapters are expected to be launched every two weeks.

Story SynopsisEdit

In 2034, an astronomical event known as the Titan Fall, where thousands of meteors desintegrated on Earth's atmosphere, manifested a strange mutation on a small portion of humanity, bestowing them the power of having their thoughts become reaility to an extent.

After some negative and angered response from those who were unaffected, the ones mutated into super-humans were transferred to the biggest prison or exile known to history: Tartarus city.

Being an independent institution, Tartarus welcomed the despised humans and helped them develop further their abitlties. The inhabitants of the city were named Titans, and this story is about a group of Titans who are engulfed by the city's secrets.

The "Titans on Earth" series by SoshanimEdit

Volume 1 (Full Text)Edit

Volume 2Edit

Volume 3Edit

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