The Three Laws and the Rules of Intervention restrict the kinds of interactions that a more technologically advanced culture can have with a less advanced culture.

Law OneEdit

It should APPEAR to every type of intelligent being that they have self-determination.

Rule OneEdit

Law #1 should be achieved by making it APPEAR that advanced cultures follow a rule by which they can only observe, not interfere with the self-determination of other cultures.

Rule TwoEdit

Individuals for which Law #1 is not met should be put into into an environment where they have interactions with the social group that they perceive to be depriving them of self-determination.

Law TwoEdit

While not disrupting Law #1, attempts should be made to get technologically advanced intelligences off of planets with active ecosystems while maximizing the diversity of life.

Rule ThreeEdit

As intelligent species move off of planets, a hierarchy of cultures with different technological levels should be established in which species mainly have contact with other levels that are nearest to their own.

Rule FourEdit

Systems should be engineered that allow intelligences to explore their own growth and potential for development rather than being concerned with Intervening in the self-determination of others.

Law ThreeEdit

The Three Laws should be spread through the universe.

Rule FiveEdit

Since biological organisms are not well-suited for travel over vast distances, artificial life forms must be created in order to satisfy Law Three.

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